Moon, Elf Shinto Ninja

Kai Ruhl
Ikuri Takamura
Moon (Silthalion Coswell)
Shinto Ninja (retired)
Elf, male
Shinto Priest
191 cm, 82 kg
Chiba, Japan
Upper class
About 50


Moon Portrait Large, slender, haggard and toroughly trained. Filigrane, noble elven face with high cheek bones, lean snub nose, big black eyes and very long, black-as-night hair, usually tied together in the neck. Perfect aesthetic facial features (magic, surgery).

Spirit: Luxury-spoilt, elitist, professional, perfectly trained, contended but always on cutting edge. Decidedly an aesthet. Combat and magic lover. Cannot bear orcs and trolls (they stink). Feels sorry for mundanes (so incomplete).

Weaknesses: Greed for powerful magic; Female elven magicians (sex in astral space).

Black, pad-fitted ninja suit with chemo and thermo weavings, streaked with shining threads. Black kevlar combat boots and gloves with ninja claws, black ninja mask fitted with small titanium plates and extensive optic systems above the left eye. In combat missions solid structured, custom-made security armor chest with fans, spotlights, chemo plating and narcoject dart throwers. Over it a black kevlar duster with absorber coating against environmental influences.

At appropriate events a shark-grey tres chic suit with light body armor, black Armate shoes, d'grey thin leather gloves, black carved walking stick with snake head.

Grown up as a child of two elven parents with human twin brother Akira. Both parents are mundane managers with Renraku; the father has old contacts to the Yakuza which he cultivates further. The children spend their pre-school time in one of the most famous kindergartens of Tokyo. At the age of 7 years the magic talent shows up within both, and they become increasingly outsiders; their parents decide to send them to a shinto school. There they push themselves mutually up, achieving high reputation as street ninja. With 22 they are already bored, and they flee directly after the completion of a mission towards the UCAS, using the helicopter they seized. Together they form the clan of the "Moonlight Claws" which consists of shinto ninja who fled from Japan. After doing this, they separate for a career as shadowrunner - they want to find out who is the better runner. Renraku becomes more and more the protege company. Finally, at age 25, all contacts to the former connections are rebuilt; up to then some Japan emigrants have become the closest familiars. The contact to their parents remains aborted.

Postscript: After some reilly weird days in the Atzlan jungle, Moon has a light phobia against piloting rotor machines.

Body Stats


Pools, Initiation, Edges and Flaws

Pools:   Combat 10, Magic 11 (15), Centering 4, Astral 14 (18)
Initation: 3 (Masking, Shielding, Anchoring, Centering)
Edges: Concentration (+2), Orientation (+1), Common Sense (+2), Good Reputation (+1)
Flaws: Duty (-2), Rotor Machine Incompetence (-2), Light Rotor Machine Phobia (-2)


Combat:   Blade Weapons 6, Ninjitsu (Oni-Do Style) 6, Throwing Marbles 3
Physical: Athletics 6, Stealth 6
Magic: Spell Sorcery 8 (5), Conjuring 6, Enchanting 2
Knowlegde: Spell Design 3
Social: Ninja Etiquette 2, Corp Etiquette 2, Asian Etiquette 2
Vehicle: Bike (Suzuki Aurora) 3, Rotor Machine (Hughes Wk2 Stallion) 3
Languages: Japanese 9, English 4, Sperethiel 5, Ninja Talk 4 (Centering Skill)
Special: Japanese History (Ninja), Shinto Rites, Buddhistic Rites, Magic Words, Blade Crafting, Blade History, Tao Sexual Techniques, Flute, Horse Riding


Combat:   Mana Sword 6 (+2M), Serious Short Acid Wave 6+2e (+1S), Gods Light 6 (T), Sleep Storm 6 (-1T)
Protection: Mana Barrier 8 (+2S), World Barrier 8 (+1T), Air Shield 8 (+3T)
Healing: Handle 4+2e (N), Heal 4+2e (+1N), Purify 4+2e (+3N)
Detection: Ego Clairvoyance 4 (L), Ego Sense Danger 4 (S), Ego Alien Speak 4 (S), Mass Analyze Life 4 (+1M), Mass Identify Person 4 (M)
Illusion: Mass Invisibility 4 (+1S), Ego Ignorancia 4 (S), Ego Shape Mask 4 (+2M)
Control: Voice Power 4+2e (+1S), Answer Urge 4+2e (+2S)
Telekinesis: Mass Levitation 4 (+1S), Ego Fast Flight 4 (+1M), Ego Electro Finger 4 (+1S)
Transformation: Flow Apart 4 (+1S), Ground Raise 4 (+1T), Liquidize 4 (T), Ego Object Shape 4 (+2M), Ego Blade God 4 (+2S)


