Nail, Elf Gang Scout

Kai Ruhl
Thomas Randall
Gang Scout
Elf, male
Air Aspect
192 cm, 72 kg
Seattle, UCAS


Nail Portrait Tall and lean, not very well trained. Very haggard. Lots of scars on his neck and back. Brown skin, always a little bit (or more) dirty. Tattoo of an adder around his right forearm. Haggard face, long, lean nose, blazing chrome cybereyes, dense eyebrows, big ears that look mostly human. Marked chin. Wild, half-short black hair, never combed. Seems to be a tough one, has survived until here, and it was a hard life. Expressionless face all the time. Looks not so like a fighter. Survival type.

Spirit: The life is one of the hardest one, and he doesnt care much about what others say, the most important thing is to get to the next day. Alive. The second most important thing is the gang. His whole loyalty is going to it. He is the scout, he is important, and he knows that. He is totally overcome by megalomania. Nevertheless he would never fight against the gang boss. He is the perfect second chief. Rather introverted and suspicious. Doesnt care about killing. Hates the corps (brought only evil). The bad guy and doesnt care about it.

Weaknesses: Cannot communicate, cannot trust, megalomania, cannot work well in corp environment.

Heavy cybered for a gang member. Chrome eye protective shields and optic magnification 3. The right hand is a cyberhand with retractable razors and internal smart link. Muscle replacement 1 over the whole body. Especially the muscle replacement (a one-time gift from a street doc whose life he saved) make him a kick ass fighter. As Nail is a gang member he cannot afford real goodies.

Black armored underwear of the strongest type. Brown synthetic leather trousers with the "corellian blood stripe" on the left side. A dirty grey t-shirt with the gang sign drawn manually on the front and on the rear side. Black army boots with iron caps. Above that all a long duster, dark grey, with heavy visible armor and the gang sign painted on the back. This look supports the appearance of the tall lean scout. He never wears anything other than this. In fact, he has no other clothes.

The gang sign of the Silver Talons is a hand that emits a strange light. It symbolizes that everyone that interferes with the gang gets the experience of a hand strong and miraculous like nothing he has ever seen. Also symbolizes the darkness of the gang members hands. They all have at least one cyber hand which may look that dark way in the astral space.

Nail Gang Sign The Silver Talons are an elven and trolls only gang that sees only elves and trolls as the "true" races, elves for superior intelligence and trolls for superior strength. The do not hate human, dwarfs, nor orcs, though. What they do hate are all corporations, the yakuza (these japanese businessmen destroy our streets along with the corps !), and the mafia (same as yakuza). All gang members wear gray long dusters with visible armor and the gang sign on their back, and they all wear black army boots with iron caps. All members have at least one cyberhand with retractable razors. They also use only knives with red blades (first red color, then the blood of the enemies). The territory is marked by a hand, painted with the blood of an enemy (or a squatter) onto a housewall. It is usually only a small part of the puyallup barrens. The number of gang members varies between 10 and 15 (small).

The Silver Talons earn money by theft. They steal everything from the corps they can get. More detailed, the use a stolen vehicle to drive into Renraku arcology suburbs and to both rob the people, the shops and to steal additional vehicles that they then sell to the local dealer. They also trade with BTLs (from the mafia) and control local prostitution in their area. Consistently they only allow elven and troll women to do their occupation in this area.

The gang eveloped 10 years ago, when Mitsuhama forces thought a special area in the barrens would cover some magical criminals, and completely destroyed that area. The neighboorhood kids, 30 in numbers, were reduced to 5, three elves and two trolls. They got away, got another piece of the puyallup and fought their fight for a new area. With success. Elven intelligence and troll strength combined to great success, and they soon developed their own signs and colors and then began to hire new members. Every new member must attack a mitsuhama salaryman and dye his knife red with his blood. After that, conservation sheets preserve the blood on that knife so it stays red. If a gang member loses his knife, he must attack another mitsuhama guy. Nail was one of the first new members of the Silver Talons.

Nail was born by a italian prostitute in the puyallup barrens, the father is unknown but is rumored to be a shadowrunner magician. The mother didnt care very well about her baby. Nail didnt always have enough food, the result is that he now eats very much. Nail was often sick, but no one cared.

