Ra, Troll Bodyguard

Kai Ruhl
Raman Singal
Minotaur, male
254 cm, 270 kg
Seattle, UCAS
Middle class


Ra Portrait Tall and broad, muscles without end, hardtrained. The egypt street type. Really handsome (because of being Minotaur). Being a small troll makes him just look broader. Oval face with big eyes, flat snout, small ears. Two long, curved, horns (as typically). Deep-brown skin, very short black hair. Vivid facial features. Symmetric eyes, both dark black. Smooth skin and no scars etc. The luxus corp type, plenty of money, cybered-to-ass, trained-by-the-best.

Spirit: A real professional. Schematic operation type (too much training, no experience with improvisation). Tends to be over-well-prepared for *every* case that may happen. Thats his job. Hates street people (scum). Can give or receive orders. Can hear to people (bodyguards tend to be psychiatrists too). Never shows emotions in professional mode. No race ressentiments. Very well educated, intelligent conversation partner, good social behaviour. Ladies tend to like him instinctively ("A troll, but what a *cute* one !").

Weaknesses: Cannot work well under undefined conditions, cannot accept unprofessional behaviour, cannot work well on the street.

Fully cybered. Encephalon, Skill Wires, Dermal Sheeting (skin color), Titanium Bone Lacing. Attention goes toward having a hard body, to shield the client well. Skill Wires help to know everything and to move discreet in all environments. No extravagant goodies, but all of it at least alpha standard. Part of attention goes toward extended intelligence, perception and decking. Small bio yet. Platelet factory, trauma damper. Everything that makes him a better wall.

Clothes: Suit, always. Deepest layer is combat outfit (covers whole body except hands and head), strongest type (not so suspicous - no one can say exactly if that is armor or muscle mass (Minotaur)). Above is Tres Chic suit. Black shiny shoes, black trousers, black jacket (with enough room to hold two heavy and one light pistol, and a *large* cougar fine blade knife), white suit shirt (maximum contrast, subconscious frightening). Everthing that is securitytech is in that jacket, including white noise generator, bug scanner, metal detector, radioactivity detector, air analyzer. A radio with multichannel and crypto abilities leads almost invisibly to his right ear. Small air reservoirs are tied around his leg, a hose to the top jacket end. Two breath masks (one for Ra and one for the client) are connected. This is private clothing as it is professional clothing. He likes that stuff.

Matrix persona: Ra, the egypt god. An incredibly beautiful person, tall as a troll, but well-proportioned (the muscle type), with perfect face, an egypt helmet, and full body armor, everything of gold and richly decorated. Uses a big oval shield and a sharp golden lance.

A traditional type. Both parents were midlevel managers for a unknown corp, both human. Nothing special. Until Ra was born. Ra was born as a minotaur. The parents, both shocked first, began to love her child as it was cuter than all other metahuman (except elves) in their environment. It was not so difficult to handle Ra as normal child, since the horns were not so big, the nose almost normal, just a little flat. Big eyes increased the cuteness factor, so he was appealing to parental instincts quite good.

With 3 years Ra was sent to the corp kindergarten, where he took the role of "the tall fat guy, not really normal but protects the others so is respected and accepted". Children do not know much about racial hate, so there was no problem. Everyone liked his horns, they were great toys. Bill Togg, a human egypt, became his best friend. Together they made first steps on computer systems. Mostly failures of course.

With 6 years Ra went to corp school. He learned quickly and showed special interest in computers and cyber technology. Being a troll that can handle computers very well, he disproved the prejudice of the stupid troll. In fact, only some white-skinned, spot-scared human corp gang in his class was better. He was not accepted by them because he was too tall and spent much time on sports (swimming). Bill also swam, and they continued exploring the vast land of the corp matrix.

With 10 years, Ra went to junior high in cause of exceptional intelligence. His parents, now leading managers, were very proud of them. They bought him every matrix toy he wished, and his skills expanded fast. Fotografic memory helped him greatly in his search for new knowlegde. He also started to play rugby, and he had great success. Bill also got the early jumpoff to junior high, but he continued swimming and refused to play rugby as he was pacafist. Bill showed great interest in economics, and trained his corp handling ability well. Ra's rugby team was his corp gang, and he brought them into accepting Bill, which was not too difficult since Bill was a nice charismatic guy.

When Ra was 14 and had finished junior high, corporative representatives asked Ra if he wanted to have a special education in all-in-one security. Ra agreed, and until he was 18 he learned everything about protecting assets and persons. Although he showed severe flaws in repairing tools and electronics, he was accepted as a valid matrix security expert. Other specialists took over the electronics stuff he could not handle. This way he became a teamworker. The private side: Ra fell in love with a white american girl named Angie, and she loved him too. Although her parents were sceptic, they were relieved after they searched and learned enough about Ra. His strange look had never been a problem to him, since he was like a troll so cute that he was acceptable again. Ra's parents were very lucky about Ra having a normal love life, and they knot close relations to Angie's parents.

After finishing his training with 18, Ra decided to cyber heavily, both for matrix and for personal security. The corp paid all the costs as they saw Ra as one of the best talents. Ra proved himself worthy especially in matrix security.

