Saint, Elf Samurai Shaman

Kai Ruhl
Miguel Baine
Samurai Shaman
Nightelf, male
Owl Shaman
193 cm, 82 kg
Seattle, UCAS


Saint PortraitBody: Tall, wiry and toroughly trained, fast and elegant, similar to some sort of Antonio Banderas with elven ears and big eyes. Very thin black fur covers the whole body and face, striped with thin dark blue lines everywhere, giving him a flashy tiger style. Looks like a tough street fighter, experienced through many battles and tragedies. Elegant but hardlined face with big innocent sky blue eyes that look always cold, sharp nose, short black hair with blue stripes like the body hair, high spanish cheek bones. The whole face is covered with the same thin fur as the rest of the body. Ambidextrous.

Spirit: Dark, cold, calm, experienced, street wise, never doubts what he is doing, courageous, strong honor codex like any street samurai. Cyber is cool for him, and he likes the matrix, unlike many other shamans. Firearms specialist. Views the world as battlefield and a hunters playground.

Wisdom is the highest priority on his list, greatly aided by his fotographic memory. In his mind, he is the street and the street is him, and he never hesistates to conjure help from the city. A dark hunter in the sprawl, he kills when neccessary, but he always asks the spirits of the plex for their advice and opinion. It just feels better.

Weaknesses: Terrible behaviour at day, aggressive beast-of-prey attitude, sometimes too spirit oriented.

Magic: A shamanic conjurer. His totem Owl gives him great power at night when his race comes alive. At day Owl is as helpless as he is. Following her ways, Saint is a elegant hunter and a reticent keeper of dark secrets.

Clothing: Completely black. Black tailored security underwear combine with black combat boots and black imitation leather gloves. Over all a black kevlar duster with many inner pockets and holsters. Saint never wears hats to cover his head, being too proud of his night elven race and descent to hide. This isnt the guy to mess with.

Weapons: Two weapons, a pistol and an assault rifle. The Browning Ultra Power heavy pistol with integrated laser marker, internal smart, is the ideal weapon through superiour concealability. And for the heavy runs, there is always the Colt M22A2 assault rifle with integral grenade launcher, internal smart and with enhanced gas recoil compensation. Saint has no close combat weapons. His Aikido ability is enuf to defeat any foe. Of course, these techniques could always be improved with the right teacher.

Born in the puyallup barrens as the last of eight children of spanish elven immigrants, Saint was the first anomaly to appear among his family. Nonetheless his family didnt reject him - they had seen enuf about human ignorance in the past to know that almost everything is normal. And as he acted and behaved like a normal kid, no one seemed to see a problem. His brothers and sisters were all his protectors, willing to beat up anyone who dared to make a fun of their "special" brother. Most of the time they all spent together with the neighbourhood kids playing on the street, protected by the local spanish gang El Dios, consisting only of spanish people, whatever their race.

Saint's parents took care of their kids learning reading and writing and learning a school equivalent, as they knew that without knowledge there would be no future. Saint and his siblings learned fast and diligently, being called the "brains" by everyone - until they prooved their fighting ability. The oldest siblings were already members of El Dios, thus protecting the kids against any random gang or police raid.

With 9 years Saint was old enuf to hold a knife - and to join the gang. He decided to be a thief, as he had developed a lot of natural abilities. Aided by his fotographic memory, his orientation sense and his gum joints, there was no place where he couldnt go. Ambidexterity allowed him to use all things with equal ease even in the most wicked situations, and his inner clock let him never miss the right occasion. He stole a lot - weapons, drugs and valuables, and he even spied after the enemy gangs with all his courage, making him a valuable gang scout even at that early age. He played around with the firearms and had much fun with them.

When Saint became 11 years he switched slowly from a spy to an assassin. He already had exceptional firearms skills as he always had held some weapons back and trained secretly with them, and competing against the ever-threatening mafia was now his primary game. Having the perfect body and mental abilites for that kind of job, it was no wonder that not much later the Yakuza contacted him to take some mafia members down silently. Saint agreed, and secretly before his parents and his gang he earned a lot of money from these assassination jobs. One year later he quit this activity as the street began to rumor about the "kid assassin".

At age 13 Saint had become a fully accepted gang member. His pistols and aussault rifle skills were astonishing. The other gang members who always had accepted him as something special, called him the "swat cop" due to his use of heavy weapons and refusal of brutal close combat techniques. It was this time when he met the mysterious Beatrice Dumont for the first time. She taught him a lot about style and magic, and as Saint was very eager for knowledge, he spent some time of every day at her. His parents were pleased by such a good kid. Saint stopped unneccessary killing due to her influence.

