Kai Ruhl: As "The Darker Side" of Phantasy Star, these poems are written for all the Phantasy Star series. I found them on the net around 1997, and they cannot be traced nowadays. In the same vein, the authors are unknown.

Spirit Guardian's Lament

This small planet I call home
...and yet not in entirety
offers solitude
a chance to think
...and for concerns to haunt me

A few days of proximity
cannot make up for
a thousand years alone

when a thousand years makes twelve generations

The grandchildren of the Protectors
I once knew
have not been for hundreds of years

and my occupation is unending
No time away
...No vacations

I do not sleep

Light help me
...as much as it can
Light made me
...and so I am

I am
I am Rykros
I am one
I am what needs to be
I am my own destiny

Magic Cap

To wear this cap is to touch your mind.
You flinch at first, but patient I'll be,
since before long you'll respond in kind.
In some small way, we two become one,
and I see things I could never see
if I never looked through Musk Cat eyes,
not blinded by Dezorisian suns.
It begins simply, with feeding times,
and organizing a set routine.
More complex then, with verse and rhyme.
We write identical symphonies.
I never knew a kitten could
grasp these concepts so obscure.
In fact, you now know more than I,
though you teaching me might seem absurd.
Talk to me, my precious pet,
tell me of souls you wish you'd met,
of loss and love and everything
that might make up my life,
or the life of any knave or king,
but instead solely resides
within a tiny kitten's mind.

Prelude to Alys

(Chaz's feelings about Alys)

I was a little kid
With an uncertain future
Didn't know where I was
Then you came and told me
You would take care of
And show me the way
- You were my guidance

You taught me to fight
For the benefit of good
At first, I didn't see
The purpose of
But now I realize
That it was more
Than fighting for peace
But fighting for
My life
- You were my teacher

From then on,
You kept your promise
Took care of me
Looked after me
You never let me go without
A reason
Then I came to
That time
That I can do the same
For you.
- You were my friend

It never was the same
Since you were gone
All the things you've done for
I have learned to do for others
And for myself.
- I miss you


(Chaz's thoughts of Rika)

You were different
When I first met you.
From different worlds
Old and new.
The one thing that we both share
Is that we were young at heart.

Seperated from our differences
Bonded together from our youth
From that moment on
We never part
Together always.

Then my dear friend died
We cried together
I lost a friend
You first experienced death
But we still hung on to
Each other
You were there for me
As I was for you.

Through the good times
And the bad
You have always been my
Closer together we are now
I'm here for you
As you were for me

All She knew, was what she was not

(A dedication to Nei, after her death)

She was shunned by the public, to the stranger's regret
Saved by this unknown, whom she had just met.
"Monster!" they cried, from looking at her ears
the target of ridicule, which put her in tears.
"She is a creature, a monster, a freak!"
"But, looks human, you four-eyed geek!".
She looked around at all in the lot
and all that she knew, was what she was not.

As a light at the end of her tunnel appears
His name was Rolf, and he saw past their fears.
He loved that girl, with all of his heart
At the hands of Neifirst, He was torn apart.
He couldn't believe what he had seen
A girl like a sister, who'as caring, not mean.
She died on that day, she died on the spot
and all that she knew, was what she was not.

Rolf had loved her, just like a sister
upon returning, he would hug her and kiss her.
Rolf is in mourning, at the loss of a friend
And he could do nothing, as he held her hand.
He knew what she was, brave with a heart of gold
Her name alone, was a conflict of her soul.
And he would pray to the Light, at her burial spot
'Cause all that she knew, was what she was not.

All that she knew, was what she was not.

'Memories of Alys'

I looked into her starlid face;
So pale upon the bed.
I looked into her shinning eyes;
Oh, so empty and dead.

My hand reached upon her cheek,
To caress the once warm skin.
But all that was is gone,
For her blood runs cold and thin.

I felt the sorrow in my heart;
I felt the tears fill my eyes;
I felt the pain and grief;
And I felt the urge to die.

But I saw her in my dreams,
And I felt her in my heart.
For that is where I'll hold her,
Forever, and never apart.

