Shadowrun Cyberware

Written down by Kai Ruhl

  • Limbs
  • Body
  • Perception
  • Brain
  • Jacks
  • Matrix
  • Bod(y)
    maximum level
    k nuyen
    target number
    damage level
    damage power
    barrier rating
    data flow rate
    system load delay
    A may increase B


    Hydraulic Jack
    Legal. 0.25E, 5K/L, MaxL 6.
    Jump reach (wide&high) multiplied by L. -L DP for free fall.

    Magnetic Limbs
    Legal. No essence. 2.8K/Limb.
    Needs cyber limbs. 25kg/limb grip force.

    Cyber Gyro
    4P-CC. 1.5E, 260K.
    Cyberarm with gyro, compensators from wrist. Recoil -3.

    Cyber Interface
    5P-CC. 0.1E, 4.5K.
    Direct neural control over all kind of cyber gear.

    Foot Anchor
    Legal. 0.4E, 14K.
    (Str-1)M battle damage. (10+5*BR/Foot) grip on surfaces, maximum BR 8.

    Cyber Torso
    Legal. 1.5E, 120K.
    +1 Bod. 1/2 essence loss for Str/Qui enhancement of cyber limbs.

    Cyber Skull
    Legal. 0.75E, 75K.
    +1 Bod. Protection for internal head systems.

    Cyber Armor
    6P/5P-CA. No essence. Standard: 10K/L +L/L armor. Hardened: 25K/L, +L/L armor, counts as dual armor.

    Arm Mounted Weapon
    3P-CC. No essence. 3.2K.
    Needs cyber arm. Hands are free. Holds weapon up to MP.

    Shoulder Mounted Weapon
    3P-CC. No essence. 24K.
    Needs cyber torso. 10° blocked by head. Holds weapon up to AR. Recoil -3.

    Back Mounted Weapon
    2P-CC. 0.25E, 110K.
    Needs cyber torso. 360°. Holds up to LMG. Recoil -3.


    Bone Lacing
    6P-CA/B/C. Plastik: 0.5E, 7.5K, +1 Bod, Aluminium: 1.15E, 25K, +1 Bod, +0/1 armor, Titanium: 2.25E, 75K, +2 Bod, +1/1 armor.
    Unarmed battle (Str+L)M stun or ((Str+L)/2)M phys attack. Metal detectors work. Bending possible. +L*5 kg weight. BR is 4+2*L.

    Dermal Sheeting
    6/6/5P-CA. L*0.7E, 24/60/140K, MaxL 3.
    +(L+1) Bod. +L/2 impact armor. Less visible than dermal plating.

    Dermal Sheeting Color Controller
    6P-CA. 0.1E, 32K.
    Camouflage colors. Work like camo clothing.

    RigIt Booster
    Legal. 0.5E, 25K.
    +1 Ref, -1 Hdg if plugged into vehicle. Cumulative with reflex boostings.

    Reaction Enhancer
    6P-CC. L*0.3E, L*60K, MaxL 6.
    +L Rea. Incompatible to MoveByWire and Adrenal Pump.

    Move By Wire
    3P-CC. 1.15+L*1.35E, 250/500/1250/3000K, MaxL 4.
    +L Qui/athletics/stealth. +L*2 Rea. +L Ref.

    Air Tank
    Legal. 0.25E, 1.2K.
    20 min breath. Needs 5 min to fill up.


    Zeiss Cybereyes
    Legal. L1: 0.15E, 31K, cyber eye + light amp, flash compensation, L2: 0.15E, 40K, +infrared, L3: 0.3E, 79K, +distance measure, electronic mag (3), L4: 0.6E, 98K, +Camera, L5: 1.0E, 169K, +internal transmitter, CCD recorder, ultraviolet.
    The better choice. Durability like alpha ware.

    Eye Lamps
    Legal. 0.2E, 1.2K.
    Minimal light spots into perception area. No shadows. You can see them, they cant see you until direct looking into your eye.

    Eye Flash
    7I-CB. 0.4E, 1.2K.
    Flashpack in eyes. No effect on user. 1K per flash.

    Audiotek Cyberears
    Legal. L1: 0.7E, 65K, cyber ears + amp, damper, high freq, internal transmitter, recorder, L2: 1.0E, 120K, +low freq, selective filter (5).
    Bulkware. Durability like alpha ware.

    Noise Locator
    Legal. 0.2E, 1.2K.
    -2 TN for listen to locate something.

    Balance Enhancer
    Legal. 0.4E, 14K.
    -2 TN for ahtletics with balance. -2 TN for resisting knockdown.

    Chemical Analyzer
    Legal. 0.2E, 2.5K/L, MaxL 6.
    Roll analyzing with (L+2) D. Needs display or datajack for output. Needs only small portion of chemical.

    Gas Analyzer
    Legal. 0.2E, 2K/L, MaxL 6.
    Roll analyzing with (L+2) D. Needs display or datajack for output.

