Elemental And Nature Spirits
by Kai Ruhl
Nature Elemental

Beside the obvious and frequent kind of spirits, there are some that are rare, but nonetheless important to know, if only to estimate correctly how to talk to them. Here is my specialist spirit section.


CAVE Spirits (Spirit of the Land)

by Kai Ruhl (1994)

The cave spirit has been most often seen in Australia with its many magic caverns. They do exist where mountain spirits dont. Normally they appear as a dark shadow of rock. When forced to manifest they appear as a humanoid form of dark rock. Cave Spirits are able to protect friends and dispell foes, as in former times.
All nature based wizards can conjure Cave Spirits.
Domain: All larger caves, mostly found in Australia and England.
Powers: Concealment, Guard, Horror, Search

TEMPLAR Spirits (Spirit of Religion)

by Kai Ruhl (1994)

These spirits appear in all templars of any religion. They are very mighty because of the god(ess) who gives them their powers (if you believe in this). They normally appear as usual for the actual god(ess). When manifested their appearance seems to be cleared.
Only wizards of that Religion can conjure Templar Spirits (e.g. only Shinto Priest wizards can conjure Shinto Spirits, but none other).
Domain: All temples of that matched Religion.
Powers: Concealment, Guard, Magic Guard, Horror, Movement, God Aura, Accident, Electric (or other) Burst, Madness


PLASMA Spirit (Fire Spirit)

by Kai Ruhl (1998)

This ones are really seldom. You need large amounts of plasma to conjure them, so they can be conjured almost only in large technical facilities. It appears as green, glowing sphere, and small leaks and streams seem to flow all about their surface. When manifested this sphere becomes material, often taken human form and looking like a cyber monster coming from a plasma bath.
Powers: Like Fire Spirit