Shadowrun RiggerTech

Written down by Kai Ruhl

  • Boost
  • Accessories
  • Security
  • H(andling)
    maximum level
    k nuyen
    barrier rating


    High Performance Engine
    +50% M, -1 S. +50% E. Cost *2. Cannot be tuned.

    Turbo Boost
    +15 M/L, -1 S. MaxM +25%, +5% E/L. Cost +10%/L.

    +30 M/L, -2 S. MaxM +50%, +10% E/L. Cost +25% for 1st, +15% rest. May fail if not perfect built.
    HouseRule: MaxM +75%, otherwise no one will prefer tuning against high performance engine.

    Car/Truck Suspension
    -1/0 H/L. MaxL 2. Cost +10%/L.

    Car Cross Suspension
    +1/-1 H/L, -15 M. MaxL 2, +10% E/L. Cost +35%/L.

    Truck Cross Suspension
    H/CH := H/H*1.5, -15 M. +25% E. Cost +50%.

    Bike Suspension
    -1/1 H/L. MaxL 2. Cost +10%/L.

    Bike Cross Suspension
    +1/-1 H/L, -15 M. MaxL 2, +20% E/L. Cost +20%/L.

    Improved Row Control
    -1 H/L. MaxL 2. Cost +15%/L.

    Improved Hovercraft Steering
    -1 H/L. MaxL 2. Cost +20%.

    -1 H/L. MaxL 2. Cost +25%/L (jet, heli) or +100%/L (drone).

    Improved Car/Boat Chassis
    +L C. MaxL 8, -1% M/L. Cost 1K for 1st, original C*0.5K/L rest.

    Improved Bike Chassis
    +L C. MaxL +100%, -1% M/L. Cost 0.5K for 1st, original C*0.5K/L rest.

    Improved Aircraft/Drone Chassis
    +L C. MaxL +100%, -5% M/L. Cost 1K for 1st, original C*0.5K/L rest.

    Car Armor
    +L A. MaxL C*3, -5% M/L, +1 H/6L. Cost 850 nY/L until C, 1.7K/L rest.

    Bike/Aircraft Armor
    +L A. MaxL original C*3, -5% M/L, +1 H/6L. Cost 0.6K/L (bike) or 850 nY/L (air) until C, 1.7K/L rest.

    Active Thermo Mask
    +L S. MaxL 5. For tuned engines only (not possible for bikes). -15 M/L if active. Holds for (60-L*5) mins. Cost +100% tuning costs for 1st, +25%/L rest.

    Passive Thermo Mask
    +L S. MaxL +50%. Cost C*5K/L (car), C*6K/L (bike), C*7.5K/L (truck, jet), C*10K/L (tractor, heli), C*3.75K/L (hover), C*2.5K/L (boat, zeppelin).

    Passive Aura Mask
    +L S. MaxL 4. Cost C*2.5K/L (car), C*3.75K/L (bike, truck, zeppelin), C*5K/L (tractor), C*25K/L (hover, jet, heli), C*2.5K/L (boat).

    Bigger Tank
    +L liter/energy. MaxL +25% liter or +40% energy, -1 F/25 liter or -1 F/50 energy. Cost 1 nY/liter or energy.


    APPS (Advanced Passenger Protection System) Seat Shield
    At crash: +1 A, +2 Bod. 1 F, 2.5K/seat. Roll Str(5) to exit vehicle.

    Cabrio Roof
    At crash: *2 roll level. 0 F, Cost +10% +2.5K.

    Crash Cage
    At crash: +6 Bod. 7 F and 3.5K/seat (norm), 8 F and 4K/seat (big).

    Roll-Over Bar
    At crash: +3 Bod. 2 F, 2K.

    Seat Bench
    Holds people of added Bod 6. 5 F, 0.75K.

    Folding Seat Bench
    Added Bod 6. 5 F (2 if folded), 0.8K.

    Big Bike Seat
    Bod 11. 1 F, 0.25 K.

    Bucket Seat
    Bod 6. 5 F, 0.7K.

    Big Bucket Seat
    Bod 11. 6 F, 0.75K.

    Seat Armor
    +L Bod. Only for attacks from rear/side. MaxL 4. Cost 1.25K/L.

    Ejector Seat
    Ejection rocket, parachute. 8 F, 3K. Slightly illegal.

    Auto Pilot
    Built-In vehicle skill of L. MaxL 4. 0 F, 0.5/5/10/25K/C.

    Datajack Link
    +2 Rea, -1 H. Needs standard datajack. 2 F, 2.5K.

    Secondary Steering
    Copilot function. 2 F, 0.4K.

    Integrated Steering
    +1 Rea. -1 F (if standard control is ripped out), 1.5K.