    Olfactory Booster
    Legal. 0.2E, 1K/L, MaxL 6.
    +L D for scent perception. +L/3 D for taste perception. Can be switched off.

    Subdermal Radio Speaker+Receiver
    Legal. 0.2E, 1.5K.
    Radio accessoir. +4 TN for eavesdropper (when speaking). Reception is unhearable.

    Cybercomm Link
    5-CB. 0.4E, 62K.
    Radio accessoir. Speaking like telepathy. Telepathic words = normal word^2 per round.


    Legal. L1: 0.50E, 15K, L2: 0.75E, 40K, L3: 1.50E, 75K, L4: 1.75E, 115K.
    +((L+1) div 2) Int. +(L-1) D for tech/know/b&r skills. Int^Rea.

    Tactic System
    4-CB/CC. L1: 3.5E, 350K, L2: 4.0E, 900K.
    Tracking system. MaxMarks = Int+L+NumOf perception systems (+2 for orientation system). MaxMark D for locking targets (Reach like Shotgun). +(NumOf successes) D for battle action against locked targets. +L D for tactic skills. +L Rea. Condition: Rea <= MaxRea.

    Orientation System
    Legal. 0.5E, 15K.
    3D map system. Needs datajack. Map price from 0.250K to 1K.

    Skillwires Plus
    Legal/6/4P-CB. L1-3: L*0.1E, L*15K, L4-6: L*0.2E, L*125K, L7-9: L*0.3E, L*1000K.
    Can work on more than one skillsoft. Added SoftL up do L*2. Only soft with level L usable.

    Skill Linker
    Legal. 0.1+L*0.05E, (2^(L-1))K, MaxL 4.
    L chip ports. Special SLD = Mp/100. No effect on SLD.


    Legal. 0.05+L*0.05E, (2^(L-2))K, MaxL 4.
    L*25 DFR/Round. (DFR: Data Flow Rate).

    Corona Datajack
    Legal. DB Science: 0.35E, 4.5K, Comp 8 Mp, DB Archive: 0.3/0.35/0.45/0.8E, 6/8/10.5/15K, 10/20/50/100 Mp, DB Business: 0.4E, 6.5K, 20 Mp
    All have integrated nano display, worldtime clock.

    Eye Datajack
    4U-CD. 0.2+L*0.05E, L*2.2K, MaxL 4.
    Needs cyber eyes. Pressure on iris opens jack port.

    Optic Emitter Plug
    3U-CD. 0.3E, 5.5+2.5/Eye K.
    Needs eye datajack. Emitter in station plug sends information per laser into eye plug.

    Induction Datajack
    Legal. 0.15+L*0.05E, 1.5/3/6/12K, MaxL 4.
    Not visible. Works like normal datajack. Needs station plug as receiver.

    Legal. Mp/300E, Mp*0.150K.
    SLD = MpUsed/250.

    SPU (Data Management)
    Legal. 0.05+L*0.05E, 9.5/19/28.5/38K, MaxL 4.
    +L*25% mem capacity. +0/1/1/2 SLD.

    SPU (I/O)
    Legal. 0.05+L*0.05E, 5/7.5/12.5/22.5K, MaxL 4.
    IO Rate = 2^(L-1). -IOR SLD, -IOR SSLD. Needs encephalon.

    SPU (Math)
    Legal. 0.05+L*0.05E, 2/5/11/23K, MaxL 4.
    +L D for math skill. +L/2 D for tech/know skill. +L/2 D hacking pool.


    4-CD. 0.1+L/10E, L^3*0.2+1.25K, MaxL Int*1.5.
    MaxProgL = L.

    4-CD. 0.3E, L^2*(L1-3: 1/L4-6: 5/L7-9: 10)K, MaxL 75% MPCP.
    Contains Bod/Evasion/Mask/Sensor. Added level of all = L*4.

    4-CD. 0.3E, MPCP^2*L^4*2 nY, MaxL MPCP/2.
    L automatic successes at pre-resistance roll. Not usable for resistance roll itself.

    Deck Memory
    Legal. Mp/300E, Mp*150 nY.
    MaxMp (RAM) = MPCP*50. MaxMp (HD) = MPCP*100. DFR = MPCP*5.

    4-CD. 0.1E, MPCP*L*75 nY, MaxL MPCPx10.
    IO Rate = L. DFR cannot be increased.

    Reaction Booster
    4-CD. 0.2E, MPCP^2*L^2*0.1K, MaxL MPCP/4.
    +L*2 Rea. +L Ref.

    Feedback Safeguard
    Legal. 0.05E, 4K.
    No shock if thrown out. No effect at black ice.

    Program Carrier
    4-CD. 0.25E, 10K.
    Uses Evasion/Mask/Sensor chips stuck on it (buy extra). Bod = Wil. MPCP = (Wil + Chips) / 3. No programs available.