Jonny Zen, Troll Archer

Personal Data

Jonny Zen

274 cm, 274 kg

Combat Pool

11 (14)
4 (8)



Bio Index
6 (11+3W)

Characterization & Quotes

"Howdy, pardner."
"Concentrate. Focus. Let your mind fly."
"Can you explain that again?"
"According to Security Guidelines, we shall..."
"That's too complicated for me."
"Step aside, paperboy."

Former quota troll at some japanese corporation; as such, vastly surgically beautified. The face symmetric, the two horns symmetric with reliefs, the 2 tusks symmetric with silver engravings. Worked for the black ops department, can handle heavy weapons. Always dresses in tres chic suits and tries to comply to some "style". Has difficulties understanding complex matters but thinks clear and fast.

Skills, Edges and Flaws

Combat Projectiles (Bows) 7, Pistols 6, Heavy Weapons 6, Launchers 4, Unarmed (Karate) 7
Physical Athletics 4, Stealth (Sneaking) 7
Technical Computer 4, Demolitions 3
Vehicle Car 4, Bike 3, Airships 3
Social Etiquette 4, Intimidation 3
Knowlegde Zen 4, Archery 4, Military Theory (Small Unit Tactics) 4, Security Guidelines (Corporate) 4, Security Warfare 4, Magic Theory 3
Languages American 3, Japanese 3
Edges Rapid Healing (+2), Common Sense (+2), Orientation (+1), Good Reputation (+1)
Flaws Obvious Appearance (-1), Severe Allergy against Platin (-4), Forced Action: Security Guidelines Follower (-1)

Connections & Enemies

Seattle Fixer Anna Blade (2), Ork Streetdoc Carl Landsberg (2), Dwarf Mechanic Tamara Ryan (2), Troll Weapon Specialist Quang Ho (2), Corporate Biotech Scientist Viktor Krum (2), Troll Policeman Lt. Richard "Dick" Osborne, Ork Military Cmdr. Neil Taco, Elf Travel Reporter Valeria Dragov, Barkeeper Jack Grand (2), Ork Combat Decker Sabretooth (2), Corporate Magical Scientist Pia Drummond (2), Troll Karate Teacher Emma Norham (2), Elf Media Producer Beverly Sangrian, Dragon Fixer Lichtklaue, Yakuza Boss Kamuri (2), Gang Tibet Monks, Fixer Long Lu, Yakuza Boss Katakumura
World Tokyo Streetdoc Keisuke Tochiro, Tokyo Fixer Eiji Yoshiguma, München Gargoyles Guardians, München Fixer Heiße Würstchen
Team Ork Streetsam Talker, Elf Covert Agent Pi Napoli, Tech Prios, Elf Mage Detective Lime, Fighter Sandstorm, Dwarf Streetsam Grinner
Enemy Mafia Don Fat Toni
SIN Accountant Gerald Jackson, corporate jerk at Ares and hobby archer. Level 6.
Bodyguard Eugene Tomalek, cyber/bio and pistol permit. Level 10.

Cyber & Bioware

Smartlink II
Reflexbooster 2 + Trigger
Titanium Bone Lacing


Electronic Vision Magnification 3


Orthoskin 3
Muscle Toner 4
Mnemomic Enhancer 3
Enhanced Articulation




Computer Cyberdeck Allegiance Sigma (14K), small Bag of Programs 3 (16K).
Chips German 3, Russian 3, Chinese 3 (1350Y)
Surveillance Optical Binoculars (100Y), Laser Mic 6 (9K), Shotgun Mic 6 (6K).
Countermeasure Bug Scanner 6 (3K), White Noise Generator 6 (9K), Gas Detection System 6 (6K).
Abduction Plasteel Handcuffs in LoneStar white (50Y), with Mage Mask (150Y).
Medical Medkit 3 (200Y), Survival Kit (100Y), Antidote 8 (400Y), Stimulant 6 (150Y), Trauma Patch (500Y).
Organizer Pocket Computer with 200 mp (1K), Vidphone (100Y), Mini Camera (1K), GPS (700Y).
Break & Enter Mercenary Climbing Suit (-10 TN for climbing; 1K), Plastiglass Flex with grip (500Y), Microtronics Kit (3K), Wire Clippers (25Y).
Special Tibetan Safehouse Amulet, Truck Spraying Varnish, DocWagon Platin

