Shadow, Assassin

Kai Ruhl
Rebuilt SR3
Takeo Kushiro
Human, male
179 cm, 85 kg
Obuto, Japan
Upper class
About 100


Shadow Portrait The slim and stringy type of muscle, body type kick artist with broad shoulders. Seems like a very body-conscious middle exec who has had some standard cosmetical surgery. Average oval japanese face, d'brown eyes, short black hair in conservative corp haircut, smooth skin, typical japanese snub nose, small ears. No muscle development above average. Ambidextrous.

Appearance: Totally average, totally inconspicuous, moderate charisma, THE typical middle corp exec who likes a good body workout in his free time. Perfect manners in corp environment. Uses a perfect mix of cyber and magic to enhance his abilities.

Spirit: Strong, centered, concentrated, unyielding, fast, intelligent, loyal, sophisticated. All ideal characteristics of a ninja are represented in him. Exceptional acting ability, particulary in corp environment. The perfect close combat assassin. Possesses old knowledge of the art of healing with herbs. Despises orks and trolls, bears elves and dwarves, hates street scum.

Weaknesses: No streetworker, no firearms, doesnt make friendships, cannot act well outside corp environment.

Black kevlar ninja suit with chemo, thermal and absorber weavings and suited with enormous amounts of armor and upholstery, ninja mask, arm splints, boots and gloves made of the same material, everything covered by ruthenium coating, as well as his samurai no-dachi and his two sai, both with black blade and dark colored knotted grips, and 12 shuriken fitted with a miniature signal transmitting device each. All of these weapons are treated with dikote and constantly covered by DMSO and narcoject, MAO, hyper or atropine. Other weapons are the ranger-x-bow with laser marker and 12 dicoted arrows, the classic ninja-to / tanto set, a yari-bo and a kusari gama used to inflict stun damage.

The ninja mask is fitted with a sight enhancement system over both eyes with built-in ultra sonic, 3d all-round sight, signal locator display and computer display for maps, tactics and data. Gloves and boots have extendable claws which are suitable for battle as well as climbing.

Arm splints: The right arm splint contains a computer (2 gp) including scanner and printer, and a vidphone. The left arm splint has a built-in grapple gun with 20 m of thin nylon wire rope and a miniature rollback device; the mini claw at the end of the rope snaps on contact and can be controlled remotely from the arm splint, and, with limits, can also be used as a weapon. A snake made of pure orichalkum is twined around his arm, his power focus and voluntary gea.

Clothes: Above the ninja suit under normal circumstances a camouflage duster of the appropriate environment, either squatter, city, forest, snow or desert. On corp mission a only light armored, very dark blue conservative tres chic suit, additionally black leather shoes, d'grey thin leather gloves and an old-fashioned melon.

Assassin tools: Thermo smoke and flash grenades for creating confusion, flat mines and monofilament cords for security. A glass flex and a microtronics kit for breaking in. For masking a mini make-up case only equipped for face modeling. Several herb packages provide for first aid material.

A full orphan. His parents were probably impoverished farmers who could not afford another child. Almost directly after his birth Takeo was brought to a monastery, but he was soon discoverd and adopted by the already 55 years old ki master Ash who could feel the hidden magic inside the baby. Takeo lived from earliest childhood on in almost complete isolation, being educated in the ninja arts, bushido, shodo, philosophy and general education with the goal of becoming the perfect ninja, Ash's successor. At age 6 Ash and Takeo flew towards the UCAS; Ash's old enemy, the ki master Lord, had found his place of residence and pushed for the last battle. The two escaped.

Ash already maintained long-lasting relations to Renraku, therefore they settled down in the Seattle arcology because the sheer size of the city meant perfect cover. To Ash's disappointment, Takeo was more interested in technic and the asphalt jungle than in traditional customs and way of live. As a scholar he was however unbeatable. With the help of his master he learned the best ninja and ki arts, at the same time studying everything about every new technologies he found. At the age of 12 years the first real ki powers had shown up, and he began to prove himself worthy on many quests his master carefully observed in order to promote his further development. Wandering the Renraku arcology, Takeo practiced social adapting and inconspicuousness. However, he developed no relations, living alone with his master over a long time.

