Slang Glossary

Compiled by Jes Wulfsberg Nielsen
Modified by Kai Ruhl



2020 Hindsight The wise act of watching your back.
A-Boys A type of boostergang whose motif is a specific animal.
Ace 1) An expert in the field. 2) Friend, buddy, pal.
Aces The very best.
Ace of Spades Solo term for death in combat. To "draw the ace" is to die in battle. "Drawing the ace" is a short-hand expression with the same meaning.
Aesthetics Simple cosmetic surgery.
AI Artificial Intelligence. A computer or network-based entity, originally designed to solve complex problems, that has achieved self-awareness. Usually under the control of a megacorp (q.v.), but not always (see Rogue).
Airfilm Shorthand term for an narrow air-cushion train.
Alien Derogatory grounder term for someone who lives in space (a highrider).
AMF "Adios, ". Good-bye. Typically derogatory.
Angel A benefactor, especially an unknown one.
AniMan, AniMen Derogatory term for a body sculpted individual who resembles an animal form.
APC An abbreviation for an Armored Personnel Carrier, eg. an Ares Citymaster, or LAV-93 "Devil Rat."
Apter Pronunciation of the acronym APTR (Augmented Program Trained Reflex). (Syn. skillsoft or reflex chip.) This type of chip provides new reflex-based skills for the user.
Arc, Arco An arcology. A self-contained living environment, usually pyramidal or domed. May belong to a corporation, government agency, or non-profit organization. From arcology, eg. the Renraku Pyramid in Seattle.
Artist An extremely professional hit-man, who usually has a signature.
ASIST "Artificial Sensory Induction System Technology." The industry name for simsense.
AV Pronounced "Aie-Vee", shorthand term for a variety of hover-vans.
Avatar Decker slang for a personal Matrix icon. Also called, a persona.
Avatar Construction Set The trade-name for Microdeck's popular, off-the-shelf, custom icon design kit.
Azzie A derogitory term for Aztechnology in general or any of its employees/holdings/assets in particular.


BA Pronounced "Bee-Aye", shorthand for either Bad-Ass or Black Agent (q.v.).
Badge Police or corporate security.
Bagged and Tagged To die.
Bagman Street slang for a criminal courier.
Bakebrain General purpose derogatory term indicating someone with limited or damage mental faculties (frequently due to excessive use of neural cyberware.) (Syn. asshole, idiot, jerk, moron.)
Ballerina A reflex boosted female assassin in the employ of a major corp (q.v.).
'Base Database.
Banger Any one of the four, standard, offensive positions on an urban brawl team.
B.B. Either "Big Brother" or "Boys in Black". See Boys in Black.
B-D Breakdown.
Beetle A BTL simsense chip or recording. From the acronym, "Better Than Life."
Bennie An out-of-towner (see Gaijin).
Berserkide Any combat drug, particularly Black Lace. (Syn. freakers.)
Biff The modern equivalent of the archaic term, "bimbo."
Bioroid A full-body conversion cyborg.
Biosoft 1) Cybernetic software chips that incorporate biological components in their construction. Thought to be superior in performance to purely artificial chips. 2) Generic term for any cyber-data chip which plugs into a neural processor to provide new skills or knowledge (also known as microsofts and skillsofts).
Biosystem Overstress The often fatal, heart attack-like condition, caused by excessive bioware implantation.
Bioware Any biological enhancement or replacement. See wetware.
Bithead Slang for a decker or "nerdy" computer enthusiast (cf. wirehead 1.).
Bit Jockey Programmer.
Bitmap A piece of software spelled out in binary.
Bitty Box A primitive, underpowered, or generally useless computer or other electronic device.
Biz Street slang for crime. From, "business."
Black, Big Black (HR) Space. The final frontier. Where no man... well, you get the idea.
Black Agent (Corp) An illegal operative.
Black Ops Any unofficial, corporate shadow-operations, either in-house or hired-out.
Black Ice Illegal countermeasure software which causes physical harm or death to an intruder (see Ice).
Black Clinic A medical facility which specializes in the implant of illegal or unregistered cyberware.
Blade 1) A professional soldier or fighter, specializing in edged weapons. 2) A surgeon or doctor.
Blank An individual without a SIN (q.v.).
Blaster The single, LMG-carrying, offensive position on an urban brawl team.
Bleed To attack, injure, or kill.
Blood Money Income from the illegal sale of organs to a body bank.
Blowing Code A decker term for inputing or uploading information.
Blue Moon An honest Night City police officer.
Body Bank A storage facility for transplant organs. Many are illegal and actively "recruit" new merchandise.
Body Sculpt The process of having the body totally re-molded by vat-grown tissue & advanced plastic surgery.
Booster 1) Any gang member who displays a strong affinity for cyberware. 2) Gang member that uses cyberware, leathers, and violence as a way of life.
Boostergang A gang that uses cyberware, leathers, and violence as a way of life.
Bopper A robot.
'Borg See Bioroid.
'Borg'ed Excessive use of cybernetic body modifications.
Bount Bounty hunter.
Bourgie, Bourgy Common or low-class (from bourgeoisie).
Boys in Black Arasaka security personnel.
Bosozuki (jap) a "street samurai."
Bount A bounty hunter.
Brain Potato A Braindance addict.
Brain Tap A datajack or a chipjack.
Brandy A highly popular, off-the-shelf, female avatar, with customizable body attributes & facial expressions.
Breeder Orc slang for a "normal" human.
Bridge & Tunnel Crowd Commuters.
Brother See B.B.
Brush-up A shadowrun to collect background information.
BTL chip A "Better Than Life" chip (also called "DreamChips"). An illegal cyber-data chip which provides the user a combination of artificial reality coupled with direct stimulation of different centers of the brain. Though typically designed to provide a pre-programmed fantasy, the artificial reality need not be coherent, i.e. it can provide a totally hallucinatory environment. Chips are typically designed to burn out after one use, both to prevent the users brain from overloading from the sustained stimulation, and to force the user to purchase additional chips. BTL chips are psychologically addictive and repeated, frequent use causes permanent brain damage.
Bronze slang (usually derogative) term for law enforcement officials.
Breetva (Rus.) Razor. Anyone with combat-oriented cyberware.
Bruce Pronunciation of the hacker acronym BRS (Big Red Switch). 1) To deactivate a machine. 2) To kill someone or render them senseless.
Buck Rogers Derogatory phrase for an individual (usually a Solo) obsessed with high-tech weaponry (e.g. lasers, microwaves.)
Buff To attack viciously with intent to maim or kill.
Bug-Out To flee from a situation or area.
Bullet-Stopper See Guardian Angel.
Bushi (Jap) Honor or Code of Honor. A key concept for most edgerunners (q.v.), as they frequently have little else to call their own at times.
Business, "Biz" In slang context, crime.
Buttonhead See Wirehead.
Buzz Buzz off. Go away. Leave.
BWANT A Seattle term meaning, to attack all out for no apparent reason. See slammit-on 2.
Bwant Decker slang for a very untrustworthy employer, likely to be selling a death wish.


