Rekall, Gnome Decker

Kai Ruhl
Dr. Amy Sage
Gnome, female
109 cm, 35 kg
Seattle, UCAS
Middle Class


Rekall PortraitName: Pronounced both "Recall" and "Wrek All", after the drug better known as "Johnny Mnemonic" on the street. Amy was named this way because both of her tremendous memory and her ability to wreck havoc on all and everything she doesnt like.

Body: Small and delicate, slight like a kid, elegant and well trained, Amy is one of the cutest people one can meet. Appears like a luxus girl made of chinese porcelain. Her face is a fine piece of art. An ageless look with deep brown eyes, perfect model nose and long hair in blonde waves, she has a look like a mermaid in some fantasy trid. She has the freshness of youth with her, and it is impossible to guess her age. Left-handed.

Spirit: Way of the Scientist. Amy is a doctor from a normal home, specialized in healing and not strong in battle. She has uncunning intelligence and wits and charme on her side, is curious, interested in almost everything and sometimes very naive. She likes to explore all kind of things, taking great risks to do so. On the other hand, she has a life to live. After work, Amy likes to party a LOT, going out, enjoying classic as well as trash metal concerts as long as the mood is good. Atmosphere junkie.

Weaknesses: Curiosity, lack of paranoia, hedonism.

Clothing: There are three major clothing styles: Runner, Doctor and Partygirl. Amy has a very close eye on what is appropriate at every moment.

Runner Mode: Black thight bodysuit that emphasizes her childlike figure except for the decent armor worked in, and a city camouflage duster with a holster for the pistol over all of it. Black military boots and riffling gloves as well as round mirrored sunglasses let her appear as any other dwarf runner for the first look.

Doctor Mode: Doctors wear white, and so does Amy. Almost. Black imitation leather trousers and vest, combined with black basketball boots, and above it a white doctors coat. For fine works she puts the coat aside and works with naked arms. This is also her favourite leisure clothing.

Partygirl Mode: Amy has a wide range of clothing for partys, ranging from a golden evening gala dress for the corps dinner party to a soviet army uniform for that dwarf trash metal concert.

Rekall PersonaWeapons: A smart Browning Ultra Power. This brutal weapon shows additional psychological effect in her small hands, as most people dont recognize the high muscle density of dwarves. She either uses that or her mantid style Kung Fu to render opponents into the kingdom of dreams.

Matrix: Amy's persona is the naked silicon girl, a machine whose only human part is the face. She always goes only with her head deck into the matrix, and expresses this in letting her persona be naked, pointing out what is really important here - her brain and nothing else. Most of her utilities are black stripes of cloth winding around her body. Autonomous bots always appear in a panther or other black feline form.

Born as the only legitimate daughter of a dwarven doctors family, Amy was used to medical stuff from earliest childhood on. Her parents worked for Fuchi Industrial Electronics as cybertechnology doctors, but managed to have time left for her despite their extensive work and many congresses they had to attend. Amy came into the Fuchi kindergarten with 3 years and lived a normal childs life - at this state she was as big as the other children too.

At age 5 she already showed first signs of computer intelligence, playing around all the time with the cyberdeck her parents had installed in their home. she got a mental rig and was seen mostly in the matrix from this time on.

When Amy was 6 and came to school, some weeks later the computer science teacher Corben Darvin detected her talent. She and all the other guys with an edge in matrix had special lessons for becoming the prime deckers of the corp sometime. She was called Rekall from all of her friends because she could remember everything and mess the computers really up if she was in bad mood. Life went a normal turn. Amy had a lot of tech friends but also normal people with whom to play with. She lived her comfortable life, promoted in every way due to her intelligence. A normal life.

At age 10 it became obvious that Amy wouldnt grow further. Slowly, all her human friends except the techies left. She was the cutest dwarf around. Amy began to design her first matrix persona, a silicon skeleton with an evil grin. She began to turn more towards the matrix and less towards the world. School went normal and so did the computer lessons, but Amy turned now more towards hacking instead of programming.

