Hailstorm, Ork Samurai

Kai Ruhl
Rebuilt SR3
Iwan Norgaiev
Ork, male
Hermetic Conjurer
204 cm, 107 kg
Moskow, Russia
Russia / UCAS
Lower class
About 30


Hailstorm Portrait Body format Schwarzenegger. In top condition, appearance modified by surgery, but still very hairy. Hard, sharp-edged face in square format. Short d'blonde hair in military cut, always three-day beard. Large snub nose and symmetrical eyes (made by surgery), one blue-green, the other blue-gray. No warts in the face, but instead many of them in the neck and all above the rest of the body. A colored, high-quality tattoo of a spider covers lower neck and the entire back.

A warrior type. Strong, wolfpack-oriented, takes dominant position in battle. In normal situations a jolly pal, drinks like a fish, a good buddy, good-humoured, and he is game for anything. Strong military codex, unsensible, cruel, rough and hard, but not unfair. A good warrior has his respect. Cannot stand dandelion eaters and norms, but is on good terms with dwarves. He views women who are no warriors as inferiour.

Weaknesses: Codex, wodka, ready to run high risks, spends money like water.

His Cyberleg has a Robocop-like device for keeping his weight 7 kg Browning Ultra Power which is equipped with a grenade launcher, micro rocket laucher, dart thrower, shock pad, gas vents, ultrasound sight, infrared, internal smartlink and standard laser marker. The cyberleg was implanted during his army service and is a second hand part, but he doesnt know this.

Black custom-made kevlar-neoprene overbody coating with thermal and chemo weavings and packed with light armor. Heavy, armored black pilot boots and thin black leather gloves. Slate-grey waterproof duster which enuf room to replace a backpack and hide a lot of weapons. Steel testicle protector made of a titanium alloy. Above the overbody coating clothing depending upon situation: In normal operation mode black imitation leather trousers, black combat biking (Buzzsaws) t-shirt, d'blue security ultra vest, above it the slate-grey duster. In combat mode armored camouflage clothing appropriate to environment, together with a waterproof backpack for all the tools. Additional face colouring and mostly a gyro stabilizer.

Grown up as the only son of a human army officer in the Moscow megaplex. His mother was an insignificant but good-looking starlet working for a cheap moscowitan trid production. She disappeared practically immediately after his birth. Iwan spends most of his time with his father, his best friend Sergej Dalienko and a friend of his father, the army surgeon Mikael Mirnov, lungering around at military schools, canteens, military sports grounds, or in the large plex jungle of Moscow.

Iwan and Sergej join the military at age 9. Both become magically active at age 12, Iwan as hermetic conjurer and Sergej as hermetic sorcerer. At age 14 they are already members of a specially trained elite assault unit where only magically active soldiers are doing service. All members of the unit have a spider tattoo on lower neck and the whole back as the sign of this unit. All soldiers are lightly cybered.

At age 15 Iwan goblinizes and transforms into an ork. Frightened at the beginning, he soon learns to appreciate his new strength and stamina. But all soldiers of the elite team except Sergej turn away from him. After a not really coincidental "accident" on a mission he gets his messed up right leg replaced by a cyber leg. Mikael installs a few additional goodies. After recovery he wrecks revenge upon the guilty team members, but he doesnt kill anybody.

The strife escalates when his father is let down intentionally by the other team members and dies in the course of events. Iwan kills all members of his fathers team, the ringleader of hatred in his unit and vanishes by seizing a Mirage, heading toward the UCAS. The UCAS military shoots his Mirage down just before Seattle, but he can escape using the ejection seat.

It is two days later in Seattle where Iwan gets back in touch with Sergej and Mikael. Using Mikaels connections, he enters the shadow biz. Only three weeks later Sergej and Mikael arrive in Seattle as the unit makes life a living hell for them. Both of them join the UCAS army and are very welcome as magic elite soldiers. Iwan rejects this idea and continues to build his career as self-employer. Thanks to his military skills and experience he becomes a much-in-demand mercenary and shadowrunner within shortest time.