Nail got on the wrong way as soon as he could. He began to walk with 1 year and to speak with 4, a sheer survival need. As he was 5, he could already run and handle a knife. With 5 years, he was caught for shoplifting for the first time. Since then, the cops took notice from him.

With 6 years the magical gift appeared. Nail instinctively "knew" when he could steal and when not. He also "noticed" the cops long before they were there, so his previous conviction register kept quite short although he stole a lot. Nail wasnt brutal, though. The sheer kick of stealing sufficed. He avoided almost all fights by "sensing" something bad coming.

With 8 years Nail began to smoke crack. His mother was already old and worn, and as she dared to try to slag him, Nail killed her with his beloved knife. He shed no tears since this prostitute had never been a real mother to him. After doing this, he went away into another part of the puyallup barrens.

Nail celebrated his 9th birthday by becoming a member of the Silver Talons. He went to the mitsuhama arcology by foot and killed a shajkujin by spotting for the moment of maximum distraction. Then he struck with his knife into the throat. He was the first and the youngest new member of the gang that actually not just hurt, but killed the initation victim. Nail enjoyed his life for the gang, as there was plenty of action, and the gang delivered him girls and drugs, and protected him from the police.

With 11, he also began to realize what he could do with his magic, and he devoloped spells consistently. They helped greatly in avoiding the cops, and Nail was soon indispensable for the Silver Talons. His contempt for prostitutes continued as he got an overview over the gangs activites. He still smoked crack, and slowly turned crazy. But the combination of magic and drugs was too successful to try without.

On his 12th birthday Nail summoned his first air spirit. He suddenly went out of control, but Nail killed him in an instance before the spirit could attack anyone. But in this moment he realized how dangerous magic was, and he wanted at least to be clean. In this time he became miraculously help from some unknown. Nail was raided by an unknown gang of mafia assasins and got a special chemical injected. He couldnt smoke crack afterwards without great pain, so he was clean very quickly. Nail supposed that his father was behind that, and from this time his thoughts to his unknown father are always thankful.

Luckily, there was also a local retired hermetic mage named Mr. Hood in the neighbourhood, and he agreed to teach magic to Nail (an influence from his father, too ?). Nail learned quickly, and with 15 he had already reached full magical capabilities.

In the meantime Nail had learned to ride cars and motorbikes, and he learned street fight and firearm handling from the other gang members. Unluckily Nail showed severe flaws in using computers, but his magical talents made that acceptable. He continued to raid everything that looked like corp with the other gang members, and with 14 he began to work as a scout for the Silver Talons.

Internal fights ended in having the black american troll Degde as the first troll gangboss ever. Nail used his chance by supporting him, and with 15, as he had finished his basic magical training, he became the right hand of Degde.

From now on life was much better. Degde was a very abled fighter, and he taught Nail much about street fight. Nail, on the other hand, thaught Dedge to think as a strategic intelligent leader, and so a very close friendship developed.

With 15 Nail began to work partly for the mafia as a runner for small packages and other things. His reliability earned him high rankings, and soon he could afford to cyber a little bit. He only got better through this, and he ignored the loss of magic because cyber was worth much more.

As he was 16 years old a war between yakuza and mafia broke out in that area. No one dared to touch the area of the Silver Talons, as the criminal orgs needed all power for the battle against the other. In a fight near the Silver Talon area, Nail detected the shadowdoc that had him his cyber implanted, in a hopeless battle against two yakuza guys. Nail fought alone against the two yakuza guys, and eventually he won by using his combat sense spell and the last service of his only air elemental. The doctor was very grateful, and with time, he became one of the best connections of Nail. He also donated a brand new artificial muscles set to Nail, and so Nail became one of the strongest elves of the Silver Talons.

Now, with 18, Nail is clean, has much magical knowledge, and he is a fierce fighter on the street. He still learns from Mr. Hood, and Degde and Nail are the perfect team, the duo infernale, the symphony of destruction. Since 4 years no one has dared to announce a fight against the gangboss and his right hand.