C-SWAT ("see-swat") Cybernetic Special Weapons And Tactics, the police elite who tackle cybered perps. See shadowriders.
Card 1) SIN Card (q.v.). 2) To demand that a person show their personal identification.
Carpet A electronic warfare jamming device.
Castrato See Muzak-Man.
Cat A cat burglar.
Catalog A Class-A information dossier.
Catfood The unit number of trained soldiers needed to reduce a runner team to catfood, eg. one catfood worth.
Causing static Starting trouble.
Cement poisoning What a person dies of after being pushed off of a multi-story building and hitting the sidewalk. Also known as deceleration trauma.
Chalk outline See Sidewalk outline.
Check out To die.
Chill Street slang for freon, a commodity now, available only to the rich who still have air-conditioners.
Chilled A hip term meaning, to be cool, together.
Chinese Take-out Anything extremely jumbled or messy. (e.g. "That riotgun made his chest look like Chinese take-out.").
Chip-truth The absolute truth.
Chiphead A person addicted to simsense chips.
Chipped 1) Anyone/thing enhanced by cyberware (e.g. senses, skills, reflexes, and so on.) 2) To interface through cyberware.
Choombata, Choomba (Bantu) Friend. Buddy. Neo-African slang for a friend/family member. Roughly equivalent to chummer.
Choo Slang for CHOOH-2, a synthetic meta-alcohol fuel.
Choob Jerk, nerd, weirdo.
Chop A credcard or credchip.
Chop shop A black clinic (q.v.).
Chopping The process of cracking a stolen credcard or credchip.
Chow Chit See Kibble Card.
Chromatic 1) Heavy Metal music. 2) Of or relating to Heavy Metal music 3) Anything wild, fantastic, or bodacious.
Chrome 1) Flash, glitter, bells and whistles, tinsel. Material used to spice up the appearance of something. 2) Sexy features on a program, not needed for functionality but radiating style (e.g. a guillotine instead of a trash can icon). 3) Generic reference to cyberware.
Chrome-Bangers Derogatory term for the C-SWAT team or "psychosquad". (Syn. "Circuit Breakers".)
Chromed The state of being equipped with obvious offensive augmentations.
Chromer 1) Metalheads, heavy metal fans. 2) A member of a gang dedicated to hard (chromatic) rock music (usually a specific band) and mindless violence. The original "party animals".
Chuck Caucasian person. Usually derogatory.
Chummliechen The German form of chummer.
Chummer "Pal" or "Buddy". May be used sarcastically.
Chunking Eating on the run, eating as a secondary activity.
Cinema A movie or simsense, usually in tri-d.
CIRS Cybernetic Implant Rejection Syndrome: a psychotic aberration suffered by excessive users of cyberware.
City Speak A hybrid street language, incorporating a mishmash of Japanese, Spanish, German, Cantonese, etc.
Clavie 1) Any person who lives in an enclave. 2) A playful or familiar cut-down or "slam," used among friends.
Cleaner An assassin (or team) used to eliminate all traces of a mission, including the participants.
Clint The male counterpart to a Brandy, but handsome & cragy, with chisled features & limited facial expressions.
Collar (Derogatory) A white-collar worker, usually a low-level employee of a megacorp.
Combat Drugs Designer drugs for military use.
Combat Zones Areas of urban decay in major cities, characterized by high crime rates, unmaintained streets and buildings, poor police coverage, high concentrations of homeless people, and frequent outbreaks of (often gang-related) violence.
COM-INT An abbreviation for COMmunications INTelligence, ie. bugs & wire-taps, and their users.
Comm Telephone.
Config (HR) To arrange something.
Construct ("CON-struct") A mobile, complex program, often combining multiple pieces of (diffrent types of) IC.
Corp 1) Corporation. 2) Of or relating to a corporation, its assets, personnel, or anything corporate.
Corpse 1) A corporate executive, a CORPorate Sleaziness Expert. 2) A corporate assassin, CORPorate Security Expert.
Cortex bomb A small, implanted explosive device (usually in the skull) that detonates in response to a timer or remote signal. Usually implanted against the wearer's will to keep them in line. Most cortex bombs will detonate automatically if tampered with.
Cowboy A very hot, professional deckjockey.
Coyote (Mex.) Some who smuggles (usually illegal immigrants) across the U.S./Mexico border.
Crease To kill. - Creased: Killed.
Cred Money, typically electronic funds.
Credcard A personal electronic debit card commonly carried in place of actual currency.
Credchip See credcard.
Credstick A small, tapered, plastic cylinder, that serves as both ID & credit card, and occasionally, a room key.
CSC A "Computer Sabotage Consultant". A tactful form of address for a netrunner. See Deckjockey.
Cube A decker who operates within the confines of the law, ie. the 3-dimensional evolution of the term, "square."
Culture Vulture A member of the media.
Curse, the CIRS.
Cut-Out Chip A quasi-legal piece of neural cyberware, that selectively turns off specified stimuli from/to the brain.
C-YA Pronounced as "see ya", acronym for "Cover Your Ass".
Cyberaxe Any musical instrument (although typically a guitar) that is equipped with a cybernetic interface.
Cyberdeck Hardware used to access cyberspace through a DNI link.
Cyberpsychosis A psychotic aberration suffered by excessive users of cyberware (see CIRS).
Cyberpsycho Squad Any specialized law enforcement unit, eg. C-SWAT, who tracks down cybernetic psychotics.
Cyberspace 1) The conceptual space within a computer. 2) The conceptual medium within which computer communication takes place, e.g. Electronic Bulletin Boards, online services, databases, or in general the program space of any computer which can run a communication program. 3) A slang term for the global computer network.
Cyberware Any cybernetic/bionic body implant which replaces or augments a specific body function.
Cylon Derogatory term for corporate security personnel.


