My Pocket PC (PPC) Adventures: Samsung Galaxy Nexus

@author Kai Ruhl
@since 2012-01

Year 2012: Samsung Galaxy Nexus

So the GPS unit in my HTC Desire overheated and broke, and I got a Galaxy Nexus (maguro), first with Android 4.0. Compared to the HTC Desire, the screen resolution is outstanding, but the phone stretched the limit of my pockets. With the big screen comes room for battery and good battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Evaluation
Samsung Galaxy Nexus Pro:
  • Big high-res screen
  • GPS, Compass, Accelerometer
  • WLAN, Bluetooth
  • 5 MP Camera
  • Slightly too large
  • No hardware buttons

So far, I am only partly convinced. The device is too big for my taste but on the other hand the high-res screen is really nice. It tends to fall out of my (front) pocket when I am sitting, something I never worried about with my Desire. And I am a big fan of hardware buttons that you can feel without looking. That said, Android 4.0 is really nice to handle and program, and since this is a Google phone, there is no pre-loaded software.

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