Body Stats


Pools, Initiation, Edges and Flaws

Pools:   Combat 10, Magic 8, Astral 9
Initation: None
Edges: Initimate Terrain (+2), Gum Joints (+1), Light Pain Tolerance (+1), Concentration (+2), Human Look (+1)
Flaws: Impulsivity (-2), Berserk (-1), Illiterate (-1), Uneducated (-1), Uncouth (-2)


Combat:   Shotguns (Franchi-Spas) 4, Edged Weapons (Knives) 6
Physical: Athletics 4, Stealth 4
Magic: Sorcery 4, Conjuring 4
Social: Etiquette (Street) 6, Intimidation (Magical) 6
Vehicle: Bike 4
Knowledge: Magic Theory 6, Enchanting Background 5, Gang Identification 4, Gang Turf 4, Drug Dealers 4, Prostitution Rings 4
Languages: Italian 4, Seattle Slang 5


Combat:   Lightning Blast 6+2e (+3N), Short Lightning Wave 6+2e (+3N), Ego Combat Sense 4 (+1M)
Detection: Great Detect Life 4 (+1L), Great Detect Enemies 4 (S), Great Detect Firearms 4 (S)
Exploration: Analyze Device 4+2e (+1M), Great Clairvoyance 4+2e (+1M), Mind Probe 4+2e (+2T)


Optic Vision Magnification 3 (0.2)
Cyberhand (right) (retractable razors, smartlink) (0.8)
Muscle Replacement 1 (1.0)


Bio What ?


personal knife (+1L, R:0, C:8), blood coated
old Franchi-Spas (7M, R:10/40/80/150, C:2), rusty and so (from a dead runner)

gray duster (4/2) with gang colors
tailored underwear 1 (3/0) (yes, working for the yaks brings money !)

dark sunglasses (look cool)
Eye Protective Shields, completely chrome

libraries: Mr. Hood's library
consuming stuff: conjuring stuff (2 points), lots of shotgun ammo (half of it wont work), one old grenade


Yamaha Rapier (Hdg 3, Spd 230, B:1, A:1, Sig 2, Pil 0) with high performance engine