Daddy, Dadie An "add-on" chip; a cyber-data chip containing a programmed skill which augments existing skills or provides new ones. These chips provide "instant" training of a normally unknown ability (e.g. flying a jet).
Dandelion Eater An Elf, very insulting. See also Keeb.
Dark, the (HR) Space. (See Big Black.)
Dataslave A corporate decker or a data processing employee.
Datasteal Theft of data from a computer, usually by decking.
DDR An expert in "Difficult Data Retrieval". A tactful form of address for a netrunner. See Deckjockey.
Dead Presidents Old (pre-collapse) United States paper currency.
DEBS Transvestites, a type of posergang.
Deceleration trauma See Cement poisoning.
Deck 1) Cyberdeck. 2) To use a cyberdeck illegally.
Decker A pirate cyberdeck user. Derived from 20th century term "hacker." See Deckjockey.
Deckhead 1) A SimSense abuser. 2) Anyone with a datajack or chipjack. 3) Derogatory term for a netrunner.
Deckjockey An expert cyberdeck user, usually a specialist and covertly accessing and stealing from corporate databases.
Deep Reality The real world we live in. As opposed to the realities we create for ourselves within our minds (e.g. fantasy games) and in our processors (e.g. cyberspace).
DeeVee Devalue. To make something worthless.
Delta A smuggling aircraft.
Deltajock A hotshot pilot.
Deniable Saumrai slang for anyone hired to disavow, after the fact, all knowledge about a hosed run & participants.
Derm 1) An adhesive skin patch used to apply medication. 2) A designer drug, applied to the dermis, that increases healing and limits fatigue.
De-Rezz 1) To terminate a program. 2) To kill someone.
DI Digital Intelligence. A computer intelligence made up of the recorded knowledge of one or more human experts. This is less complex and expensive than developing an AI (q.v.).
Die of the measles In military parlance, an assassination which makes the death appear to be of natural causes.
Dilligaf! I could care less. Buzz off! Go away! From the acronym, "Do I Look Like I Give A Frag?"
Dinks Any member of a rival boostergang.
Dirtboy Airborne rigger slang for a male non-flier.
Dirtnap Slang for death, as in "he's takin' a dirtnap."
Dirtside (HR) A reference to a planetary surface (as opposed to space).
Dirtsider (HR) Derogatory term for someone who rarely or never is in space.
Dirty 1) Derogatory term for low-tech (paper & pencil, walking, etc.) 2) Any traceable illegal item. 3) Contaminated.
Dis Disrespect; to treat with disrespect.
Disappear To cause a person, and all known references to that person, to become difficult or impossible to find.
DNI Direct Neural Interface.
Do Ugly To beat up or be beaten up (e.g. "Boy, somebody sure did him ugly!")
Doc Box A slang term for a medic's instrument kits, usually run at least partially by an expert system.
Dock (HR) To have sex.
Domo Arigato (jap) "thank you."
'Dorph A synthetic analogue for endorphins (organic painkillers produced naturally by the human body). Used to suppress pain and shock. Addictive.
Dorph Gang A type of street gang that takes and distributes synthetic endorphin drugs.
'Dorpher Member of a gang primarily identified by their heavy and frequent drug use. Very unpredictable.
Double Tap To kill cleanly with a single gunshot (ref. entry and exit wounds). (E.g. "Someone double tapped him right between the eyes.")
Doughboy/girl Derogatory term for someone wearing too much body armor.
Download See Fuse.
Downtime Free time; off the job.
Draga (Hungarian) Expensive.
Dreamqueen A simsense abuser.
Drek Common curse word (archaic "shit"). adj: drekky.
Drek Run Any shadowrun of very little pay or challenge, offered when good work is scarce, or to newbies as a test.
Drig Copulation. Expletive.
Dr. Know 1) A contact who always seems to have useful info. 2) a seller of knowledge and skill chips.
Duck A person who carries more weapons than could possibly be needed.
Dumped Involuntarily ejected from the matrix. (Also while rigging or during a simsense viewing).
Dump shock The disorientation resulting from the rapid cutoff of a simsense signal.
Dust To kill.
DZ Abbreviation for Drop Zone, a parachutist's/pilot's touch-down target. Also landing zone (see also Hot LZ).


Eddies Phonetic pronunciation of "EDs", meaning Eurodollars.
Edge The fringe of society, where many engage in illegal or semi-legal acts or life-styles.
Edgerunner Someone who lives on the edge (q.v.).
Edgezone A strip, grey area, area of potential "coolness".
Electrocur A guard dog with augmented offensive capabilities.
ELINT ("EE-lint") An abbreviation for Electronic Intelligence.
ELSUR ("EL-sur") An abbreviation for Electronic Surveillance.
Enclave Corporate subsidized housing aka the projects.
Euro Eurodollars.
Eurodollar The most commonly accepted standard currency in the modern world.
Exec Corporate executive.
Exotic An obviously biosculpted individual, usually with non-human features (fangs, fur, tail, etc.).
Expert System A sophisticated program with access to a large database, capable of analyzing & making decisions.
Extraction 1) A corporate kidnapping. 2) The removal of a (combat) team from its operational area.


Face, The Decker slang for 1) an interface, 2) jacking-into the Matrix.
Faceman A sub-fixer in the employ of a major fixer, supporting that superiors network.
Fate Meat Someone bound for the body banks. "It is his fate to be meat"
Foot, Feet Derogatory term for police. (From flatfoot.)
Ferryman Term for an expert assassin. Believed to be derived from the famed Eurosolo Charon, who took his handle from the figure in Greek mythology who ferried the dead across the river Styx to Hades.
Fetishman A talismonger, a dealer in magical items.
FIBUA Samurai slang for urban combat. From the acronym, "Fighting In Built-Up Areas."
Firelane The clear area a weapon can put its shots into.
Fixer A go-between, deal maker, information broker. Also a fence or mover of illegal goods.
Flash - 1) Anything spectacular (e.g. "That deck has a lot of flash!") 2) Hard currency (e.g. "Loan me some flash.")
Flashdealer A street vender with his wares concealed inside his volumnious coat.
Flatline 1) A state of death (ref. flat EEG traces upon brain-death) which may refer to either a machine (usually a deck or other computer) or a person. Usually a result of an encounter with black ice during a netrun. 2) To die, usually killed in the matrix by Black IC.
Flea (Net) A non-netrunner who accompanies a netrunner on a netrun by using a "trode set.
Flickercladding A synthetic plastic material impregnated with fiber optics and temperature gauges designed to respond to skin temperature, a 21st century version of the mood ring, but is worn as clothing.
Floor Routine From gymnastics, a (usually futile) attempt to dodge automatic weapons fire.
Fodder A derogatory term fixers use for solos.
Fold - 1) A slang term for flexible (paper or plastic) currency. 2) To shut down something or someone (e.g. "This operation is about to fold.")
Footprint A characteristic "hacking" style; consisting of such elements as speed, number and length of pauses, commonly-appearing commands, words, phrases, and mistakes.
Fossil 1) An elderly person. 2) Someone who refuses to give up old ways. 3) Any old or obsolete item.
Frag 1) Common curse word. adj: Fragging. 2) To kill someone with a fragmentation grenade.
Freakers See Berserkide.
Fred 1) Any straight, unimaginative citizen, usually a shirt (q.v.). 2) An elder person or someone who clings to outmoded ideas or practices (from Fred Flintstone). See Fossil.
Fringe, The Edges of society where nomads hang out, barrens.
Frob To alter control settings in a random or mischievous fashion.
Fumigation An assault in which no survivors are left. Term first used by bwant in Seattle.
Furball 1) Any sort of confusion, snarl-up, or traffic jam. 2) An intense, chaotic battle.
Fuse To kill someone possessing large quantities of cyberware. (Syn. "short-circ" or "download".)
Futokoro-Gatana (jap) A right-hand man. Lit. "blossom dagger," he who'd kill you if you were in too much pain to complete sepuku.


