My Pocket PC (PPC) Adventures: HTC Desire

@author Kai Ruhl
@since 2010-05

Year 2010: HTC Desire

Motivated by the prospect of Android programming, I switched to the HTC Desire. Compared to the XDA Diamond, it is fast, has a bigger screen, and nice hardware buttons. It feels slightly large but still fits comfortably in the pocket -- like the iPhone, I guess it is the largest pocketable size. Everything else rocks.

HTC Desire
HTC Desire
  • Still pocketable
  • Nice hardware buttons
  • GPS, Compass, Accelerometer
  • WLAN, Bluetooth
  • 5 MP Camera
  • Could be a bit smaller
  • So far none

So far, this has been my favourite phone: Almost the right size, nice actual buttons (not the soft buttons found everywhere), all the GPS and assorted hardware in the world, Android 2.2 programming. The HTC Sense UI is somewhat superfluous, but does not get too much into the way.

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