At age 17 Takeo entered the shadow biz under the street name "Shadow" with Ash's agreement, since Ash got too old for shadowruns with his 70 plus years now; his magic abilities remained unequalled, but his inner fire began to slide away. Ash used his contacts to Renraku, and the corporation equipped Takeo with first-class cybernetic enhancements and promoted him in the further process as well. Takeo is still being teached by Ash while earning their upper class lifestyle; Ash still enhances his magic abilities in order to ease Takeo's way from a ki adept to a ki master. Equipped with the old knowledge of the ninja, the mightiest ki powers, the best cyber and bio ware and the newest cutting edge technologies, Takeo is now the perfect assassin.

Body Stats


Pools, Initiation, Edges and Flaws

Pools:   Combat 8
Initation: 4 (Centering, Masking)
Edges: Inconspicuousness (+2), Ambidexterity (+2)
Flaws: Obligation (-2), Escape (-2)


Combat:   Edged Weapons 6, Throwing Weapons 6, Unarmed (Ninjitsu) 6, Projectiles (Bow) 4, Gunnery (Taser) 4
Physical: Athletics 6 (13), Stealth 6 (11)
Centering: Kuji-Kiri 6, Calligraphy 4
Knowlegde: Magic Background 6, Bushido Philosophy 4, Meditation 4, Yakuza Politics 6, Dragons 2
Technical: Electronics 6, Biotech (Herbs) 6, Disguise (Face) 4
Social: Etiquette 3
Vehicle: Bike (Suzuki Aurora) 4
Languages: Japanese 5, American 4, German 3

Adept Abilitiess

Senses:   Infrared, Lowlight, Scent, Touch, Direction, Balance (1.5)
Improvements: Body +1 (0.5), Reflexes 2 (G:3.0), Pain Resistance 3 (G:1.5), Athletics +6 (G:1.5), Stealth +4 (G:1.0)
Abilities: Killing Hands L (0.5), Traceless Walk (0.5), Missile Mastery (G:1.0)


Internal Air Tank alpha (0.2)
Internal Voice Modulator alpha (0.08)

Electronic Magnification 3 alpha (0.08)
Flare Compensation alpha (0.08)
Olfactory Booster 6 alpha (0.16)

Hearing Amplification alpha (0.16)
Audio Dampener alpha (0.08)
Noise Locator alpha (0.16)


Enhanced Articulation (0.6)
Trauma Damper (0.4)


Bracelet Gea Focus: Silver Snake 8
Bandana Anchor (Activation, Detect Death): Handle Wounds 8
Bandana Anchor (Activation): Fireball 6
Bandana Anchor (Activation, Deactivation): Levitation 6


samurai no-dachi (+4M, R:2, C:2), dicoted and ruthenium coated
ninja-to (+3M, R:1, C:4), dicoted, ruthenium
ninja-wakizashi (+2L, R:0, C:8+2), dicoted, ruthenium
ninja hand and foot claws (+1L, R:0, C:8), ruthenium, TN -2 for climbing
double sai (+2L, R:0, C:6+2), dicoted, ruthenium
yari-bo (+2S, R:2, C:0)
kusari-gama (+1S stun, R:2, C:3)

shuriken (+2L, 1/2/5/7 x Str, C:12), dicoted, signal transmitter 10, drug channel
ranger-x-bow (+5M, 1/10/30/60 x Str, C:2), dicoted arrows, drug channel

ninja underwear (2/0) (C:10), chemo 4, thermo 4, water proof, ruthenium
ninja jacket (2/1) (C:8), ruthenium

ninja mask (0/1) (C:0), ultra sonic, round sight, signal tracker 10, ruthenium
ninja boots (0/1) (C:8), spurs, spikes, ruthenium, TN -2 for climbing
arm protectors (0/1) (C:8), Left: comp 2 gp, grapple gun + 25 m rope, ruthenium; Right: vidphone, radio, crypto 4, ruthenium

dark sunglasses, mirrored, flash compen
camouflage duster (urban, forest, snow, desert) (4/2) (C:8), waterproof, enuf room to replace backpack
tres chic suit (3/0) (C:12), black, black armante shoes, d'gray gloves
squatter duster (2/0), instant-disguise

systems: ruthenium system 12
explosives: infra-smoke and shock grenades, AP flat mines
toxins: DMSO with narcoject, MAO, hyper, atropine, hypnotica

herbal package (medkit)
face make up
microtronics kit
glass flex with grip


Suzuki Aurora (Hdg 0/1, Spd 210, B 1, A 0, Sig 10, Pil 2, CF 2), 2 autonomous taser (firm), suspension 2, aura mask 4, thermo mask 4