Postscript: He now knows his cyberleg is second hand ware.

Postscript: After a magical incident Iwan has gleaming red eyes to the extent that he can use them as reading lamp in the dark. He therefore uses mirrored sun glasses with surround sight most of the time.

Postscript: After some shocking events in Seattle, Iwan currently lives in Berlin, ADL.

Body Stats


Pools, Initiation, Edges and Flaws

Pools:   Combat 7
Initiation: -
Edges: Fast Healing (+2)
Flaws: Revenge (-2)


Street Combat:   Pistols (Browning Ultra Power) 6, Unarmed Combat (Muay-Thai Kickboxing) 6
Military Combat: Heavy Weapons 6, Gunnery 6, Demolitions (Plastics) 4
Physical: Athletics 6, Stealth 6
Magic: Conjuring 6, Aura Reading 1
Technical: Electronics 2, Biotech (First Aid) 4, Cybertech (Limbs) B/R 4
Social: Leadership 2, Intimidation (Physical) 4, Etiquette (Street) 4
Vehicle: Bike 2, Car 2, Rotor 2, Winged Aircraft (One-Man-Fighter) 4
Knowlegde: Military Tactics 4, Military Procedures 4, Chess 4, Magic Background 4, Psychology 4, Mercenary Groups 2, Rigger Clubs 2, Security Procedures 2, Free Spirits 2, Dragons 2
Languages: Russian 6, German 3, English 3, Seattle Slang 3


Electronic Magnificaton 3 (0.1)
Smartlink II alpha (0.4)
Balance Enhancer (0.4)

Plastic Bone Lacing alpha (0.4)
Wired Reflexes 2 alpha (2.4)

Cyberleg (right) 2nd-Hand (1.0)
Hydraulic Jack 6 (0.25)
Internal Pistol Holster (Robocop-like)
Knee Cyberspurs


Pain Editor (0.6)
Planned: Platelet Factory cultivated (0.4)
Planned: Orthoskin 1 cultivated (0.5)

Spirit Allies

Fire Spirit 4 "Tiger" (3s)
Water Spirit 4 "Shark" (2s)
Air Spirit 4 "Eagle" (2s)
Earth Spirit 4 "Cobra" (3s)


laser knife (+2M, R:0, C:6), battery for 1/2 hour, 1/2 impact armor
underarm spurs (+1M, R:0, C:7), titanium coated
survival knife (+2L, R:0, C:8), much survival stuff included

gem134 vindicator (7S, 20/40/80/150, C:0), smartlink, vgas 3, shock pad
browning ultra power (9M, 5/20/80/150, C:0), grenade launcher, micro rocket launcher, dart launcher, shock pad, vgas 2, ultra sonic, infrared, smartlink, standard laser marker

enhanced gyro system 7 (+1/+1) (C:-10), takes 7 points recoil

ultra security jacket (5/3) (C:8), holster for knives, water proof
ultra security west (4/3) (C:9), 4 spotlights
ultra security underwear (4/1) (C:10), chemo 4, thermo 4, water proof
long city camouflage duster (4/2) (C:8), enuf room to replace backpack, water proof

genital protector (7/5), massive titanium
black-white face make up (C:+1), makes face "2-dimensional"
dark sunglasses, mirrored, infrared, round sight, flash compen
camouflage suits (city, forest, snow, desert) (5/3) (C:12), boots, gloves, bagpack, mask
tres chic suit (3/0) (C:12), black, black zoe shoes, d'gray gloves

libraries: conjuring 4
spirits: conjuring stuff (20 points)
explosives: infra-smoke, defensive and shock grenades
ammo: 100er belt explosive ammo, 10er clip pistol ammo, 6er mag grenades, 1er micro rockets
credstick: 20K nuyen

microtronics kit
biotech medkit
medkit refill (5)
glass flex with grip


Harley Scorpion (Hdg 4/5, Spd 105, B 6, A 9, Sig 2, Pil 2, CF 4), 2 flamers (firm), suspension 2, bod 3, armor 6
Ford-Canada Bison (Hdg 4/3, Spd 135, B 5, A 6, Sig 4, Pil 3, CF 55), 1 hmg (hard)


