Web Programming: HTML, CSS and JavaScript

@for Developers
@author Kai Ruhl
@since 2020-01

Want your own homepage, but without using Wordpress or similar? Then the time for HTML, CSS and JavaScript has come.

For HTML, start with SelfHTML [de] to get a basic feeling for tags, contents and so on. If you have a header, sidebar and main content, you will probably want to use aside et al. instead of tables for layout; use with CSS for the final layout. Image tables should be done with figure.

Styling should be done exclusively with CSS [de], e.g. inspired by CSS Zen Garden. CSS layouts are a pain, particularly if you want a vanishing sidebar below a certain width, but with aside it is possible.

Your website does not need dynamic behaviour, but you will not believe that, so take a look at JavaScript elements in a HTML page, the so-called DOM (document object model). Have fun and do not over-do it!

EOF (Jan:2020)