Brain Booster 2 (0.8)
Synaptic Accelerator 1 (0.3)
Pain Editor (0.6)
Trauma Damper (0.4)


Dragon Claw Power Focus 4 (Self Crafted)
Bandana Spell Locks: World Barrier 8, Mana Barrier 8, Air Shield 8
Lightsaber Grip Spell Lock: Mana Sword 6
Ninja-To Anchor (Activation, Deactiviation, Sense Danger 4 (6s) Trigger): Fast Flight 4 (5s), Analyze Life 4 (7/4/2s), Invisibility 4 (7s)
Ninja-Tanto Anchor (Activation, Deactivation): Blade God 4 (5s), Mana Sword 6 (4s)


ninja-to (+4M, R:1, C:4), dicoted
ninja-tanto (+3L, R:0, C:6+2), dicoted
ninja claws (+1M, R:0, C:8), TN -2 for climbing

ninja underwear (4/1) (C:10), chemo 4, thermo 4, water proof
ninja ultravest (4/3) (C:9), air tank
shadow duster (4/2) (C:8), urban camouflage, enuf room to replace backpack, water proof, absorber 6
mage combat armor (7/5), black, titan coating, ventilator, 6 spotlights, 8 dart throwers, chemo 6

dark sunglasses, mirrored, flash compen
ninja mask (0/2), round sight, optic 3
underarm protectors (0/1) (C:10), Left: comp 1 gp, comp 2 gp, scanner, printer; Right: vidphone, vidradio, crypto 4, comlink 4
tres chic suit (3/0) (C:12), black, black armante shoes, d'gray gloves

infra-smoke, flash and defensive grenades
silver, glass and wood marbles

credstick: about 130 K

1 upper class appartement in Seattle Auburn
8 lower class safehouses in Seattle (1 per district)
1 lower class safehouse in Dortmund, ADL


Suzuki Aurora (Hdg 0/1, Spd 360, B 1, A 0, Sig 8, Pil 4, CF 2) with 2 MGL-12 (firm), high engine, turbo 3, suspension 2, aura mask 4, thermo mask 2, pilot 4, ultratech radar 3, radio starter, security 6, dual all sec tires

4 other Suzuki Aurora (Hdg 0/1, Spd 210, B 1, A 0, Sig 4, Pil 2, CF 2) with 2 MGL-12 (firm), suspension 2, security 6, dual all sec tires


