Phantasy Star II Manual

Wolfgang Landgraf: Some people contacted me and wanted some help how to play Phantasy Star II either on the Megadrive / Genesis System itself or with an Emulation program on the PC. All had in common, that they had no original Instruction Manual.

These pages were designed to help all those guys out of their troubles. The pages are asoriginal as I could recreate them in HTML format. Some pics are from the Sega Saturn Phantasy Star Collection, especially in the item and weapon section.

Enough smalltalk, surf around and enjoy (sweet memories included).


  Phantasy Star II TM
    In the Beginning

  Starting Up

  Take Control!

  Prepare for Adventure!
    New Game
    Using the Choose Name Screen
    Erase Game

  The Nightmare

  Paseo: the Plot Thickens!

  Touring the Architecture
    Central Tower
    Shops and Stores
    Clone Labs
    Teleport Station
    Data Memory
    Saving a Game

  Comrades in Arms
    Recruiting Your Visitor

  Exploring the Planet

    Comrade Status Boxes
    Decision Box

  How Powerful Are You?

    Ocarina Pipes
    Combat Clothes
    Helmets and Head Protectors
    Shields, Emels and Body Protectors
    Other Handy Gear