Gahump A General Purpose Heavy Maching Gun, possibly from the failed attempt to pronounce its acronym (?).
Gaijin (Jap.) A derogatory term for a foreigner or outsider.
Gander Street slang for a pimp (see also goose).
Gangbanger A member of a street gang.
Garbage Detail (Corp) A retaliatory raid, usually against a streetgang or street-ronin, which takes corporate solos into non-corporate controlled parts of the city. (Syn. "trash run".)
Gargoyle Someone whose job is gathering intelligence in the field, normally bedecked with surveillance gear.
Gato (Spanish) A smooth operator, cool person; a Fixer.
Geek To kill or die.
Geese the plural form of "goose," ie. more than one prostitute.
GEV Any hovering craft or device, eg. a panzer. From the acronym for "Ground Effects Vehicle."
Gewalt (Ger.) Violence.
Ghost A deckjockey who assists a "physical entry team" by entered and controlling the computer of the target site.
Ghost in the Machine (Net) See Gibson (2).
Gibson 1) Someone who tells the future; a psychic. 2) (Net) Unexplained phenomena in the Net. (Syn. "Ghost in the Machine".)
Gillette A heavily cybered samurai, or other mucsle (see razorguy).
Giri (Jap.) A debt of honor; duty or obligation.
Glitter Clothes Clothes made of flickercladding.
Glitterboy/girl A rich person, media figure, rock star or simsense star.
Glitter Folk Rich people who only have time and money.
Glom To group or gather, as in "to glom at a concert" or "they glommed at Matchsticks last night."
Go-go Member of a go-go-gang.
Go-(go-)gang A bike gang.
Go LEO To make a trip into Low Earth Orbit.
Goblinization Derogatory slang for the 2011 UGE, normally reserved for refering to Orks & Trolls.
Gomasuri (jap) "a sycophant," ie. one who is a servile, self-seeking flatterer.
Gomi (Jap.) Junk, garbage. Japanese slang term for any site that has been reclaimed and built on.
Gonk Idiot or fool.
Goose Street slang for a prostitute.
GoTo 1) A dossier, usually illegally compiled. 2) An inquiry for background info on someone or something. See also brush-up.
Gothic A member of a posergang whose motif is death and old black & white movies.
Gray IC An active, legal, defensive, IC program, capable of causing damage to a cyberdeck.
Grok See suss.
Grunge A derogatory term for an ork.
Grounder A (usually derogatory) term used by highriders for planet-side residents.
Guardian Angel Solo on a bodyguard job. (Syn. "bullet-stopper".)
Gumby From Monty Python, an act of minor but conspicuous stupidity (e.g. "Pulling a gumby.")
Gumi (jap) The Yakuza syndicate. Lit. "extended family."
Gutter Jumpers Claim jumpers among the homeless, squatters.
Gutterpunk A slang term for street riffraff.
Gyro A small one or two man helicopter, eg. a Wasp or Yellow-jacket.


Hackware Software produced by amateurs. Distinguished by the fact that it works and is ready 2 years before the professional version. Characterized by non-standard code, lack of comments, and great chrome.
Hai (jap) Lit. "yes." (Unless the question was phrased negatively, then it's "no.") See Iie.
Hairball See Furball.
Halfer Ork slang for a dwarf, often derogatory.
HALO an abbreviation for any High-Altitude Low Open para-glider/chute operation or insertion.
Handle A working nick-name by which one is known on the streets. Also street-name.
Hard Cool, hip, tough. A flattering term.
Hardsuit A suit of powered-armor.
Hardwired 1) Having Cyberware. 2) Unable to change, inflexible options.
Harry Complimentary term applied to an especially lethal piece of hardware.
Heatwave A police crackdown.
Heavy Either of the two heavily armed, offensive positions on an urban brawl team
Hexed 1) Afflicted with cyberpsychosis. 2) Obsessed with the Net.
Highrider Someone who lives or works in space (typically, all of their life).
Hikunuki (jap) To kidnap from a corporation. Lit. "to extract."
Hit and Run A shadowrun to drop viruses or worms into a computer system.
Hitcher Jacks Cyberdeck attachments that allow non-cybered companions to accompany a decker into the Matrix. See trode-net.
Hitmage A magic-using assassin.
HM(H)VV The mutating blood-borne disease responsible for vampires. From, "Human-Metahuman Vampiric Virus."
Hoi Hi, Hello.
Holo 1) A holographically generated image. 2) A Eurodollar.
Homerun A shadowrun made on own initiative, and for personal gain, as opposed to being hired and paid by another to perform a specific task.
Hoop A mild curse word, referring to a person's backside.
Hound-Tipping Popular street practice of ambushing and reprogramming police robohounds.
Hose 1) Make a mistake; screw up. 2) To spray someone with automatic weapons fire.
Hot LZ 1) A landing-zone under hostile fire or control 2) Of or relating to making a landing under fire (see landing hot).
Hydro, "H" 1) Shorthand term for hydrogen fuel. 2) Anyone crazy enough to take it as a drug.


I.A.D. A set series of actions performed by combat teams to speed reactions. From, "Immediate Action Drills."
Ice Security software. Intrusion Countermeasures, or IC.
Icebreaker Any program or software designed to penetrate or foil ice.
Iie (jap) Lit. "no." (Unless the question was phrased positively, then it's "yes.") See Hai.
Indie Independent, underground, self-employed.
Info Bro Information broker.
Ingentization The formal, nonvulgar term for UGE, often reserved for referring to Orks & Trolls.
Injun Country/Territory 1) Any enemy-controlled area. 2) Any of the NAN lands, highly insulting.
Input Girlfriend, female companion.
Insertion The delivery of a team near or to its operational area.
Iron Usually weapons, but can also refer to vehicles.
Iron, Big Heavy duty weapons or vehicles.
ISSV (ger) An acronym for "Internationaler Stadtkrieg Sport Verein." Lit. International Urban Combat Sport ("Brawl") Union.


Jack - 1) Jack In, or enter cyberspace. Jack Out, or leave cyberspace. 2) A DNI connection (usually in the skull) for a cyberdeck. 3) Money.
Jacked 1) Senses, skills, reflexes, muscles, and so on enhanced by cyberwear. 2) To be connected to cyberspace, a rigged vehicle/security system, or a simsense playback unit.
Jacked-In Actively using a cyberdeck.
Jake 1)A homosexual prostitute. 2) A hustler. (Both uses are derogatory.)
Jam 1) To fight or run away. 2) To have sex.
Jamming 1) Sex. 2) Moshing heavily in a band. 3) Being involved in a paramilitary operation involving a large amount of flying bullets and shrapnel.
Jander To walk in a casual or arrogant manner, to strut.
Jazzed Equipped with reflex-enhancing cyberware.
Jihyo (jap) Lit. "a letter of resignation."
Jock, Jockey A person with technical skills of a high order (e.g. deckjockey, deltajock, panzerjock).
Johnson See Mr. Johnson.
JoyBoy/JoyGirl Prostitute.
Joytoy A prostitute who has been cybernetically modified or sculpted to match the specifications of the user.
Juggler A specialized type of decker who jacks-in primarily to role-play/compete on the Matrix's Game-Grids.
Juvie/Juve 1) Street slang for anything relating to a juvenile. 2) A legal minor, eg. anyone under 18-years-old.