Places & Safehouses

the flat is in downtown seattle. in the midst of a good guarded middle class neighbourhood of towers near the central vehicle market, it comprises of half of one complete level in one of the towers. this is a good place to live in anonymity as well as in the centre of the city. the vehicle market nearby is a hidden mecca of illegal deals - between car sales and junk yards the police has only limited say. the flat itself is secured by a maglock 6 (eye iris and pin code) and has a single ares lmg (vgas4) sentry to guard the entrance area and the first room. the underground garage has accommodation for extra long vehicles like the truck.
located in an lower class ork and troll area in the redmond barrens, the cellar features a going-down entry for the truck with radio-operated shutters, autarkic lighting, a ares hmg (vgas4) sentry that reaches every position in the cellar, some comfortable sofas and a vehicle workshop (level 2). the whole place looks like a working place and was once designed as such. loads of old drone parts lie in shelves along the walls, and well-locked cabinets close away the equipment.
spread throughout seattle, the tibetan safehouses can only be entered by showing the tibetan amulet once gained for the rescue of the panchen lama. while physical security is low, the society can be trusted as level 2 connections.


GMC 4210 Series TruckGMC-4201 Series Truck (75K/1) with hidden armor 5 (10K/3.5) and only stearable with datajack link. hdg 3 (2), spd 85, acc 3, bod 6, amr 0 (5), sig 2, pil 2, 130 FU. A big "home" button for cases of severe drunkeness, a promille sniffer helps the system decide (1K/special). Troll bucket seat (2K/1), 8 spot lights (4800Y/1.5), anti theft 6 with electric shock (4400Y/1.25), enviroseal (6K/2.5) with 50 hours life sustainment (5500Y/2.5), armored dual tires (7K/1). Chameleon coating (5K/1.5) and smart numberplates (5K/2).
Mercedes E160Mercedes E160 (54K/1) only stearable with datajack link. hdg 4 (3), spd 115, acc 8, bod 3, amr 3, sig 3, pil 1, 5 FU. Troll bucket seat (2K/1), anti theft 6 with electric shock (4400Y/1.25), armored dual tires (4K/1). Chameleon coating (5K/1.5) and smart numberplates (5K/2).
BMW BlitzenBMW Blitzen 2050 (26K/1) only stearable with datajack link. hdg 3, spd 220, acc 13, bod 2, amr 2, sig 1, pil 2, 2 FU. Troll reinforced seat (1200Y/1), anti theft 6 with electric shock (4400Y/1.25), armored dual tires (1400Y/1). Chameleon coating (5K/1.5) and smart numberplates (5K/2).
Aerodesign CondorAeroDesign Condor (9K/1). hdg 4 (3), spd 60, acc 3, bod 2, amr 0, sig 10, pil 1, 1 FU. Surveillance gear (5K): Shotgun microphone, micro camcorder, micro computer 1000mp.

Clothing & Armor

Form-fitting armorFull-body Form Fitting Armor (2K/1) a:4/1 c:12 with chemical seal 4 (1K/1), Hood with earplug radio (150Y/1) and throat mic (600Y/1), Forearm Guards a:0/1 c:12 (250Y/0.75), Groin Protector a:8/6 c:14 (150Y/1), black combat Boots (200Y), thin black riffling Gloves (100Y), rayban Sunglasses (100Y).
Security CoatMortimer Of London "Ulysses" [M] (chem:4, water:4) Security Coat (4K/0.75) a:4/2 c:10. Black "Joe Average" [J] Security Coat a:4/2 c:10 (650Y/0.9) with chem:4 (1K/1), fire:4 (400Y/1) and elec:4 (800Y/1). Both increase concealability of worn items by 50%.
Tres Chic SuitZoé grey conservative corporate suit "Futura" a:3/2 c:13 (4K/0.75). The Tie (100Y) is clippable and the sound-dampened Armanté Business Shoes (200Y) selfclosable, yet everything is concealed to look like a perfectly normal suit. Thin grey Leather Gloves (100Y) and mirrored rectangular Spectacles (100Y) complete the picture.
Squatter CoatSquatter Long Coat a:4/2 c:16; specky hood, ingrained dirt. For instant disguise & disgust. Comes with small bottles to release synthahol and vomit stinks. 500Y/1.