With 19 Ra began to be specialist for personal protection for really important VIPs. And he learned that he now was one of the closest relatives of them. The trust of the mighty and the influence he had through this pleased him, so he decided to make this his main job. Bill had become midlevel manager in a very short time. He worked in the media market, wore suits all the time (this inspired Ra) and talked very intelligent. The members of his rugby team were still there, now in the senior league, and only two of them had vanished. They had become normal security forces or corp slaves. Ra also married Angie.

Now, with 20 years, Ra is a well-round educated, well trained, perfect corporation bodyguard with heavy matrix knowledge. Bill is still his best buddy. Ra's contact to his parents are still very well so he has all support he can wish. Ra's and Angie's love is still alive, but they have no children yet since they do not feel ready for this responsibility. He has never lived near the street, and he has never experienced loss. Ra is an impossibility, a metahuman who has never had disadvantages because of his metahumanity, a troll with a happy life. The life can begin.

(Something special has to happen, something that makes him a runner...)

Body Stats


Pools, Edges and Flaws

Pools:   Combat 6, Matrix 3
Edges: Fast Healing (+2), Fotografic Memory (+3), Good Reputation (+2), Inner Clock (+1)
Flaws: Minor Metal Allergy (-3), Medium Silver Allergy (-3), Electronics Incompetence (-2)


Combat:   Pistols 4, Unarmed (Karate) 6
Physical: Athletics 4, Stealth 4
Technic Computer (Decking) 6, Electronics (Security) 4
Social: Etiquette 4, Negotiation (Fast Talk) 6, Intimidation (Physical) 6
Vehicle: Car 4
Knowledge: Computer Theory 4, Bodyguarding Background 4, Military Theory 3, Psychology 3, Classic Piano 5
Languages: English 5, Japanese 4


Corona Science Datajack alpha (0.28)
Encephalon 2 alpha (0.6)
Mathematic SPU 4 alpha (0.2)
Feedback Safeguard alpha (0.04)

Skillwires Plus 3 alpha (0.24)
Skill Linker 4 alpha (0.24)
Internal Voice Modulator alpha (0.08)

Electronic Vision Magnification 3 alpha (0.08)
Flare Compensation alpha (0.08)
Select Sound Filter 5 alpha (0.16)

Smartlink II alpha (0.4)

Titanium Bone Lacing alpha (1.8)
Dermal Sheeting 3 alpha (1.68)
Dermal Color Controller alpha (0.08)


Trauma Damper (0.4)
Platelet Factory (0.4)


browning ultra power (9M, 5/20/80/150, C:0), smart
walther PB-120 (6L, sa, R:5/15/30/50, C:8), smart
cougar fine blade knife, large (+1M, R:0, C:6), black blade

novatech hyperdeck-6 (4/4/6/4), hitcher jack, display
analyze 4, deception 6, spoof 3, medium attack 4, cloak 4, medic 3

ultra security underwear (4/1) (C:10), chemo 4, thermo 4, water proof
ultra security tres chic jacket (5/3), black, plenty of room, air tank with 2 breath masks, holds all securitech
ultra security tres chic suit (4/2), black

dark sunglasses, mirrored, icy
ear plug radio, comlink 4, crypto 4, scrambler 4
white noise generator 6
bug scanner 4
metal detector 4
radioactivity detector 4
air analyzer 4


Eurocar Westwind Troll Version (Hdg 1/6, Spd 210, B 2, A 0, Sig 2, Pil 3, 5 CF), suspension


Michael Smith   corporate fixer. male human, american. 40 years, 180 cm, 100 kg. the prosperity fat type. short blue-black hair, large ears, sharp nose, green cyber eyes. handles all material needs of the corps bodyguards. after having a normal boring childhood in the corp, he decided to get a bit of action by not actually doing the warriors job but caring for them, always being near enuf at the action but not too near to live. likes combat biking, urban brawl, trash metal. also elsewhere a somewhat self-prevented action star.
Sandy Cooper corporate cyber doc. female human, scandinavian. 30 years, 170 cm, 40 kg. the voluptous still slender type of woman. long white-blonde hair, light-blue eyes, slim nose, sweet smile, handles all patients with equal kindness. she got to surgery when she was a child, watching all operations her mother did at that time. decided to take forth the family destination and become a doctor too. likes to play chess and hear classic music. also a very good cook, although she doesnt like to admit it. it just doesnt sound too much like a house wife.


Hermann Meier   middle manager and racist butt. male human, arish american. 90 years, 160 cm, 45 kg. short white (former blond) hair, blue eyes, pale skin, wrinkles everywhere you look, small, haggard and bent down. a bitter old grumpy man, unluckily also still a middle manager for the corp. too old to accept the metahumans when they came up, he still hates them silently for no reason at all. he just doesnt like em. in his heart he fears them. especially Ra, who is big, strong and intelligent and charming, is something that just shouldnt exist on earth. he cannot bear it. and just like for scorn he is almost married to that beautiful human girl who deserved someone far better than this stupid ugly troll with his ugly horns. need we say more ?

Second Identity

Currently, the first is enuf.