Kambu Atsukai (jap) Lit. "low-level executives;" ie. sararimen.
Kamikaze (jap) Lit. "divine wind." 1) Any suicide pilot. 2) A taxi driver. 3) A tailored amphetamine combat drug.
Keeb An elf, very insulting. See also Dandelion Eater. After a discontinued advertising campaign (Keebler).
Keeping Up with the Villiers To maintain a state-of-the-art or cutting edge tech-level. From Fuchi Corp's CEO.
Keiretsu (Jap.) A corporate, cartel, or conglomerate.
Khorosho (Rus.) Good. OK. Fine.
Kibble Card Government food ration card.
Kick Artist Street slang for a person hired to threaten or beat up someone, but not to kill them.
Killzone 1) The body areas where a weapon will kill its target. 2) The maximum destruction area of an ambush site.
Kittycat Run A drek run (q.v.), so named when a Johnson had a group of runners rescue a kidnapped feline.
Klepto, Kleptoid Thief, prowler.
Kludge A makeshift or temporary solution to a problem, usually sloppy and inefficient.
Knife Bullets Armor piercing ammunition.
Know, The Knowledge or information.
Konban Wa (jap) Lit. "good evening."
Konnichi Wa (jap) Lit. "good afternoon."
Kobun A Yakuza clan member.
Krovvy (Rus.) Bloody.
-Kun (jap) Lit. a familiar, almost paternal, name suffix/form of address.
Kuromaku (jap) A fixer. Lit. "one who arranges." From the operator of puppets who stands behind a black stage.


Landing Hot A fast landing under hostile fire or in a damaged vehicle.
Latch Jockey Digital hardware designer
Leash A corporate safeguard implanted into an employee to ensure loyalty and continued service. Cortex bombs and sabotaged chipware are common examples.
Lector Complimentary term used by boostergang members about a non-gang member when impressed by that individuals ability to perform acts of extreme violence.
Leech Street-doc or med-tech, particularly one that is expensive or unrelaible.
Like kicking dead whales down the beach Any slow and disgusting job or process
Liquefier, liquidizer Any weapon capable of inflicting obscene amounts of damage to the human body, particularly automatic shotguns.
Liquid Knuckles Any powerful chemical akin to Mace; including Mace-XII and certain neurostun variants.
Lizard Brain a cold, calculating, unemotional person, somebody always running in pure floating point mode (e.g. Mr. Spock).
Lo-Tek's Originally a Denver street-gang, now taken to mean any urbanite who adopts a low technology lifestyle.
Lunchmeat Of or relating to the remains of any unarmored person hit by heavy weapons. Also hamburger.
Lurker A decker who only sneaks into systems to look around, never taking anything.
LZ An abbreviation for Landing Zone. Also drop zone or DZ.


Maglev Shorthand term for a magnetic levitation train.
Make a deposit in the body bank to die.
Marionette A meat puppet.
Marley A complementary term, often applied musical performances (eg. "a Marley of a concert"). See Harry.
Matrix Another term for cyberspace, the consensual, V.R. hallucination of the world-wide computer network, its systems, icons, & sites.
Max-Tac A MAXimun force TACtical division, eg. C-SWAT.
Meat 1) Decker slang for the physical body, un-cybered flesh, or anything else undesirable. 2) A decker curse-word, equivalent to "drek!"
Meat Bop Parts Vat grown replacement body parts.
Meat Puppet A prostitute whose memory and/or senses are disabled temporarily.
Meat Rack A house of ill repute.
Meat-Space Decker slang for the physical world, ie. the opposite of cyberspace.
Mechanic See cleaner.
Medico The heavily armored, non-offensive, biotech position on an urban brawl team.
Mega, Megacorp Large (global or extra-planetary) corporation.
Mentat Brainy individual, specifically one who will stare at a problem without moving for a while and come up with an answer without doing any apparent intermediate steps (like writing things down).
Metalhead 1) Individual with a fully mechanical body - a full 'Borg. 2) A heavy metal fan.
Metro, the The subway or underground.
Microsoft See Biosoft.
Mierda A Spanish equivalent to drek.
Mileetsya (Rus.) Corruption of the Russian pronunciation of "Militia", typically used in reference to corporate security or the military.
MIL-INT 1) An abbreviation for MILitary INTelligence. 2) Anything inherently oxymoronic.
Mnemonic Someone who uses a brain implant as an electronic vault.
Moddy A personality module. A cyber-data chip which allows the user to assume (and become totally submerged in) the personality of another person (real or fictional).
Monkey The business term for an expendable person. (See also Scratch Monkey.)
Monkey Trick A job in which a monkey (q.v.) is not expected to survive intact.
Morningstar Generic term for incendiary or fragmentation grenades or devices, particularly white phosporous.
Motorhead A rigger (q.v.) or mechanic.
Mouse Around To explore in a very low profile manner (e.g. "Let's mouse around the perimeter and see if we can find a way in.").
Mr. Johnson Any anonymous employer or corporate agent.
Mr. Who (Also "The Who") label for an employer or person of higher authority.
Mudgirl Airborne rigger slang for a female non-flyer.
Mundane A non-magician, or non-magical.
MuscleBoy/Girl A person with muscle grafts.
Mushi (Jap.) Computer glitch.
Muzak-Man Derogatory term for a rocker who has sold out to an entertainment corporation. (Syn. "synth-soul" or "castrato".)


Naked See running naked.
Nano-Tech The science responsible for cyberware. Lit. "one step beyond micro-technology."
Neh - exp. (Jap.) Interrogative; "Right?", lit. "negative."
Nerdlings Immature nerds, implying inconsequential, generally annoying. Pejorative term.
Nerks Agents or officials of the National Emergency Resource Control Commission (under the Provisional U.S. government).
Nervewires Cybernetic reflex enhancements, normally Wired Reflexes.
Net Another term for cyberspace.
NetFet Net Fetishist. Derogatory term for a netrunner who can only relate to life in the Net.
NetNerd Someone who spends more time in the matrix than in the real world.
Netrun A session spent interfaced to a cyberdeck and exploring the matrix (cyberspace), usually in the course of invading a corporate database.
Netrunner A decker, not necessarily implying illegal activities. See also Deckjockey.
New-Ones A slang term for Nuyen, as in "she gave you fifty new-ones."
NewTek An item or device exhibiting the very latest technological advances.
NIMBY ("NIM-bee") One who is in favor of an unpleasant or dangerous action, so long as it occurs elsewhere. From acronym, "Not In My BackYard."
Nine A pistol (from 9mm.)
Ninja A freelance assassin.
Noisy Run 1) A high profile shadowrun, designed to attract (otherwise, unwanted) attention. 2) A tactical diversion. See tailchaser.
NukeGake (jap) Lit. a warrior who sneaks out from camp to attack the enemy solo, thus gaining personal honor.
Null Persp A slang expression meaning, "no problem," "all right," or "affirmative." From the archaic expression, "no sweat."
Nutrisoy Cheap processed food product derived from soybeans, fortified with most essential vitamins.
Nuyen World standard of currency. Used for Japanese foreign markets.


Ohayo Gozaimsu (jap) Lit. "good morning."
Olly A particularly dangerous form of Samurai, who threatens his friends and associates.
One and Twenty, the The twenty-first century.
Oo'zhas (Rus.) Awful. Terrible.
Ops The abbreviated form of "operations," normally refering to a dangerous or paramility activity.
Organitskaya (Rus.) The Russian Mob.
Otaku A child with the natural ability to run in the Matrix, without a cyberdeck.
Output Boyfriend, male companion.
Outrigger The motorcycle riding, non-offensive position on an urban brawl team.
Oyabun Head of a Yakuza clan.


