Shamanic Ways

Shamans, Druids, Adepts - Magic Ways Of Life
by Kai Ruhl
Totems Principles Ways

The crucial thing about magic - perception - is yet to be fully understood. Too many new ways are discovered every hour on our planet. These are some that I found.



by Kai Ruhl (1993)

Pantera is the wild cat. Invisible and unhearable she is the most dangerous guarilla fighter mankind can imagine. Her home ist the darkest forest or the dark city. She is quick in mind and in body and hereby nearly uncatchable. She trusts no one; with all the buddys that go their way there is only on end: lonely again, deadly, strong, and alone.

Environment: Jungle, City

+2 dice combat spells
+2 dice manipulation combat spells
+2 dice city spirits
+2 dice jungle spirits

Pantera isnt the big one to help others. She generally suffers a -1 die penalty when casting a positive spell on others (e.g. healing on someone other than herself). Her nature is so homeless that home spirits are very difficult for her to handle. Subtract 3 dice from all home spirits conjuring. Pantera also tends to get into berserker fury. Every time she is wounded make a willpower(5) test. If no successes fall, she must'nt get any magic pool dice for resisting drain and casts all combat spells at their maximum with a minimum equal to her willpower during the whole battle (two-egded, that willpower, dont ya think ?).


by Kai Ruhl (1995)

Turtle is slow, but strong in mind. Safety is the highest priority on his list. Slow on his actions like Wyrm, he will first fail if things go fast and out of order, but he will recover quickly. Then his mind is cleared to be strong enough to handle. When forced to fight he is very defensive and he doesnt attack until he realizes that there is no way out. Turtle shamans tend to be cybered with dermal plating and the like.

Environment: Sea

+2 dice protecting spells
+2 dice for any spirit of sea

There are no dice penalties, but complete prohibition for: any non-stun combat spell, any non-stun manipulation combat spell. Turtle is slow (remember this) in body and mind. A Turtle shaman must make a willpower(6) test when trying to decide quickly. Also a quickness(5) test is required to take rapidly action. Whenever hurting someone, it is so unnaturally that he must take a 4D stun (on body!).

Druid Principles


by Kai Ruhl (1998)

Leaf shakes with the wind. Bended by the forces surrounding him, no one can really destroy him. He is adept in thinking fast and efficient. No situation will bring Leaf in a helpless state, and he will always be ready for everything.

Environment: City

+2 dice for detection spells
+2 dice for mental manipulation spells
+2 dice for city spirits

Leaf cannot stand very firm to his opinion. He is often irresolute and will always have too much ways for solving a problem on his mind. Choosing between that ways may be difficult. He then tends to choose intuitively (not always for the good of the team). Also, combat is completely not his thing. Subtract 2 dice for all combat and manipulation combat spells.

Adept Ways

Way of the LIAR

by Kai Ruhl (1998)

The liar is a complete renaissance / baroque royal court member. An intriguer like hell, he lies, cheats and believes that this is his good right. He breaks hearts and destroys friendships just to gain his goals. Conscience is a long-forgotten term for him. This one makes life interesting. Often found in corp environment.

Environment: City (Corp, Royality)

-1 TN for social skills
-6 TN for lying

This one is selfish. Whenever trying to do something for someone other than himself, he always gets his mind token off with other thoughts of gaining win for himself, so add +1 TN for all tests during that period. He also cannot work well in the team without causing trouble. But thats roleplay, no rules.

Way of the SCIENTIST

by Kai Ruhl (1998)

The scientist is a curious, sometimes naive guy. Whatever he does, he does it with innocency in his eyes, even if it is as evil as attacking someone. He believes as long he acts for the freedom of information it is ok. Of course he will try all the time to do no harm, but curiosity comes before moral. The scientist normally has a wide range of equipment and very specialized skills. Alone he couldnt survive on the street, but his enormous intelligence and his willingness to work together in a team make him invaluable in a run. He does not know the word "egoism". Whatever he does, he does it for the sake of curiosity.

Environment: Anywhere but city

-1 TN for technical skills or enchanting (mundane/magic)
-1 TN for knowledge skills
-4 TN for bringing complex information together

As was said, he is naive. Very naive. Whenever trying to detect someone is lying, make a willpower(6) test to see if he succeeds (one success is enough). He is also not willing to use non-stun ammo, calling deadly ammo "unscientific". Add +2 TN for any attacking test that inflicts physical damage.