Alita, Mercenary

Kai Ruhl
Alita Rafale
Human, female
Earth Aspect
165 cm, 47 kg
Lion, France
Upper class


Alita Portrait Small and dainty but tough trained to the bones, the performance sportswoman type. A power bundle. Slim, aesthetic face with big eyes and small snub nose. Very smooth skin, age cannot be guessed. Could appear totally sweet if there wasnt always that cold face expression. Long dark hair, on mission bound together in a long pigtail. An ice-cold, beautiful combat machine. Ambidextrous.

Spirit: Fast, intelligent, unscroupulous, "dont mess with me". Very concentrated. Never kills children. Perfection obsessed, leader type, reserved, not willing to negotiate. Can only act the hard way, 2 miles hard shell around a perhaps soft core. No racial biases.

Weaknesses: Cannot show emotions (with exception of Anna), often ignores opinion of other people. This woman has a real roof damage.

Two cyber forearms, both equipped with retractable spurs (3 stings). Each middle sting has a drain tube leading to a toxine reservoir in the arm containing DMSO and narcoject. All stings are silver coated against were animals (and because of superstition). The left forearm contains an Ares Cascade Squirt with DMSO and hyper, a sinkable grapple gun with 20 m thin nylon rope and miniature rollback mechanism is mounted on the inner side; the grapple top is a claw set that snaps on contact. An Ingram Smartgun is built into the right forearm, the magazine can stand out on the thumb side. A computer (300 mp) with display and keyboard is mounted on the inner side. A smartlink system leads to the right hand; a branch to the cyber mp exists which will be deactivated when the induction pad is used.

The eyes are completely black and without any expression. Black-brown long cyber hair. No natural hair growing since chemistry contact on a shadowrun. It is not known what from the face is original.

Black combat suit made of kevlar with chemo and thermo weavings, only light armor, arm splints worked into the arm parts. Boots and gloves of kevlar, armored with titane mini plates. Tarnished gold (or black as replacement example) heavy hard armor covering shoulders, back, chest and thighs, leaving abdomen and lower legs unprotected for mobility reasons; armor jacket plating is used on these places.

A black combat mask which covers the front face and embedded into a chemical secure cowl contains air respirator, 3d allround sight and computer display. Gloves and boots feature retractable claws meant for climbing. The gloves can be opened in the palm to make the use of cyber weapons possible. The same way work openings for ammo.

Clothing: Over the combat suit under normal circumstances a slate-grey city camouflage duster, otherwise another camouflage duster (wood, snow, desert versions are available).

For corporate environment a tight fitting "second skin" (chemo proof) and over it an enchanting red costume, elegant and shoulder-free, additional red middle high shoes. Alternatively a black suit with white shirt, black leather shoes and d'grey thin leather gloves. Everything is tres chic, of course.

Full orphan and doesnt know it. Her parents were high ranked french execs for Renraku Corporation who went into the UCAS as the french methods did not find their appreciation. Both were working in the cybertechnology branch, so Alita was familiar with cyber from earliest youth on.

With 8 years some shadowrunner with unknown plans raided the cyber labs and killed both parents in their home when they denied the handing over of information. Alita survived because the shadowrunner spared her. She suffered her first trauma. Since that time Alita suffers from flashbacks whenever she sees a kid silently crying; in this moments she only sees herself back in that day. With 9 years alita is a dominant, mentally disrupted child without friends but with tremendous close combat fighter feared by all as she leads all her energy towards the learning of Muay Thai kickboxing. Her both-handedness gives her a great advantage, letting her win all contests in her age class. She is well known within the arcology.

At age 12 (Alita is precocious) the puberty breaks out and with it the magic talent. Renraku sees her gift and trains her to be a combat mage, seemingly a perfect choice. She trains her combat skills furthermore and learns the handling of all types of weapons, especially the submachinegun and the sniper rifle. The corp certifies her a great concentration ability. When she falls in love Alita begins the have fun in her life again. Within shortest time she is bound in a wide circle of friends. Single loverships dont last long since Alita is a sociopath, but what matters, all enjoy their lives.