Claw   shinto ninja. brother and best friend. male human, 23 years, japanese. 173 cm, 67 kg, wiry and musculous, shaolin short black hair, round sunglasses, small snub nose, dark browned skin, chrome eye protectors. heavily biowared. ususally black ninja suit, ultra vest, long duster, ninja boots, black gloves. a perfect ninja fighter. likes combat biking and cooking and has a strong interest in every countries history. good sushi cook.
Moonlight Claws shinto clan, initiate group and gang, led by Tokage. every member is usually dressed like Claw. they all have special weapons and are generally soulless killer machines with traditional japanese interests and hobbies (origami, ikebana, cooking, blades and so on). rules: only shinto priest, only ninja, only japanese. members are: Moon (male elf, sword), Claw (male human, claws), Tokage (male human, various), Goro Suzuzki (male orc, karate), Eiji Kimura (male human, kendo), Jimmy Doran (male elf, tonfa), Shigeo Kawahara (male human, axe), Tetsuo Okabe (male human, bo), Kazuo Sakata (male human, yari), Yuri Kushiro (female human, sai), Hiroshi Ikeda (male human, kusari-gama), Miyuki Hirose (female elf, naginata), Randy Wu (male human, nunchaku), Ayako Maruyama (female human, claws).
Shanija fixer (ex ki-ninja). runner mentor. female elf, 26 years, japanese. 174 cm, 48 kg, slim and masterly trained, long red colored hair, pale skin, snub nose. a perfect gentlewoman and deadly close combat fighter. never shows bad or impolite behaviour. the perfect japanese woman role model. wears traditional japanese clothing most of the time. interested in ikebana and ninjutsu philosophy.
Furokura talis monger (ex shinto monk). mentor of old days. male human, 64 years, japanese. 192 cm, 78 kg. very long and haggard, short black hair, browned skin, deep lines in his slim face, lean nose, small ears. a correct japanese gentleman, always in business suit. a big tragedy in his past has made him a bit introverted. interested in plants, especially bonsai.
Sakato yakuza boss (ex ki-killer). known from japan. male human, 49 years, japanese. 177 cm, 102 kg. a "good-rounded" businessman, black corp hair, white suit, gray eyes, sunglasses. always polite and helpful, he likes to see himself as "a protector of the honest people". he really tries to fulfill that role. of course some corruption is needed to achieve this. everything has its price, hasnt it ?
Soriyama street doc (renraku bio doctor). a protege and the corp connection to renraku (Chiba, JIS). male human, japanese. about 50 years, 170 cm and 50 kg, he is rather haggard. not much is known about his appearance as he always wears his chirurgy mask for hygienic reasons in normal life also. rumored to be one of the top cyber docs in japan.
Takahara talis monger (shinto ninja). old friend of the temple (Chiba, JIS). male human, japanese. about 70 years, 190 cm and 76 kg. very haggard. shaolin short black hair, pale skin, x-ray eyes. knows everything about every religion existing today. always seen only in an armored duster.
Genji yakuza oyabun (renraku johnson). old friend of the house takamura (Chiba, JIS). male human, japanese. about 60 years, 180 cm and 60 kg, he is as splendid as his name says. the perfect social chameleon, his appearance is mostly with short black hair, white suit, sunglasses and a wide grin. could make a good politican. or killer.
Roter Oktober squatter in Dortmund, ADL. always given money, this one is a cool informer. male dwarf, german. about 50 years, 120 cm and 80 kg. long filthy red hair and beard, clothes and duster of unestimated color. stinks a bit. always on the verge of coughing death, alcohol-addict, strange sense of humor. appearantly a king barbarossa fan.
Phantom corp mage of Wenz GmbH in Dortmund, ADL. a real professional assistant. male human, german. about 30 years, 180 cm and 70 kg. short dark blonde hair, sharp blue eyes and an eagle nose. pale skin. always wears a suit with a mage cape above it. good healing and combat abilities. cool and controlled. nothing known about personality.
Dr. Frankenstein street doc in Dortmund, ADL. known over Roter Oktober. male human, german. about 40 years, 170 cm and 70 kg. a really weird and introverted one. long black hair, chrome cybereyes and a broad nose. wears his nervous grin like a flag before him. has an excellent reputation on the street for his bio jobs. estimated trustworthy.
Greg Sievers fixer in Hamburg, ADL. was helped in gang war. male human, german. about 25 years, 180 cm and 90 kg. ash blonde long hair, green cyber eyes, a bit fat and fettid, slimy grin and voice. automatically unsympathic, but a good businessmen who wont cheat you for fun.


Blood Reapers   go gang in Redmond. some minor shootout. threat level low.
Syber Surfers go gang in Redmond. also some minor weapon meet. threat level low.

Second Identity

Ikuri Calasu   a grade 8 identity. ikuri is a shinto ninja, a street worker. he is arrogant but a protector of people. nothing is known about his background. he always gets what he want, and be it with force (= magic). a private life doesnt exist for him, only duty, prayers and training. ikuri is 32 years old and single.
Eric Draven a grade 8 identity. eric is security mage for fuchi. he is a frozen cynic, but it gets better if u get to know him. he like living at the coast (at least in his holidays). he is thoughful, polite and correct, and he stays always calm. he has seen much. eric is 42 years old and single.
Jakob Dragov a grade 4 identity. jakob is of mongolic descent and high threat officer for knight errant. he is an extroverted type, a bit moody but good-natured. jakob has often trouble with his superior officers for inappropriate brutality and disregard of commands. he is very respected among his colleguages. jakob is 24 years old and married to an university scientist since 3 years.