With 14 years, whem Amy had her first boyfriend, she also began to be interested in medicine and biology. Her parents, glad to have a function in her life with her extensive medical knowledge, provided her with everything she needed. That way an excellent medical doctor should emerge.

At age 16 Amy had reached a semi-final state of growth, and against the resistance of her parents the corp allowed her to install lots of matrix gear as she reached high loyalty and awareness results, indicating she would be a loyal slave for the corp for the rest of her life. She also designed her fifth and final matrix persona - the naked silicon girl, as to indicate she wasnt as bulky as using a cyberdeck to enter the data heaven.

When she was 17 Amy first heard from her half-sister Skate who had flown towards the street from her mother. Amy slammed her father enuf to hear of his sidestep to another woman - an elven doctor. What she had not believed all the time now came true, that her family was an only wreck. Amy felt her loyalty wandering towards Skate, and within that night, she was on the street also, rescuing Skate from some real drek she had gotten into, really pissing of the sadistic dwarf Sails when burning him and his home to get Skate out of his claws. Only one day later, Darvin contacted her and used his old contacts to get them a home in the shadows and delete their entries in the corporate databases.

Since that time, 3 years now, Amy and Skate live in the shadows, living from the decker jobs Darvin has to make in the shadows. They both actually live in the matrix, partying at all decker conventions and enjoying life.

Now Amy wants to join a shadow team, under her old name... Rekall.

Body Stats


Pools, Edges and Flaws

Pools:   Combat 9, Hacking 6
Edges: Courage (+1), Fotographic Memory (+3), Orientation (+1), Inner Clock (+1)
Flaws: Intimidation Incompetence (-2), Low Pain Tolerance (-4)


Combat:   Pistols (Browning Ultra Power) 2, Unarmed (Kung Fu, Mantid Style) 2
Physical: Athletics 4, Stealth 6
Social: Etiquette 6, Negotiation (Fast Talk) 2, Intimidation (Mental) 2
Technic: Computer 6, Electronics 6, Biotech 6
Vehicle: Car (Trucks) 2
Knowlegde: Matrix Society 4, Data Havens 4, Medicine 6, Metahumanity 4, Biology 4, Chemistry 4, Cybertechnology 4
Languages: American 5, German 4


Encephalon 4 (1.75, 115K)
Math SPU 4 alpha (0.2, 46K)
Feedback Safeguard alpha (0.04, 8K)
Induction Datajack alpha (0.16, 3K)

MPCP 12 (1.3, 347K)
Persona 3 (3/3/3/3) (0.3, 9K)
Armor 3 (0.3, 23K)
Transfer 120 (0.1, 108K)
Reaction 3 (0.2, 130K)
Deck Memory 300 Mp (1.0, 45K)

Smartlink alpha (0.4, 5K)




Offensive: Attack Deadly 3 (m5), Slow 3 (m4)
Defensive: Armor 3 (m3), Cloak 3 (m3), Lock On 3 (m3), Medic 3 (m4)
Operation: Comlink 3 (m1), Deception 3 (m2), Relocate 3 (m2), Spoof 3 (m3)
Perception: Analyze 3 (m3), Browse 3 (m1), Scanner 3 (m3), Decrypt 3 (m1), Read/Write 3 (m2)
Special: Sleaze 3 (m3), Track 3 (m8)


browning ultra power (9M, C:6, R:5/20/40/60, A:10, M:sa, E:laser), smart

ultra security clothing (4/1) (C:10), water proof, black boots, black riffling gloves
long city camouflage duster (4/2) (C:8), enuf room to replace backpack, water proof, concealable holster
awful lots of tres chic and street punk clothing

round sunglasses, mirrored, 3D allround sight
ultrasound goggles
earplug unit cellphone (C:8), black

microtronics kit (C:6), miniature model, black
offline storage system (10 Gp)

drugs: trauma damper (2 shells)
credstick: 10000 nuyen
lifestyle: middle class 10 months