Arms & Weapons

Ranger-X-BowRanger-X-Bow (1200Y/2) with internal smart2 (x2.5) and rangefinder (150Y/0.8), completely in black but with a bright "Archery X Club Med" sticker on it (easily removeable and reattachable). d:(St+4)M, c:3, r:1s,10s,30s,60s, m:ss. Concealable quick draw Arrow Quiver Holster (150Y/0.75) with space for 40 arrows. c:5.
Ranger-X-Arrow Ranger-X-Arrows [A] (18Y/1) with explosive [E] heads (10Y/1), EX explosive [X] heads (60Y/2), incendiary [I] heads (50Y/2), hammerhead [H] heads (10Y/1).
Survival KnifeSurvival Knife (450Y/1) with compass, micro lighter, night glowstick and trauma patch. A small phiole with narcoject for the blade. Painted black. d:(St+2)L, c:6, r:0.
Narcojet PistolNarcojet Pistol (600Y/2) with internal smart2 (x2.5) in med-white, made by Ares Arms. Legal. Only evade, no pools in Bo(6T) of target. d:6T, c:7, r:5,15,30,50, m:sa, a:5.
Ares PredatorMicro Flare LauncherAres Predator III with builtin smart2 (650Y/1) and rangefinder (150Y/0.8) in black. d:9M, c:5, r:5,20,40,60, m:sa, a:15. Top-mounted Micro Flare Launcher (50Y/1) in black. Legal, impact-burning, lights one house block. d:5M, c:6, r:4,40,120,240.
MGL Grenade PistolMGL-6 Grenade Pistol (1600Y/3) with internal smart2 (x2.5) and grenade link (750Y/2). Painted black. d:10S, c:6, r:50,100,150,300, m:sa, a:6. Concealable quick draw holster (150Y/0.57). One always holds offensive grenades, the other flash and smoke grenades.
Net PistolWilliams Net Pistol (1150Y/2), large version with smart2 (x2.5) in med-white. Legal in most situations. +1 on dodge for each size difference (dwarf, human, troll). Trapped when attackers successes exceed half Q of victim. Str(8) needs 2x successes of attacker to get free. d:0, c:3, r:5,20,40,60, m:ss, a:4.
Grapple GunGrapple Gun (450Y/2) with internal smart2 (x2.5). d:5M, c:7, r:5,15,40,60. Catalyst stick (120Y/2) and 400m self-decomposing stealth line [A] (340Y/3).
Ares MP-LMGAres MP-LMG (2200Y/2) with smart2 (800Y/2), vgas4 (1K/1), shockpad (200Y/0.75) and hip pad (250Y/1) painted black. d:7S, c:0, r:75,200,400,800, m:bf,fa, a:50; Underbarrel Grenade Launcher (1700Y/3) with smart2 (800Y/2), grenade link (750Y/2) and rangefinder (150Y/0.8). d:10S, c:6, r:50,100,150,300, m:ss, a:6.
Stoner-Ares GPHMGStoner-Ares GPHMG (5200Y/3) with smart2 (800Y/2), vgas4 (1K/1), shockpad (200Y/0.75), and hip pad (250Y/1) or max-gyro7 (7800Y/1), painted black. d:10S, c:0, r:80,250,800,1500, m:fa, a:40; Underbarrel Grenade Launcher (1700Y/3) with smart2 (800Y/2), grenade link (750Y/2) and rangefinder (150Y/0.8). d:10S, c:6, r:50,100,150,300, m:ss, a:6.
Panther Assault CannonPanther Cannon (7200Y/2) with smart2 (800Y/2) and rangefinder (150Y/0.8), painted black. d:18T, c:0, r:50,150,450,1200, m:ss, a:50. Underbarrel Grenade Launcher (1700Y/3) with smart2 (800Y/2), grenade link (750Y/2) and rangefinder (150Y/0.8). d:10S, c:6, r:50,100,150,300, m:ss, a:6.
AmmunitionAmmunition. Narcojet darts (20Y/1) [N], cannon shots (45Y/2) [C], regular ammo (2Y/1.75) [R], EX explosive rounds (10Y/1.5) [X], gel rounds (3Y/1) [G], micro flares (75Y/1) [F].
GrenadesExplosives and mini grenades. Offensive mini (60Y/3) [O]. d:10S, s:1m. AFR-7 Flash mini (80Y/2) [F]. d:5L, s:5m. Within 30m everyone gets +6 to sight for 5 rounds; bo(5) reduces at S/2 rounds. White Phosperous mini (240Y/4) [W]. d:14M/10L, r:15m. Burns 15 turns. Smoke (30Y/2) against Laser [S]. d:0, r:20m. Lasts 2 turns. C4 Plastic Explosive (80Y/1) [P]. d:6(kg)T, c:6, s:6m.