With 14 years Owl came to call him. Every night he could hear her cry among the skies. He started to see things that couldnt be seen, discovered the astral plane and, with Beatrice's help, he conjured his first hearth spirit. His whole view of the world changed, and Saint suddenly discovered that life was in everything of the plex. Wherever he came, he called the spirits of the place to aid and to talk to him. It was a wonderful new dimension.

Then, the Spiders came. Somehow they had managed to know about his gold allergy flaw, and with a quick strike, they kidnapped him in order to brainwash and enlist him in their gang. Fortunately, El Dios didnt sleep. 6 hours later the whole gang assaulted the Spiders hideout, using industrial explosives to burn the place. When they were finished, the few Spiders gangers lungering at that place were dead, and Saint was rescued. However the Spiders had done serious damage. Until today Saint has flashbacks whenever seeing someone stuck in a web, and a light arachnophobia remains. Inexplicably, the Spiders never wrecked revenge upon El Dios.

One year later Saint was a psychotic and aggressive killer who only gradually became a bit calmer. Owl would need another two years of whispering her wisdom to him to bring him back to humanity, and the regular meets with Beatrice did also help. With his deadly firearms precision, Saint killed a lot of people in these days. A mysterious exception was the swat cop Nicolas Turtle. Although a much hated and feared executioner in the puyallup barrens, they both ended up many times with the gun pointing towards the other heads, but somehow no one ever pulled the trigger. With Owl's help, Saint met the surprised Nicolas in his preferred jazz bar. At this day, a close friendship started, eventually bringing Saint back on the way of sanity.

At age 15 the great war against the mafia began. The don had decided that this area had to be controlled at any price, and the mafia began to raid the whole district. El Dios engaged in resistance. A bloody trail ran through the area. Two of Saint's brother were killed. Saint shot mafia members too many to count. Nicolas, who always had wanted to get out of Lone Star and become a freelancer, left the corp and engaged as a street samurai on his side. The mafia killer Mario was sent to assassinate him. A street spirit warned Saint, and after dancing naked on their tables and being treated by their women in a most sexual way, the bloody pack of meat formerly known as Mario was delivered to the don. The war waged three weeks, erasing half of El Dios and bringing painful losses for the don, until the yakuza took advantage of the situation and dispelled the mafia. Saint and Nicolas joined some yakuza operations as external technicians, working as shadowrunners side by side for three years.

Then, as Saint was 19, Nicolas got out of biz; he had managed his final run with loads of cash to burn and now retired to be a fixer. Beatrice continued teaching him along with some other pupils. Saint left the gang and his home completely, now living on his own. All of the work was done, and he was free to start his own life. Eventually he left yakuza business too.

At this time Saint is a deadly assassin with the ghosts as his allies. Owl guards his ways. Nicolas watches his back. Beatrice guides his way. Mario wants his ass. Destiny awaits.

Body Stats


Pools, Initiation, Edges and Flaws

Pools:   Combat 10, Astral 10, Spell 5
Initation: None
Edges: Ambidexterity (+2), Concentration (+2), Gum Joints (+1), Courage (+1), Orientation (+1), Fotographic Memory (+3), Inner Clock (+1)
Flaws: Light Sunlight Allergy (-0), Serious Gold Allergy (-4), Flashbacks (-4), Light Arachnophobia (-2), Obvious Style (-1)
Totem: +2 During Night, -2 During Day


Combat:   Pistols 6, Assault Rifles 6, Unarmed (Aikido) 3
Physical: Stealth 6
Magic: Sorcery 6, Conjuring 6
Social: Etiquette 2, Intimidation 2
Vehicle: Bike 2, Car 2
Knowlegde: Magic Background 5, Medicine 5, Firearm Background 4, Gang Identification 4, Criminal Organizations 4, Safehouse Locations 4, Poetry 4
Languages: Spanish 4, American 5


Combat:   Stunball 5+1 (-1N+1)
Healing: Heal 5+1 (N)
Detection: Detect Individual 5 (+1M)
Illusion: Improved Invisibility 5 (+1M)
Manipulation: Physical Barrier 5+1 (+2S), Levitate 5+1 (+2M)