Ash   his ki-master, mentor, friend, closest relative, his base of life. male human, 74 years, japanese. 166 cm, 54 kg, old but still toroughly trained, bald head and a long white beard, black knowing and very intelligent eyes, small ears, deep browned skin and sharp nose, he is the incarnation of an old wise man living in the mountains. always quite and contended, never a bad word, and a fantastic go player. always wears traditional black clothing dedicated to ninja monks. a master of bonzai botany. he is trying to escape from Lord who still seeks him in japan. not much is known about this ancient enmity except that the two were once friends.
Shanija fixer (ex ki-ninja). his secret love and first contact in seattle. female elf, 26 years, japanese. 174 cm, 48 kg, slim and masterly trained, long red colored hair, pale skin, snub nose. a perfect gentlewoman and deadly close combat fighter. never shows bad or impolite behaviour. the perfect japanese woman role model. wears traditional japanese clothing most of the time. interested in ikebana and ninjutsu philosophy.
Tokei Wasashi yakuza boss (ex decker). friend of house Ash. male human, 52 years, japanese. 184 cm, 78 kg, he is surprisingly tall for a japanese. long black straight hair tied together in the neck, slim face, small snub nose and small ears, black eyes with frameless glasses. he is one of the most intelligent yakuza members known in seattle. Ash promoted him in japan when he was young and in need of help. always wears a white suit. good sushi cook. and a hell of a decker.
Mariko Yamano street doc (ex yakuza). renraku ally and known over Ash. female human, 28 years, japanese. 162 cm, 42 kg, small and slender, very elegant. short red colored hair, blue cybereyes, pale smooth skin, small snub nose and a sweet smile, she is the type of doctor everyone wishes. rather westerly oriented. she was the one who implanted all the alphaware into Takeo. she once quit the yakuza to join renraku, some say, to infiltrate the corp. always wears white doctor clothing. good inline skater.
Hiroshi Onikawa mr. johnson (renraku johnson). friend of house Ash. male human, 82 years, japanese. 163 cm, 53 kg, slender and sophisticated. lean face all covered with wrinkles, short white hair, chrome cybereyes, always wearing a black suit. an old, experienced shadow hunter. he made Takeo get into the shadow biz as an startling success. legend says he once was a very good billiard player. now he gets too old even for that.
Jalt combat mage and eternal crew member. male human, american. about 25 years, 170 cm and 70 kg. afaik: long blonde hair, blue eyes, slim face with eagle nose, rather slender. always wearing a blue, star-covered mage duster. mostly works with magic. rather extroverted and a somewhat dominant person. no interests known.
Phyton sniper and eternal crew member. male elf, american. about 25 years, 200 cm and 90 kg. afaik: short blonde hair, chrome cybereyes, haggard and fast. mostly wearing a black combat suit and a duster. rides his bike quite good. a real precision shooter and a fucking dumb fighter sometimes. no interests known.
Rifleshot mercenary and eternal crew member. male human, american. about 25 years, 180 cm and 95 kg. afaik: tall and broad, the heavy type of muscle. military short black hair, blue cybereyes, eagle nose and big ears, almost always wearing camouflage clothing. a sometimes insecure and introverted type. has a good grip on tactics and planning, although sometimes overridden by Jalt and Shadow. no interests known.


Lord   ki master. a very old enemy of house Ash (power 5, motivation 3, knowledge 0). male human, japanese. about 70 years, 160 cm and 60 kg. long white hair and beard, sharp black eyes, slim snub nose and small ears. a real "dont mess with me". always dressed in traditional white monk clothing, the exact opposite color to Ash. not much is known about him, except that he is one of the greatest living ki masters and a exceptional go player. a real old feud with Ash forces Lord to go wherever his enemy goes, as long as he lives. makes up for an interesting time.

Second Identity

Gunzei Wakanabe   a grade 6 identity. gunzei is a small security cop for renraku. he has spent his whole life inside the corp, a normal, quiet, reserved japanese shajkujin. his whole interest goes towards trideo games and sm-sex forms. he is decidedly loyal and believes in the corp. gunzei maintains ever-changing love-relationships. a real otaku. age 29 years.