Shadowrun Bioware

Written down by Kai Ruhl

  • Brain
  • Killer
  • Robustness
  • Health
  • Social
  • Bod(y)
    maximum level
    nature essence
    k nuyen
    target number
    damage level
    A may increase B


    Cerebral Booster
    Neural, Legal. L1: 0.4E, 50K, L2: 0.8E, 110K.
    +L Int. +(L-1)D for tech/know/b&r skills. Int^Rea.

    Mnemonic Enhancer
    Neural, Legal. 0.2E/L, 15K/L, MaxL 3.
    +L D for memory. +L/2 D for know/lang skill. +L karma for learning skills.

    Synaptic Accelerator
    Neural, 5P-BB. L1: 0.3E, 75K, L2: 1.6E, 200K.
    +L D Ref. Incompatible to cyber reflexes of any kind.

    Pain Editor
    Neural, 6P-BA. 0.6E, 60K
    +1 Wil, -1 Int. No penalty for stun damage, no knockout. All nerves inactive. Switch included. +4 TN touch perception.

    Damage Compensator
    Neural, 6P-BA. L1-2: 0.2E/L, 25K/L, L3-5: 0.2E/L, 50K/L, L6-9: 0.2E/L, 100K/L
    No penalties for phys and stun damage til level. For perceiving own wounds roll perception(6) or biotech(2).

    Reflex Recorder
    Neural, Legal. Fullskill: 0.25E, 25K, Concentration: 0.1E, 10K.
    +1 D for one action/vehicle skill. Incompatible to skill wires.

    Sleep Regulator
    Neural, Legal. 0.3E, 20K.
    4h sleep per night suffice. 48h awake apiece without penalties.


    Adrenal Pump
    Endocrine, 5P-BA. L1: 1.25E, 60K, L2: 2.5E, 100K.
    +L Qui/Str/Wil. +L*2 Rea. Roll L D for rounds of activity. After that roll Bod against (Rounds/2)D stun. Load time 9+1D mins. Part loaded activity time is L D roll /2, afterdamage (Rounds)D stun on Bod. Rule of one: Deadly cardiac arrest. (De)Activation per Wil(6) roll. Phys damage automagically releases pump.

    Suprathyroid Gland
    Endocrine, 6P-BB. 1.4E, 50K.
    +1 Bod/Qui/Str/Rea. Qui^Rea. Must take +100% food. +40% lifestyle cost. -1 infrared signature (-1 TN for perception).

    Enhanced Articulation
    Structure, Legal. 0.6E, 40K.
    +1 Rea. +1 D for all action skills. Flowing movement.

    Muscle Augmentation
    Structure, 4P-BC/D. 0.4E/L, 20K/L, MaxL 4.
    +L Str. Cannot be seen (unlike muscle enhancement).

    Muscle Toner
    Structure, 4P-BC/D. 0.4E/L, 25K/L, MaxL 4.
    +L Qui. Qui^Rea. -L/2 TN for escape artist. Cannot be seen.

    Dermal, 5P-BA. L1: 0.5E, 25K, +0/1 amor, L2: 1.0E, 60K, +1/1 armor, L3: 1.5E, 100K, +1/2 armor.
    +L TN for touch perception. Incompatible to dermal plating. No scars possible. Cannot be seen.

    Chemical Gland
    Endocrine, 5-Q. 0.6E, 30K.
    Only 1 toxin. Self resist this toxin with 2*Bod. 24h to build 1 dose, max 5. Spit: Reach is Bod/2 m, roll Qui(4+1/m) to hit. Exhale: Choke setting 2. Coating: Can coat a cyber blade weapon.


    Extended Volume
    Pneumatic, Legal. L1: 0.2E, 8K, -1 TN, L2: 0.3E, 15K, -1 TN, L3: 0.4E, 25K, -2 TN.
    -L TN for stamina tests. +L*45 secs additional breath in lungs.

    Circulation, Legal. L1: 0.2E, 6K, L2: 0.3E, 15K.
    +L D for athletics/platelet factory fail/cardiac arrest rolls.

    Trauma Damper
    Neural, 6P-BA. 0.4E, 40K.
    -1 damage box for stun, 1 box shifted from phys to stun for phys damage. -2 TN for pain, +2 TN for torturers. Not active if Pain Editor/Damage Compensator active.

    Platelet Factory
    Circulation, Legal. 0.4E, 30K.
    -1 damage box for phys damage greater equal middle. Person must take coagulation pill 2* per day (25yen/dose), otherwise Bod(3+days) roll. If fail then cardiac arrest, phys and stun deadly.

    Circulation, Legal. L1: 0.4E, 15K, +50% Food, 90% Heal, L2: 0.7E, 35K, +70% Food, 70% Heal, L3: 1.0E, 60K,+100% Food, 50% Heal.
    Decrease healing time both stun and phys. Person must eat more often. Cumulative to Suprathyroid Gland.

    Metabolic Arrester
    Circulation, Legal. 0.6E, 20K.
    Slows by factor 5 when dead. Incompatible with Suprathyroid Gland or Adrenal Pump.


    Digestive Expansion
    Circulation, Legal. 1.0E, 80K.
    Eat anything. -20% lifestyle costs. Ingested toxins PN/2. -1D for smell/taste.

    Nephritic Screen
    Organ, Legal. 0.4E, 20K.
    +1 D for toxins/virii. -1 DL of toxins/virii.

    Tracheal Filter
    Pneumatic, Legal. 0.4E/L, 60K/L, MaxL Bod.
    -L/2 DL of gases.

    Toxin Extractor
    Hephatic, Legal. 0.4E/L, 45K/L, MaxL Bod.
    -L/2 DL of toxins in blood circulation.

    Virus Filter
    Lymphatic, Legal. 0.2E/L, 24K/L, MaxL Bod.
    -L/2 DL of virii in blood circulation.


    Cat's Eyes
    Visual, Legal. 0.2E, 15K.
    Natural lowlight vision.Glow in the dark.

    Thermosense Organs
    Neural, Legal. 0.5E, 25K.
    Natural infrared within 10 meters.

    Tailored Pheromones
    Dermal, Legal. L1: 0.4E, 20K, L2: 0.6E, 45K.
    +L Cha/social skill. 1/2 effect on races other than own. Reach 15m. No magic effects. L*2 for cultivated pheros. Effects only individuals with intact olfactories.