With 15 years Alita is already operational by principle. She finds great joy in combat biking where all her talents except the magic are vastly demanded. Her orientation sense is trained very good here. Her team is her family, and the team trainer Dara, a professional Mrs. Johnson, is her closest familiar. She meets many people and spends a lot of time on the streets. Renraku approves her snooping around in her later working field. It is also the street where she gets to know the 30 year old cyber doctor and ex samurai Yoshi who is a former combat biker; he helps her improving tactic and driving style. Alita begins to see a father substitute in Yoshi. She also starts investigations for the runners who killed her parents. In this process she meets the mercenary fixer Iria who is impressed by Alita's early toughness and attends to promote her skill development. It is this year when Alita gets her first cyberware, eyes and ears.

At age 17 Alita replaces both her forearms against cyber versions and equips them with cyber spurs (at Iria's advice with toxine tube in the middle sting and with silver coating against were animals), computer, weapons, grapple gun and smartlink. When she gets in contact with a hair-destroying chemical on a shadowrun, she replaces them with cyber hair without hesistation. She also discovers the names and whereabouts of the long-seeked shadowrunner, who have retired in the meantime and run a small weapon office. Alita gains access and floods everything with acid waves. The shocked runners, a male elven street samurai and a female human cat shaman, are too surprised to defend theirselves. Alita slaughters both of them down with her cyber guns and spurs, leaving a bloody trail through the house. As she searches their home she finds an about 9 year old, silently crying elven girl. Alita gets a mega flashback that causes an amnesia in her. When she gets conscious again she only remembers her killing, Yoshi, Iria and Dara. She takes the girl Anna with her - she doesnt know Alita is the murderer of her parents. The slaughtering of the runners remains Alita's dark secret before Anna.

With 19 years Alita is already a total mercenary. She educates Anna together with Yoshi who can also offer a safe home to them. With Yoshi's cyber work and Alita's runner income they can afford an upper class lifestyle. Alita doesnt return to Renraku but lets Dara know about her unbroken loyalty for the corp. Anna discovers her first somatic adept abilities.

Alita still trains grimly in order to remain alive and protect Anna and Yoshi. With Iria's help she now is a most modern equipped, watchful and deadly state-of-the-art monster.

Body Stats


Pools, Initiation, Edges and Flaws

Pools:   Combat 8, Spell 6, Astral 9
Initation: None
Edges: Ambidexterity (+2), Orientation (+1), Concentration (+2), Medium Pain Tolerance (+3), Fast Healing (+2)
Flaws: Flashback (-4), Amnesia (-2), Obligation (-2), Dark Secret (-2)


Combat:   Submachineguns 4, Unarmed (Muay Thai Kickboxing) 6
Physical: Athletics 4, Stealth 4
Magic: Sorcery 4, Conjuring 4
Social: Etiquette 4, Leadership 4, Negotiation (Hardline) 6
Vehicle: Bike 4
Knowlegde: Corporate Politics 4, Street Life 4, Chemistry 4, Cybertechnology 6, Magic Theory 5, Military Theory 4
Languages: French 6, American 4


Combat:   Serious Acid Spit 6+2e (+1D), Serious Acid Wave 6+2e (+3D)
Protection: Mana Barrier 6 (+2S), Physical Barrier 6 (+1D)
Transformation: Liquify 4+2e (+1M)
Modification: Ego Adhesivity 4 (L), Ego Metaform 4 (S), Ego Objectform 4+2e (+2M)


Cyber Eyes (infrared, flare, optic 3, completely black) alpha (0.16)
Cyber Ears (amplification, damper, select sound 5, natural look) alpha (0.24)
Balance Enhancer alpha (0.32)
Olfactory Booster 6 alpha (0.16)

Cyber left Forearm (rope pistol (20m), Ares Cascade Squirt) (0.65)
Cyber right Forearm (Ingram Smartgun, Smartlink II alpha, comp 300 Mp) (1.05)
Retractable Spurs (channel for toxins, silver coating)
Cyber Magnets (together 30 kg hold force)

Wired Reflexes 2 alpha (2.4)