Sergej Dalienko   soldier (ex russian soldier). Hailstorms best friend, known since childhood in the russian army. male human, 21 years, russian. 194 cm, 98 kg, tall, musculous and in top condition. broad face with green eyes, big nose, military short blonde hair and small ears, deep browned skin. a real elite soldier, he is always dressed in camouflage clothing. a little bit paranoid, over-consciously, watchful. heavy weapons and demolitions expert. can drink like a fish. good chess player.
Mikail Mirnov army doctor (ex russian army doc). his old protege and lifetime trainer. male human, 51 years, russian. 182 cm, 72 kg, he is the slender and haggard dangerous type of killer. deep browned lean face with sharp eagle nose, grey-green eyes, very short black hair and beard and almost invisible cyber ears. as an elite soldier he always wears camouflage clothing. he is watchful, intelligent, humourous and a real hell of a chess player. the hard life has made him quite and conscious. cannot shut up even if he should to. cooks very good russian meals.
Victor Dragov street doc (yamatetsu scientist). male elf, 51 years, russian. 203 cm, 81 kg, long, elegant and slender, beardless noble elven face with iritating blue eyes under frameless glasses, shaolin short blonde hair, snub nose, long elven ears and a wide grin. most of his time dressed in black light combat clothing and over it a white doctors coat, otherwise in a scientist blue corp suit. Mirnovs childhood friend in the UCAS. his parents flew towards Seattle as they both were at age 17. being the best friends at that time, they never lost contact and were more than glad to meet again after such a long time. Victor is as good in chess playing as it is Mikael, and finally they can continue their rounds. he also is a combat biking and urban brawl fan, and he has a 23 year old adopted elven russian daughter who studies applied computer science at the yamatetsu university.
Talcon fixer (street sam). Victors runner pal. male human, american. about 180 cm, 70 kg and 40 years. slim, toroughly trained and always cutting edge. pale skin, long face covered with scars, chrome cybereyes, no hair at all, small snub nose, freckles all over his body, almost invisible cyber ears. chipped beyond good and evil. as Victor came to the UCAS he was the only one found thrustworthy over a long runner career in 10 years. still friends, this one is someone who cares about honor. always dressed in black combat suit.
Nomad talis monger (ex corp mage). runner pal. male dwarf, mongolian. about 120 cm, 70 kg and 25 years. broad and musculous, with a broad asian face, he looks more like a street sam than a mage. black eyes, long black beard and hair, smooth skin, always wearing a black suit, a melon ;-) and grey thin leather gloves. in one of Hailstorms first runs, he paid the runners to extract him from fuchi corporation. discovering that Hailstorm could use magic, a interesting discussion began that holds until today.
Mecha weapon tech (mercenary). runner mentor. female troll, american. about 250 cm, 220 kg and 50 years. tall, slender for a troll and surprisingly very sexy. short red hair and green eyes, ram horns and smooth but tenacious skin, she has the sweetest smile of seattle. always wears tight black combat clothing and a city grey duster over it. you never thought a troll could be so attractive.
Grissom lone star chief. male human. about 180 cm, 80 kg and 40 years. middle long corporate haircut, blue cybereyes, large nose, pock marked, a little bit fat. he is the really tough type of cop who has seen everything on this planet. known since the "queen euphoria" incident, he is a valuable information source.


Ancients   elven go-gang (the biggest in seattle). the same-as-ever shootout.

Second Identity

Tony Raymond   a grade 3 identity. tony is wage slave for knight errant and hauls high-threat commandos. he has high reputation among the normal officers. tony is loud, noisy and vulgary but an honest skin. simple people respect and like him. he does not take the rules too hard. tony likes good beer, coffee, donuts and potatoe chips. tony is 25 years old and single.