Mr. Hood   talis dealer (teacher). male human, american. 50 years, 160 cm, 60 kg. hermetic mage. teacher and friend. slender face, short black goatee beard, short black hair. blue cybereyes, slim nose, small ears, the perfect elite mage. dark blue and star speckled mage hat and cape over a black corporate suit. loves magic, tarot cards and french cooking. surprisingly a very good car driver.
Silver Talons elven and troll go gang, currently consisting of 9 elves and 5 trolls. all wear a heavy armored grey duster with a violet magic hand painted on the back, all have a cyber hand with razors, all are bike racers. although theres no obligation all gangers wear black armored clothing with boots and gloves under that duster. firearms range from light pistols to submachineguns, but mostly they work with knives and cyber razors. to initiate one must dye his knive in a mitsuhama wage slaves blood. known enemies are every racist, every corp and every criminal organization except the one they earn money from. current gang leader is Degde, his right hand is Nail. currently deep in war with the Couth Slashers. the Silver Talons have an overall medium danger rating.
Dedge gangboss of the Silver Talons. male troll, afroamerican. 20 years, 320 cm, 310 kg. closest alliance and good friend. broad body, broad face, broad mind. the strongest troll one can think of. asymmetric big eyes, one blue, the other black. big nose and long pointy ears, grim expression, 3-days-beard. big tusks and warts all over the body. wears gang clothing, black imitation leather clothing, boots and gloves, and a heavily armored grey duster with the Silver Talon gang sign on it. no addictions. currently in love with Ondola. good biker and social talent for leadership. has a strong sense for honor.
Anoelus streetdoc and gang member. male elf, italian. 40 years, 210 cm, 80 kg. hardline friendship where each one can rely on the other. haggard and hard-faced, this one has survived much shit in his life. elegant but scar streaked slender face with small nose, chrome cybereyes, cyberears, long blonde hair in a pigtail. Silver Talon clothing. likes to operate weird settings and play chess.
Leyla fixer and gang member. female fomori (troll), american. 25 years, 260 cm, 240 kg. the fixer of the Silver Talons and maybe something like a professional. rather small for a troll, sturdy but not fat. big eyes, one green, the other green-grey, sharp nose, small tusks, slim shoulders, big breasts. gang clothing, except the chest area is a bit more wide-opened (no human can keep up with that size). likes to bash humans, especially humans policlub members. always changing relationships with good-looking trolls.
Sina Silver Talon gang member. female troll, american, about 20 years, 280 cm, 290 kg, very musculous, green-grey eyes, big nose, short black and grey striped hair, gang clothing. light BTL addiction. hangs around witg Dash all the time, trying to learn some electronics from him. wild orgies with him if they are drunk.
Ondola Silver Talon gang member. female troll, american, about 20 years, 240 cm, 190 kg, the "model" among the troll gang members. seems to be leanness addicted, black eyes, small snub nose, small pointy ears, short blue hair. the most beautiful troll found in this area. ex prostitute, but now also a deadly fighter. currently liated with Dedge. serious addiction to sex.
Dash Silver Talon gang member. male troll, american, about 20 years, 290 cm, 250 kg, black eyes, sharp nose, big ears, long streaky blonde hair, gang clothing. electronics expert (as far as a gang member can be). would-be (and sometimes be, especially if both of them are drunk) lover of Sina. moderate addiction to sex. likes big bikes.
Elanda Silver Talon gang member. female elf, american, about 20 years, 190 cm, 60 kg, violet eyes, snub nose, short white-blue hair, haggard and tough trained. gang clothing. former stunt bike racer and submachineguns expert. in affair with Gracius. likes thai food.
Poppy Silver Talon gang member. female elf, chinese, about 20 years, 180 cm, 50 kg, big black eyes, small snub nose, long black hair, sweet face, lots of scars on her back. gang clothing. Kung Fu expert. severly in love with Nail. known interests are legendary martial artists and chinese sexual techniques.
Nemesis Silver Talon gang member. female elf, afroamerican, about 20 years, 190 cm, 70 kg, chrome cyber eyes, artificial snub nose, cyber ears, shaolin short black hair, very dark skin. voluptous but musculous like hell, she is a soulless killer. no interests known. currently a pair with Carlos.
Emilia Galotti Silver Talon gang member. female elf, french, about 20 years, 180 cm and 40 kg, she is the "elven model" in the gang. long blonde hair, light-blue eyes, elegant face, smooth skin, and really lean. gang clothing. doesnt eat much. moderate addiction to btl, often abused to force her into sex acts. currently loose liation with Angus.
Gracius Silver Talon gang member. male elf, portugese, about 20 years, 200 cm, 80 kg, long dark blue and silver hair, silber-blue cyber eyes, high cheek bones, blazing gaze, slender but hard trained body. gang clothing. a disciple of the fine arts, he likes classic music, elegant weapons, and being in bed with Elanda. no other hobbies known.
Angus Silver Talon gang member. male elf, american, about 20 years, 190 cm, 70 kg, very haggard and not very elegant, lots of scars all over his face, brown eyes, shaolin short brown hair, snub nose, large ears. gang clothing. a real psycho. currently liated with Emilia Galotti. moderate addiction to btl and serious addiction to crazy bike driving.
Carlos Silver Talon gang member. male elf, spanish, about 20 years, 210 cm, 100 kg, a real tree of a man, green eyes, sharp nose, very high cheek bones, long fettid black hair in a net, extreme bodybuilder and musculous like an animal. gang clothing. a soulless warriour and therefore the perfect lover for Nemesis. light addiction to smokable drugs, mostly crack.


Ancients   elven go-gang. is there anyone who is NOT enemy of these ? the biggest go gang in Seattle, they raid everyone, and one time also the Silver Talons. not much harm done, this is rather a enemy-by-principle hate than a real battle, which the Silver Talons wouldnt survive.
Couth Slashers human racist gang. some kind of humanis for the poor. dress like priests. this gang arised from the ashes of a destroyed humanis quarter. unfortunately just in the neighbourhood of the Silver Talons. since they cannot fight very well they will be gone very soon if they dont get some hidden help from humanis.
Nowhere Bone dwarven/elven/human go-gang. good armed. poor machines. they think they are the most beautiful gang of Seattle, consisting only of "good-looking" races. frequent wars with them on the interstate 51 have shown them the underdog compared with the Silver Talons, but since they are a big gang (about 50 members) they will try to outnumber them.

Second Identity

Second what ? And who the heck is Iden Titty anyway ?