Panther Cozy Any large bag used in a futile attempt to conceal an assault cannon.
Panzer Any ground-effect or hovercraft combat vehicle.
Panzerjock An expert panzer operator.
Paranoid Someone who has all the facts.
Parraquiano (spn) Lit. "a patron."
Paydata Datafile worth money on the black market.
Perp Perpetrator. A criminal or suspected criminal.
Persona A personal Matrix icon. See avatar.
Pervo A freakish-looking individual.
Pig-Rig A police car.
Pinkskin A rural-dwelling white or non-Amerind, who affects a low-tech lifestyle.
Plastic Gangster A person with a great deal of cyberware.
Plex A metropolitan complex, or "metroplex".
PLR A cyberdeck plug-in, designed to negate the effects of black IC. From the acronym, "Phase-Loop Recourser."
Pods People who are very much alike in thought, behavior, and appearance. Pejorative term. Also Podlings - particularly immature variations of the Pods.
Poli A policlub or a policlub member.
Polymer One-shot A cheap line of polymer plastic, non-reloadable handguns. Very inexpensive, and very unreliable, they come in a variety of colors.
Pony A low-level streetdealer, lower on the social scale than a Fixer (q.v.). (Origin: from a pony"s ability to carry, but possibly also from London slang: pony = 20 pounds(); ponies very rarely sell expensive items.)
Poppers Pop-up weaponry concealed in a cyberlimb.
Porky Someone who loves or collects weapons, and is usually bristling with them (from "porcupine").
Poser 1) A person who pretends to be something they are not, especially through surgery. 2) A posergang member.
Poser Gang Any gang whose members all adopt a specific look or style.
Priyatel (rus) Lit. "chummer."
Progs, Proggies Agents or officials of the Provisional Government of the United States.
Proles Lower class individuals, usually non-citizens; Street scum. See Zero.
Puerco (spn) Lit. "pig."
Punch 1) To force one's way into a protected system. 2) To enter commands on a cyberdeck. Also to punch deck.
Puppet 1) An illegal cut-out chip that turns off most of the conscious mind, commonly fitted to prostitutes. 2) See Meat Puppet.
Puppet Gang Any gang controlled by a corporation.
Puppet Parlor A house of ill-repute, ie. populated by meat puppets.
Puta (spn) Lit. "whore."


Quakers Missiles or rockets.


R&P "Rape and Pillage." To engage in an activity with excessive force or violence.
Rainbow File The research and development data of a company.
Raku An abbreviation, often derogatory, for Renraku Control Systems or any of its employees/assets/holdings.
Rakusho-dayo! (jap) Lit. "No problem!"
Ram Personality (from computer jargon, RAM).
Ramjammer A decker, more often a juggler, addicted to violent confrontations in the Matrix.
Rat-Lab Prisons in the Provisional U.S., where prisoners are used as experimental subjects for medical research, cyberware development, chemical warfare tests, etc. Most consider a sentence to a rat lab to be no different than a death sentence.
Ray-Ban Mode wearing shades.
Razor[boy/girl/gal/guy/etc] 1) Heavily cybered samurai or other muscle-for-hire. 2) A person who uses various bladed implant weapons.
Reality Junkie Addicts to Virtual Reality, Braindance, the Net, or video games.
Reason 1) A slang name for a minigun. 2) A railgun.
Reconfig To kill or die in a particularly messy fashion, usually with a knife.
Recycling Environmentally friendly act of killing someone and taking the corpse to a body bank.
Reduce Slang for physical violence (e.g. "Hey asshole, shut down (q.v.) your screamer (q.v.) or I'll reduce your face!"). See also packing, spindling, stomping, etc.
Reduction The act of reducing something or someone.
Reflex Chip See Apter.
Rigger A specialized type of deckjockey who is an expert at cybernetic link-up to, and control of, a machine (typically a vehicle or building security system).
Rigging To jack into and control a security system or vehicle, becoming one with it.
Rimbo A gun-totting sex kitten (a rambo bimbo).
Ripperdoc A surgeon who specializes in implanting illegal or unregistered cyberware.
Rippers A slang term for hand razors.
Rock To kick or punch someone violently, especially in the head. Derived from the Jailhouse Rock fighting style.
Rocker, Rockerboy/girl Any musician or stage performer who uses their art to make political or social statements. As opposed to "Rockstars" who are "owned" by recording companies or other corps. and are apolitical.
R.O.E. A samurai term for the specific conditions of a particular contract. From, "Rules Of Engagement."
Rogue An AI (q.v.) which has "escaped" from it's node in cyberspace and is no longer under human control.
Rogue Hunter A netrunner (q.v.) who tracks down and captures (or eliminates) rogues (q.v.).
Roid 1) A slang term for a steroid. 2) A derm.
Ronin A freelance assassin or mercenary. Usually considered to be untrustworthy.
Running Naked To enter the Matrix without a cyberdeck, using a program carrier.
RV 1) A RendezVous point. Also a pickup zone or PZ. 2) Slang for an APC. From "Recreational Vehicle."