Smartlink alpha (0.4)




browning ultra power (9M, C:6, R:5/20/40/60, A:10, M:sa, E:laser), smart
walther pb-120 (6L, C:8, R:5/15/30/50, A:10, M:sa, E:shockpad), smart
colt m22a2 (8M, C:3, R:15/40/100/250, A:40, M:sa/bf/fa, E:grenade), smart, vgas 2, shockpad

ultra security clothing (4/1) (C:10), chemo 4, thermo 4, water proof, black combat boots (concealable holster), black riffling gloves
long city camouflage duster (4/2) (C:8), enuf room to replace backpack, water proof, concealable holster

leather necklace with carved 5 wood pieces (spell fetishes)

eye protective covers, chrome mirrored
round sunglasses, mirrored, 3D allround sight
earplug unit cellphone (C:8), black

drugs: trauma damper (2 shells)
credstick: 24600 nuyen


Harley Scorpion Turbo (Hdg 3/4, Spd 204, B 6, A 3, Sig 5, Pil 2, CF 4), suspension 2, body 3, passive aura mask 4


NicolasNicolas Turtle: street samurai and fixer. male human, 28 years, american. 180 cm, 110 kg, broad, heavy, very musculous and trained to the ass. he has the best body mods one can buy, including muscle replacement of the highest grade available. hardlined face, big snub nose, chrome cybereyes, short grey hair, natural looking cyber ears, hard lines of combat experience around his eyes and mouth. his face tells of a tough life with many tragedies. he still wears the only clothing that fits to him: the leather lone star uniform he used to wear when he was young.
calm, wise and experienced. life was good times and bad times, and he has come through it. Nicolas is interested in medicine, cybertechnology and chemistry. he is a delighted combat biker and a Seattle Sabers fan. he also traines a lot with weightlifting to maintain his body form. in his spare time he likes reading old greek philosophy. he lives in an upper class appartment in a tower, on the 120th floor. the whole floor is his property. half of it is living area, the other half business area.
Nicolas was a Lone Star elite cop whose destiny it was to meet Saint again and again on the street. each time one held the gun at the others head, but no one ever had the heart to pull off. and one time, they met in a bar, and a strange friendship developed. Nicolas left Lone Star when he was 24 to be a prime samurai, and Saint helped him to get used to the street way of life. they often worked together in a team, and as Nicolas retired he had all to become a excellent fixer. all the time they both knew something magic was between them, but there is still no logic reason to trust each other. somehow however they both know they would sacrifice their lives for the other one.
BeatriceBeatrice Dumont: lynx shaman, magic teacher and talismonger. female human, 30 years, french-american. 170 cm, 50 kg, slender, delicate and very elegant. very feminine with seductive figure. long fox-red hair, brown eyes, always perfect make-up, smooth and lightly browned skin, sharp snub nose, small ears. uncybered. always wearing a golden long thight dress and nothing else. she has never been seen outside her house, an old villa inherited from her parents. an army of lynx's seems to life inside. brown and golden arrangements dominate, with a obvious orientation towards royal french art. large rooms build only for magic exists everywhere.
cool, mysterious and a bit arrogant, she only works with a limited number of people, and lucky are those who are among them. she is concentrated on magic, especially free spirits, and is rumored to know at least one of them. besides she likes lyrics and dancing. it is said she lives together with a lynx shapeshifter as her husband.
in his youth, as everyone except his gang threw despise on Saint, Beatrice was the only one that could see his gift. perhaps a spirit had told her. however, a few days later a city spirit escorted Saint to her house, and after she had talked with him at length about life and philosophy, she decided to be his teacher. from this time on, Saint learned the ways of the spirits, etiquette, art and style. in all this time Beatrice never got older. now, they are good friends, but since long time Saint suspects she is an anima free spirit devoted to help mankind.


MarioMario: mafia killer. male human, italian-american. about 20 years, 190 cm and 100 kg. tall, stocky and musculous, moves like an assassin. long curly blonde hair, black cyber eyes, hawk nose and marky chin. always with a stupid face painting. known interests are killing, killing, killing, btl's, prostitutes, urban brawl and killing. he lives for it. close range assassination expert.
he always wears a black suit with white shirt and a dark red bow-tie. everything is heavily armored. cybered to the ass with reflex, muscle and precision improvements, but no cyber limbs yet. surprisingly, he has no tattoo at all on his body. his black leather shoes hide additional knives.
in a street war 5 years ago, the mafia stood against El Dios, and Mario was sent to kill Saint, one of the more popular fighters among them. unfortunately for him, the gang was faster, and forced him to dance naked on their victory party. the gang women had their fun with him, and when they had finished Mario was a bloody piece of meat. they threw him out right before the mafia HQ as a warning. Mario never forgot. and he is on his way.

Second Identity

Would be very difficult. There aint many night elves around in Seattle.