'Ode to Rykros'

when you look through my phantasy
it is frightening
to every feeling
I'm trying to believe that
there is a planet out there
no one can see
...traveling across the planes
...and imaginary lines surrounding
...the shining star
...that's fixed in place
......among a billion of his
.........distant brothers

burning brightly
floating freely
my planet flies through
space and timelines
impossible and unstoppable
a relentless state of revolution

surround the night

and my planet sleeps
in veils of moonlight
a massive sky
endless in size
is where they all hide
...after sunrise

visualize if
I could touch the skies
I would cleanse my soul
in meteor showers
asteroids would fill the void
that was left behind
inside my little mind

like a comet following
a distorted path his
brothers started
mystical and elliptical
my planet's back
but soon departed

...ancient times are

growing older and
ages past are starting over
but still my planet carries on
an endless life of revolution

illuminating, lighting
waiting for sleeping
satellites to follow
the hollow night
and the dawn of light.

'Ode to Rykros II'

i knew this day would make its way
and i haven't even had
the chance to say...
i was so busy thinking of
what it might be like
so far away

...i'm living in little towns
...and in villages that surround
...this land of mine
...this is my country
...this is my planet
...floating by in endless time

what if i close my eyes
can i visualize my Sol
beyond the stars?
here on Mars is where
the traffic flows in
cosmic boulevards

...i can do sommersaults
...around Jupiter and ride
...the stellar tides
...flying by Saturn i can see
...the galaxies on its
...mighty rings

soaring past satellites
in the thickest black of night
the speed of light
dreaming imagination
my destination lies
before my eyes

this is Andromeda
this is where i look to find
where Algo shines
gleaming with all its might
i know this is the home of
the Great Light

...did you look through my phantasy?
...did you see the shining
...jewel above me?
...glimmering in my mind
...in my beautiful bluest sky?

it was so small i could have touched
its little face with my closed eyes
it seems impossible
but my planet hears my words
my lonely cries

...i have been counting down
...and i'm waiting for that day
...i hear him say
...you have my Blessing now
...you will hear my Holyword
...when you see dark

he's a Protector and he is
watching over me
and my destiny
he is my planet and my
planet can say
anything at all...

everyone he sees
everything he knows
his name is Rykros


I place my hands upon your wounds
the words I say
are calming and soothe
I heal your pain
the anguish is gone
this is my healing song
...The song of Res

Eyes of a Stranger

"Look into my eyes
What do you find?
The monster they made me?
An act of cruelty?
I am only a girl
I am only a freak
Your people I know
Your tongue I speak
I don't understand
Why you brought me into this land"

"I look into her eyes
Deep as the purple skies
I feel her need for affection
Beneath her pain and rejection
Her soul is one with my own
She can never be alone
The savages of this land
Will never understand...
I am a woman
And we are sisters
How much I miss her"

"Come to me little girl
All alone in this world
My arms will protect you
My people will respect you
Your beauty is radiance
Among all this decadence
Please, don't call me mister
To me, you are my little sister
I'll take care of you..."



When Darkness treads your very own territory,
Remember this saying of the power of light,
When you fear the dark force,gathering in your room,
Say the name "Elsydeon" which will come to your aid,
As it lights up the profound darkness of the room,
The Evil will leave,and tremble before the great Light!


The first planet of Algo's three with water desert grass and tree
A planet with ivory towers so high and buildings that reach the sky
A planet that is like Ares the highest planet of algo's stars
Even though Parma's been hear since Algo's dawn the planet Parma is now gone
People who tried to escape their lives hanging by tape
A shuttle fleet of 400 or more and out of of Parma the shuttles soar
That was Parma a planet more than most and the planet Parma's hash is

"Memories of Chaz"

(Alys's feelings for Chaz)

(Alys mumbles in room)
i miss Chaz
used to have a slow swing...
i spent so much time training him and he just left me
all he said was "i'm going to find my mother"
i wish he was alive. one day he came back and he looked fine,
but he went straight to bed...
and the next morning i tried to wake him up but he did not wake.
i tried for an hour,
but he didnt wake...
then i sat down to think... (i think Chaz is...is...is...dead)
then i started to cry.
man i miss Chaz i wish he would come back to me!