Samurai (Jap.) Mercenary or muscle-for-hire. Implies code of honor. (Syn. Street samurai.)
San (jap) A respectful form of address or title. Lit. "Mr, Mrs, Ms, Sir, or Madam."
SAN A doorway between a computer and the outside world. From the UMSC abbreviation, "System Access Node."
Sand Phonetic pronunciation of the phrase "S-and-D", for "Search and Destroy." To sand someone or something is to locate and severely damage them or it.
Sarariman (Jap.) A corporate employee. From the Pidgin-English pronounciation of "salaryman."
Sardine A soldier wearing Powered Armor.
Scout Any of the four, lightly armored, offensive positions on an urban brawl team.
Scratch Money.
Scratch Monkey (Obsc. hacker ref.) Any expendable substitute used in place of a more valuable item, on the off chance that it might be damaged or destroyed. (see Monkey, Monkey trick)
Screamer 1) Slang for mouth (e.g. "Hey asshole, shut down (q.v.) your screamer!" 2) Something fast, sleek, and sexy, used as an expression of admiration (e.g. "She/He/It's a real screamer!) 3)Somebody who screams a lot while being reduced (q.v.) 4) Somebody who screams a lot while being tightly interfaced (q.v.). 5) Credstick (or card) or other ID that triggers computer alarms if used.
Screamsheet Fax-type hardcopy newspapers, available by-the-page from street corner dispensers, especially one catering to non-issues of the minute (e.g. USA Today, National Enquirer). Coined by Walter Jon Williams.
Scroll, the 1) The constant, unremitting, and overwhelming barrage of information absorbed by everyone in modern society from the modern media, from cyberspace feed, from the grapevine, and from any other means we have of tuning in to the world state. (E.g. we find out about the latest war in the Middle East, the latest hardware, the latest vaporware from The Scroll.) 2) The term used to describe the messages, bulletins, and other data daily being produced and scrolled off various cyberspace systems.
Seoul Man A member of a Seoulpa Ring.
Seoulpa Ring A small criminal gang with web-like connections to others like it.
Sepuku (jap) Lit. the traditional, ritual, Japanese suicide. Also harakiri.
Shadowriders The unofficial, Lone Star, elite cadres, who've made SINless shadowrunners their special jurisdiction.
Shadowrun Any movement, action, or series of such made in carrying out plans which are illegal or quasi-legal.
Shadows The quasi-criminal world of freelance shadowrunners.
Shag To bamboozle, cheat or trick.
Shakatu (jap) Lit. "company house."
Shalkujin An "honest" citizen.
Shirt A white-collar worker, usually a low level corporate employee.
Shoemaker A street slang term for a producer of fake credsticks or identification (ie. shoes).
Short-circ See Fuse.
Shortwire To burn out, flame out, splash down and generally crash mentally.
Shredder A minigun or auto-cannon.
Shut Down to shut up, used as an exclamation (e.g. "Hey asshole, shut down!")
Sidewalk outline A recently deceased person, or to one who expected to die soon. The reference is to the chalk outline drawn around a dead body at a murder scene by the police.
SimSense Simulated Sensory input, usually from a commercial recording.
SimStim Simulated stimulation of the senses, usually from a DNI recording.
SIN Single (or System) Identification Number. An ID number unique to each citizen. Many streetpeople (nomads, derelicts) are said to be "SINless", i.e. without a SIN. This makes them unknown (non-existent) to the system. It allows them to move about in society more freely than a "recorded" citizen, but also allows the enforcers of society (police and corp. security) to punish/abuse them without due process since, technically, they "do not exist".
SIN Card A registered citizens universal ID card. It functions as a combination ID card, driver's license, medical data, organ donor, residence, and ATM card, all in one. Losing this card can have serious side effects for the owner.
SINless someone without a SIN. See Blank.
SINner 1) An honest citizen, ie. one who has a SIN. 2) A corporate employee.
Skagman A dealer in illegal wire or chips.
Skat A gross-looking individual.
Skeinsuit A near-frictionless bodyweave/catsuit, used for maneuvering through tight places, such as ventilation ducts.
Skeleton All the collected electronic records kept on an individual; their electronic identity.
Skillsoft See Apter or Biosoft.
Skirt An ordinary (defenseless) person (male or female.)
Skiv To rob on the street.
Skrag 1) To kill, to "off." 2) To destroy.
Skyball A satellite (usually surveillance).
Slam To assault or beat up (e.g. "Let's go slam some 'dorphers.")
Slam it Generic expletive (Syn. kiss off, up yours.)
Slammit On 1) To get violent. 2) To attack someone without reason.
Slap Patch See derm.
Slave 1) Of or relating to a corporate employee. 2) Specifically, a wage-, mage-, or data-slave.
Slice 1) A credit card. 2) An electric-powered racing cycle.
Slice n' dice A mono-filament cyberweapon, usually mounted in the tip of a finger, which is used as a garrotte or whip. It will cut through almost all organic material and most plastics.
Slicer One who ride a slice (q.v.).
Slicks A slang term for Teflon-coated bullets, ie. primitive armor piercing.
Slicksuit See skeinsuit.
Slit A slang term for a female.
Slitch Another slang term for a female.
Slot 1) Mild curse word (i.e. "Slot THIS, chummer!"). 2) To plug a moddy or daddy into a DNI ( i.e. to use a skillsoft.) 3) To have sex.
Slot and run Hurry up, get to the point, move it.
Smart Any device which has been augmented to interface with a user via cyberware; usually applies to weapons or vehicles.
Smoothie Ork slang for a non-ork or non-troll.
Smudge Pronunciation of the acronym SMG (SubMachineGun); thus, a submachinegun.
So ka (Jap.) I understand, I get it.
Solo A mercenary who works the streets. A "for-hire" combat specialist. Used as bodyguards, assassins, and soldiers, individually or in groups.
Somethin' I don't have to stick in my fraggin' head A common response to a drug dealers' "whadda ya need?"-line.
S.O.P. Any set of standing orders, used when commo is compromised. From "Standard Operating Procedueres."
Sota State of the Art
Soykaf Coffee substitute made from soybeans.
Spare Parts 1) A corpse. 2) Any vat-grown or donated body-part (wheather by choice or not).
Sperethiel (spr) The formal name for the Elvish language.
Sphincter Factor A level of disgust, nervousness, or fear (usually on a scale of 1 to 10.)
Spill To spend money.
Spit Jockey On camera (video): news reader, anchor, host. (also known as Talking Heads)
Splash To shoot down. E.g. to splash an idea, or "Splash that bastard!"
Splat job A dead body, usually messy. Also sometimes used to describe a person (or persons) who are "cannon fodder" and are not expected to live much longer.
SplatMaster Generic term for any paintball-type air pistol. Formerly a trademarked name.
Sprawl 1) A huge metropolitan area, usually consisting of several merged mega-cities, covered a large portion of a landmass. 2) The prone position the bronze order perps to assume. 3) To fraternize below one's social level.
Sprawling A corporate pass-time, involving visiting dangerous areas of town, with minimal protection. From slumming.
Squat 1) Of or relating to any low-class housing. 2) A dwarf or dwarven, highly insulting. See also Stuntie.
Squatter An impoverished citizen--one step up from being homeless, but just barely.
Squeaky Orc slang for an elf.
SQUID A Navy "Superconducting QUantum Interference conDuctor" device, able to read headware memory.
State of the Art (Aka SOTA) 1) Hipper than Hip. 2) To be on the edge (usually technologically).
Straightener A less than affectionate form of address for a psychiatrist. Aka "shrink".
Straphangers Derogatory term for commuters.
Streak To run naked in the Matrix.
Streaker A decker who prefers to streak.
Street, The 1) The Underground or Black Market. 2) The sub-culture. 3) The place where you live late at night.
Street Doc A ripperdoc who performs emergency wound surgery as well.
Streetmeat A term for people not equiped to survive on the streets: hicks, sprawling suits, or involuntary meat puppets.
Streetname A nickname, handle, or working name by which one it known by on the streets.
Street Samurai A samurai who works for gangs, mobsters, or him/herself.
Stud 1) See Jack. 2) A slang term for anyone (or the state of being) jacked-into a machine, other than a cyberdeck.
Stud/Studding Rigging or remote control of a vehicle.
Stuffit 1) To have sex. 2) To forget about something.
Stuka A slang term for diving, "as in he did a stuka into the pool" or "he stukad underneath the table."
Stunning Mind-bogglingly stupid. Used sarcastically.
Stuntie A Dwarf, highly insulting. also Squat.
Suit A straight citizen, usually a corporate employee.
Surprise Party What your opponents are likely to get if you break your Trauma Team card during a firefight.
Suss To solve a problem, figure out something, understand.
Svoluch (Rus.) 1) Derogatory term for someone with honor. 2) A bastard.
Swag A commodity, usually a datafile, worth money on the black market. See paydata.
Swarm Any large nomad convoy.
SWAT Special Weapons And Tactics.
Sweedack Concurrence, or "I agree". From the French Canadian "Je suis d'accord."
Synth-soul See Muzak-Man.
System Identification Number See SIN.
System Overstress See biosystem overstress.