    Vehicle Control Rig
    Enables RigControl. Needs Datajack Link. +1 H. 2 F, 2.8K.

    Remote Control
    Enables rigger deck control. 2 F, 2.5K/C.

    Electronic Compartment
    Every electronic device that has a weight needs it. 1 F/10 kg. Cost: Own energy: 10% of device, Vehicle energy: 5% of device.

    0 F. Cost: Swivelling: 1.25K/pair, Extreme: 0.5K/pair, Searcher: 0.6K/pair.

    Anti Theft System
    Opposed roll on L. L1-3: 0 F, 0.1K/L, L4-6: 1 F, 0.4K/L, L7-9: 1 F, 1K/L, L10+: 2 F, 5K/L.

    Life Sustainment System
    L man-hours life sustainment. 1 F/10 man-hours, 0.5K + 0.1K/man-hour.

    Seals person zone or motor against gas or water. 1F (+1F for motor). Gas: 0.25K/C, Water: 0.75K/C, Motor: 1K/C.

    GridLink System
    Unlimited energy in class B or higher districts. 0.1K/C per month. 3 F, 0.6K.

    SunCell Energy
    50*(Unmodified C) E/hour at full sunlight. 1 F, 0.5K.

    Bike Sidecar
    Adds room. -15 M, +10% E. C1: 4 F, 1K, C2: 8 F, 2K, C3: 10 F, 3.5K.

    External Freight Mounter
    Adds room. -15 M/C F, +1 H/3*C F. 0.25K/F.

    Freight Trailer
    Adds room. Plankbed: 800 F, 20m, has C:3, 20K, Box: 2000 F, 20m, has C:3, 40K, CooledBox: +15K, 20m, has A:6, Tank: 100.000l, 20m, has C:4, A:9, 100K.

    Drone Launching Pad
    Drone mini hangar and start pad. 2 F, 1K/C.

    Air Drop Tank
    Adds 100l/hardpoint. -15 M/100l, +1H/200l, 0.2K/100l.

    Dual (street and cross): 0.25K/C per tire. Armored (5/3): +0.2K per tire.

    Hovercraft Boat Hull
    Lets hovers swim on every water. 0 F, 0.5K/C.

    Aircraft Swim Package
    Lets aircraft start/land on water. 2 F, 10% vehicle price. Jet: -50% M, 20% E (takeoff/landing), no ground landing, Heli: -10% M, no penalties.

    Groundcraft Amphibian Package
    Lets ground vehicles move underwater. L1: 15 M, +2 H, 0 F, 2.5K, L2: 30 M, 2 F, 7.5K, L3: 45 M, 3 F, 15K.

    Security Tools

    Civil Grade Sensors
    L 1-3. 0/1/2 F. Cost (3^(L-1)*5)K.

    Security Grade Sensors
    L 4-5. 1/2 F. Cost (3^(L-4)*120)K.

    Military Grade Sensors
    L 6-7. 3/4 F. Cost (4^(L-6)*1250)K.

    Security Grade ECM
    L 1-3. 1/2/4 F. Cost (3^(L-1)*25)K.

    Military Grade ECM
    L 4-6. 2/3/4 F. Cost 0.8/2.4/6.0*1000K.

    Security Grade ECCM
    L 1-3. 2/3/5 F. Cost 20/70/190K.

    Military Grade ECCM
    L 4-6. 3/4/5 F. Cost 0.7/2.0/5.0*1000K.

    Miniaturized Components
    -L F. MaxL 3. Cost *2/5/20. Components with 0 F may be integrated into rigdeck (Cost +10% additional).

    Fixed Hardpoint (HP)
    5° moveability. Variants: Single Mid: 2 F, Cost 1K, Double Mid: 3 F, Cost 1.75K, Side: 0.5 F, Cost 0.75K (two sides recommended).

    External Turret
    360° horizontal, -10°/+45° vertical. Needs RollOverBar. LMG needs 1 WP (Weapon Point), HMG 2 WP, Rocket 3 WP, Cannon 4 WP. Variants: Micro Turret: -1 HP, 2 WP, -2 F, 1 F Ammo, Cost 5K, Small Turret: -2 HP, 4 WP, -3 F, 2 F Ammo, Cost 7.5 K, Mid Turret: -3 HP, 6 WP, -(4+Seat for Gunner) F, 3 F Ammo, Cost 15K.

    External Air Defense Turret
    360° horizontal, -10°/+75° vertical. Like standard turret. -1 F additionally. Cost +50%.

    Extension Turret
    Like standard turret. -1 WP, *2 F. Cost *3.

    Remote Turret
    Like standard turret. +1 F (less space needed). Cost 6/9/17.5K (micro, small, mid). Air Defense: -1 F, Cost +60%. Extension: -1 WP, *2 F, Cost *3.