GMC 4201 Truck (Hdg 3/6, Spd 85, B 5, A 3, Sig 2, Pil 2, CF 750)


DarvinCorben Darvin: trid pirate, decker and fixer. male dwarf, 40 years, american. 120 cm, 80 kg, broad and heavy, he is the easy-going cool pirate the popular image displays. nonetheless he has loads of cyber mods, mostly radio and camera gear making him a walking visual studio with built-in messaging system, but also some combat oriented flex boostings. hard-skinned face, brown eyes, long brown hair and beard, big nose, always with a cigarette in his mouth.
eager, aggressive and tech-oriented. some major tragedy has made him a street ronin willing to do anything that frags the corps. he is interested in all kind of electronics, matrix and video games. he doesnt train very well and tends to fatten a little bit. he also likes sixth world poetry and trash metal.
he was Amy's teacher for the corp her whole life long, supporting her against her parents when she wanted the deck installed. a long time Corben was the only one recognizing Amy as the talent she was. after his family died in an "accident" he left the corp to wreck revenge on it and all other like them.
SkateSkate: decker and information collector. female gnome, 15 years, american. 110 cm, 40 kg, slight and delicate but wiry and excellent trained. very feminine for her age. smooth skin, deep brown eyes, long blonde hair, red skater clothing, snub nose, real sweet. and tough to the bones.
hard as steel and soft as paper. it is actually unknown whether she is schizophrenic or just an excellent actor. "the machine" is the perfect persona to survive in the streets, a hardliner with good negotiation and intimidation skills. "the sweethart", some say it is her real face, is a joyful girl without the sorrows the street lays upon those people.
Skate is Amy's sister. born illegitimate as the daughter of Amy's father and an elven doctor he met every time the Seattle Cybertechnology Conference took place, she was raised by her mother to be a medical genius, but with 13 years she flew to the street and contacted her older sister Amy. when Amy heard about her heritage and found it confirmed after a long talk with her father, she was not able any more to spent her life with her family, and said good bye. now Amy and Skate, the gnome sisters, life together on their own, far away from their families who fooled them both.


SailsSails: pervert mercenary and pirate. male dwarf, american. about 40 years, 120 cm and 90 kg. broad, fat and inconvient, musculous and with movements like a frog, he doesnt seem dangerous, but loads of cyber have made him so. middle-long white hair, cruel grin, large nose, ice-blue eyes, donkey ears, many scars and the first wrinkles.
always in mercenary clothing which means dark green and black drillich clothing with armor inside, combat boots and a stupid black wingfighter hat. everywhere are weapons hidden, most of them blades.
a grade one pervert. as Skate flew towards the street, one day later she was picked up by a mafia pimp and sold to Sails, who happens to be a kiddie porn addict and wanted fresh dwarven meat to satisfy his needs. but Amy was already on her way, and she burned Sails home and most of his skin by using all his housestead tools connected to the matrix. Skate escaped without any physical harm done, except some serious street shock. Sails got several body parts replaced by cyber. and now he wants to find the two dwarven meat girls and have his pleasure with them. and, of course, kill them afterwards.

Second Identity

AnnaAnna Blade: a grade 8 identity. Ms. Blade is a cybertech doctor and scientific assistent for Saeder-Krupp. she is quiet and conscientious, takes her jobs seriously and does always good work. in general she is very polite, deliberate and able to debate with precision and good style.
in her spare time she likes to go to swimming, playing chess and reading french and english poetry. she has a light addiction to good tea and likes old artcrafting, especially paintings, very much. on parties she is a good conversation partner. surprisingly, she is also a very good dancer, at least at the classic dances.
her whole life long she has lived within Saeder-Krupp, being raised by dwarven parents as dwarves dominate the technic section at the corp. a normal childhood with no ostentatious events, she is viewed as fully normal.
Anna Blade is 24 years old and single since 3 years when she left her boyfriend when he betrayed her.