Tag 1) Name, handle or trademark 2) To grab or take something. 3) To mark destinctively.
Tagged Equipped with a tracking device. Recognized.
Tag Team A (usually corporate-sponsored) gang whose fights with other Tag Teams are covered by the vid networks as a commercial combat sport.
Tailchaser A high profile or noisy shadowrun to retrieve false or planted info, thus proving the info's validity.
Tanj! A mild expletive decrying "the unfairness of it all." From the acronym, "There Ain't No Justice!"
Tanstaafl! An abbreviation for "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch," meaning, "ya gotta pay as ya go."
Tapdance See Floor Routine.
Taxi Driver A street slang term for the combat drug Kamikaze, and others.
Taxilingua The language spoken exclusively by cab drivers, rumored to have been originally based on English.
Tchort (Rus.) Literally "Devil". A common expletive.
Team A gang.
Teamster A gang member.
Techno Scum A personally very unpleasant, but technically brilliant individual.
Te'ch (spr) A common Sperethiel curseword, equivalent to drek.
Technician A corporate slang term for a professional hit-man.
Tek 1) An item of a highly technical nature. 2) A technician of any kind.
Telecomm A telephone, normally incorporating both video and audio communication. Also comm.
Tenorio (spn) Lit. "a ladykiller."
Thirdman See Fixer.
Thrasher Yet another slang term for one who delves into hard, slamming music.
ThreeVee Also 3-V. Holovision. A 3-dimension projection system which has superceded the television as the primary form of information delivery.
Thriller Of or relating to a thriller gang, its members, or its actions.
Thriller Gang A type of street gang, specializing in random violence and thrill killing (see also go-gang).
Throwback Derogatory term for an exotic.
Thumper A samurai slang term for a grenade, commonly but not always concussional in nature.
Thunderbird LAV. Low altitude vehicle, vector thrust. Military hoovercraft, Panzer (q.v.)
Tiger (Net) A military netrunner.
Tight Interfacing To have sex.
Tin Can A suit of Powered Armor.
Tip A token credchip; a very small amount of money.
Tolkinesque The writings of J.R.R. Tolkien, ie. "Middle Earth," as applied to metahumanity, highly insulting.
Tong (chi) The traditional Chinese equivalent of the Japanese Yakuza.
Tortoise A decker term for someone running in the Matrix with a (slow) terminal.
Towntalk A hybrid street language, not part of any formal group. See also city speak.
Trash Run See Garbage Detail.
Trid Three-dimensional successor to video.
Trode Net A simsense "headband" that allows person without a datajack to "tag along" with a decker. From, elecTRODE NETwork.
Trog Short for troglodyte. A derogatory term meant to indicate that an individual is subhuman or extremely ugly or misshapen.
Tuning Up The street term for the act of beating a prisoner/captive to elicit a confession.
Twenty-Cent Of or relating to something from the twentieth century. Also 20-Cen.
Twinkie A naive, defenseless, vulnerable, or otherwise useless person.
Twitch A careless, scatterbrained, or otherwise unreliable individual.
Twitchers Taser and, by extension, any electricity-based weapon.


U2C Gang slang for a pedestrian. From the abbreviation for, "Upright, Uptight Citizen."
UGE The "Unexplained Genetic Expressions" of children into elves and dwarves in 2011. See goblinization.
UMS An abbreviation for "Universal Matrix Standards," the official "default" set of Matrix icons.
UMSC The "Universal Matrix Standards Consortium," ie. those who decided how the Matrix would look.
Underware A slang term for form-fitting body armor.


Valkyrie An assault helicopter or hover vehicle in attack mode. Believed to be derived from a 20-Cen vid, "Apocalypse Now."
Valuta (Rus.) Literally "foreign currency". Refers to any hard currency, either electronic (cards, sticks) or scrip.
Vatjob 1) A person with extensive cyber- or bioware replacement. From the time spent in a nutrient-fluid vat. 2) Organic enhancement by means of vat-grown tissue or muscle.
Very Hip term for "cool" or "in".
Vidflick Flat screen entertainment that predates 3D or holographic projection. Old style TV or movie.
Vidiot A Virtual Reality or video game addict.
VITAS An abbreviation for Virally Inducted Toxic Allergy Syndrome. The 2010+ version of the Bubonic Plague.
VRcade A Virtual Reality, Braindance, and/or video game arcade or parlor.


Wagemage A magician (usually hermetic) who works for a corp.
WageSlave A low-level or non-ambitious, corporate employee. See Shirt.
Wakarimasu-ka? (jap) Lit. "do you understand?"
Wakatta (jap) Lit. "all right, I understand."
Waldoes A common term for any set of remote-controlled mechanical arms, as used in factories and toxin handeling.
Watch-over A surveillance shadowrun.
Wavy Cool or smooth.
Wearing color Usually associated with streetgangs, to wear clothing with colors or designs which identify you with a specific gang.
Wenig (spr) An ork or troll. (Insulting, as trog.)
Wetware 1) human augmentation mechanisms based on biochemical methods. E.g. biochemical processors, custom crafted DNA, custom biological tissue, brain implants/grafts, mind/body altering drugs (rare). As opposed to hardware which is based on artificial, physics based methods, e.g. chips. 2) Slang for cyber-augmentation of skills or other mental functions. 3) The human brain (a backhanded reference to normal organic thought processes.) 4) Any original body organ.
Wetwork Assassination. Murder.
Whacked Of or relating to the state of being either "high" or insane.
White IC A passive, defensive, IC program, primarily concerned with tagging & locating a perp's cyberdeck.
Wigly Weird or different. Usually referring to a good drug trip.
Wilson 1) Idiot. 2) Wannabe. Often used as decker insult.
Wire Boy/Girl A decker.
Wired Equipped with cyberware, especially increased reflexes.
Wirehead 1) Someone addicted to computers or electronic communication (e.g. a person who would rather hack then eat or have sex). 2) Someone addicted to electric stimulation directly applied to the pleasure centers of the brain, i.e. simsense abuser.
Wiz 1) Very impressive. 2) Wizard.
Wizard 1) A powerful mage. 2) A slang term meaning, "great," "wonderful," or "excellent."
Wizworm Slang for a Dragon.
Wizzer A hip term meaning, "great," "fantastic," "terrific," etc. Also wiz.
Wolver Of or relating to hand spurs.
Word, the The latest gossip or rumors on the street.
Wysiwyg ("Wizzy-wig") Lit. "no nonsense." From the acronym, "What You See Is What You Get."


X-Heads Street samurai slang for cross-cut bullets, eg. dum-dums.


Yak Yakuza. Either a clan member or a clan itself.
Yono (Kor.) A person who is scum or a low life. (From the Korean "Yonomoseki").


Zaibatsu (jap) Lit. "a megacorporation." See also keretsu.
Zero 1) See Blank. 2) To delete or destroy a piece of software. 3) To kill someone. 4) Midnight (From zero-hour.)
Zone See Combat Zones.
Zonies Of or relating to an armed security patrol or any of its members.