Trauma Damper (0.4)


cyber silver spur (+1M, R:0, C:U), silver coated and channel in middle spur
survival knife (+2L, R:0, C:8), survival stuff
cyber ingram smartgun (7M, sa/bf/fa, R:10/40/80/150, C:U), smart, advanced-gas 3
cyber ares cascade squirt (toxin, sa, R:5/15/30/50, C:U)
walther PB-120 (6L, sa, R:5/15/30/50, C:8), smart, shock-pad

combat underwear (4/1) (C:10), chemo 4, thermo 4, water proof
combat armor (7/5), black, titan coating
combat armor (7/5), gold, titan coating
combat west (5/3) (C:8), air reservoirs, light spots
long duster (4/2) (C:8), urban camouflage, enuf room to replace backpack, water proof

dark sunglasses, mirrored, flare compensation
combat mask (0/2), in cowl, allround vision, breath tank, display, clock
camouflage duster (forest, snow, desert) (4/2) (C:8), like urban long duster
neopren skincoat (2/0) (C:15), skin color, "second skin", very thin
tres chic costume (3/0) (C:12), d'red, red pump shoes, spellbound
tres chic suit (3/0) (C:12), black, black armante shoes, d'gray gloves

vid radio (crypto 4)
climbing suit
glass flex with grip

libraries: sorcery library (6) as chip, earth conjuring library (6) as chip, ritual library (4) as chip
consuming stuff: conjuring stuff (20 points), lots of explosive and norm ammo, infra-smoke and defensive grenades


Harley Scorpion (Hdg 4/5, Spd 100, B 6, A 9, Sig 2, Pil 2, 4 CF), 2 flamers (firm), bod, armor, suspension
Harley Scorpion Turbo (Hdg 3/5, Spd 210, B 3, A 3, Sig 1, Pil 2, 4 CF) 2 pumpguns (firm), suspension


Yoshi   cyber doc (ex-samurai). replacement father. male human, 45 years, american. 190 cm, 82 kg, muscleous, short black hair with receding temples, round sunglasses, small nose, pale skin. chrome eyes, full cybered. black leather trousers, whit longarm suit shirt, black wild leather west, corp shoes. strange mix between a streetsam and a correct scientist. introverted. cooks good.
Iria merc fixer (ex-mercenary). merc instructor. female human, 42 years, ireland, special abilites: close-range weapons and ground vehicles. 163 cm, 54 kg, always well trained, lean, long red hair, deep browned, lean nose, small ears. in every respect a example model. sorcerer. partly cybered. desert-wars-clothing, combat boots. never dresses sexy. very cautious, otherwise normal. plays classic piano.
Dara ms. johnson (ms. johnson). combatbiking trainer and ally with open ear. female human, 54 years (looks like 25), american. 176 cm, 58 kg, thanks to chirurgy crispy like 25, short blonde hair, deep blue eyes. business suit. always. cannot show feelings. celebrates good orgies.
Draib gangboss (streetkid). boss of Anna's area. female human, 22 years, amerindian. 192 cm, 102 kg, active extreme-bodybuilder, muscle replacement, bald head with tattoo of a chinese dragon, eagle nose, small eyes. hard as hell. red and black artificial leather, chains. can write good lyrics.
Slyde mechanic (rigger). combatbiking mechanic and rigger for all that flies. female human, 17 years, american. renraku's machine talent in the combatbiking team and member of the clique. 145 cm, 72 kg, something stoutish/plump (doesnt like dwarf jokes), short black hair, broad nose. the broadest grin of seattle. full life and soul.
Catches-Clouds talis dealer (cat shaman). accidental love-hate-relationship. male elf, 74 years, hispanian. 198 cm, 74 kg, haggard, long black hair in a pigtail, nightblack eyes, sharp nose, big ears. a player. good to shred with. has the best stuff in Draib's area. master of verbal attack. can cook very good (and very sharp).


LockHead   weapon dealer (ex-samurai). male elf, 64 years, japanese. special abilities: heavy weapons. 203 cm, 114 kg. fully cybered - "dont mess with me". shaolin-haircut. broad. team boss and friend of Anna's parents. a royal pain in the ass.
Sarah Cole corp secretary (corp bitch). female human, 19 years, american. 172 cm, 47 kg, long blonde hair, blue eyes (corp chirurgy). only middle influence. was hurt extremely brutal by Alita on some muay-thai contests (jealousy, because she has intact family). now on the intriguers playground.

Second Identity

Janet Bryant   a grade 6 identy. janet is security mage and astral patrol for knight errant. she has had a "normal" childhood with extremely wealthy parents, is moody, arrogant and abrupt. she never complains openly, but lets the people feel what she thinks of them. she is loyal towards her bosses. Janet is billiard player and likes classic music. she always spends her holidays at utmost exotic places in the world, always in company with three bodyguards. although it doesnt seem so, Janet is a lovely human, as long as her environment acts correct from her view. Janet is 23 years old and single.