Mage Types

New Detected Magical Characters
by Kai Ruhl
Shinto Priest Eremite Adept Almost Adept

A long time ago, I learned about some new mage types. They are probably not that much of a surprise, but have never been described before in detail.


The Japanese Magician
by Kai Ruhl (1994)

The Shinto Priest is one of the eldest things in Japan.
He exists since thousand of years and rules the theological background in Japan. Recently, with the real magic awoken, he must no longer accept the various tricks and chemicals/toxins/drugs he was urged before to use magic. Before the Awakening, the Shinto Priest also could use magic. About 10 times in his lifetime before his body died because of the drugs he took. Now, this is another thing. The only things he uses are the traditional Samurai Sword (Katana) and the Samurai Short Sword (Tanto), and not even that is an urgent necessary.

With this type of magician so old, it does not wonder that there are more than one type of Shinto Priest.

First, the traditional Priest.
He does not leave his holy ground but on astral ways.
Being the perfect magician, he is a master on the astral plane and the metaplanes. His body is weak, but who cares? It is not important to him. These Priests declare the holy rules and define the subtile ways the japanese live to.

Second, the traditional Ninja.
No one can rule a land sitting only on holy grounds.
The Ninja is a Street Priest as he is a holy fighter. No one can see him, no one can stop him. Almost any people fear and respect him. Not even the strongest Terminator-like Samurais can resist a ManaWave:12.

Third, the Street Ninja.
All is perfect in the japanese world, is'nt it ?
A shit is. Sometimes Ninjas do not any longer obey the Shinto Priest Chief on his mysterious ways. They will not any longer do and not ask. Having such an attitude, living in Japan is no longer possible. The Ninja must flee in another land, where his name does not count. For the first day.

The japanese always were a pragmatical people. The racism the orks and trolls meet are a result of the fact that they are useless to the society. Magicians are never useless, and being a elven or dwarven Shinto Priest may sometimes bring a benefit on the astral plane no Priest can neglect. Most of the meta humans being magic become traditional Shinto Priest because they are fantastic astral fighters. Some become Shinto Ninjas, but how many magicians are bodily and magically strong enough to survive on a mission and on the streets?

The Know How
What, you look at this point? The Shinto Priest is a full magician ! Any other comment would disturb.

Hey, what does the Shinto Priest make different from other magicians, you say. The Shinto Priest is always a full magician. Never (I said NEVER) will there exist any sort of Shinto Adepts, because being a Shinto Priest involves perfect astral fighting with the whole variety of spells that adepts never reach.

The Shinto Priest does not have a duty how to dress but almost always wears black. He always wears his two traditional swords, which make him a problem for all zones where wearing weapons is denied. When not wearing these weapons he can only hardly use magic. In times of need to become a shadow he must have his mask. He always wears his mask on his back, most times not at sight of others. The mask has always only one eye free, the other is fitted with any technological accessory that is available, mostly the ultrasound/elec3 or the infrared/optic3 tech combination that enhance his sight.

With the ability of being fast so important, it seems that the Shinto Priest agrees with the enhancement of cyberware. A drek is. He will get nothing that touches his essence. Nevertheless he agrees with bioware, as long as it is neural or cultivated.

The Shinto Priest never uses fetics but the swords he wears. He often uses exclusive spells that are the most powerful mankind can think about. When using strong sorcery he must take the swords in his hands, the katana in his first hand and the tanto in his second.

The sorcery may appear clear now. The spirits the Shinto Priest conjures are natural spirits, though he calls them "Shadow Friends". They always appear as a shadow of a Ninja with the typical Spirit form only weakly expressed. When conjuring strong spirits he must take his swords in his hands as a foci, as declared above.

Shinto Initiate
The only difference to other magicians is that the Shinto Priest always chooses the metamagic of masking first.

The Shinto Priest is always a full magician (ALWAYS, I said !!! [for those that are not listening]).
He is fully capable to astral perception and projection.
When not wearing at least one of his swords all sorcery or conjuring tests have a +2 Mod.
"Strong spells" means spells that are higher than his magic attribute. "Strong spirits" means spirits that are more powerful than his charisma attribute.
Please believe that metahuman Shinto Priests are very, very (very) rare.


The For-Himself-Magician
by Kai Ruhl (1994)

No one knows where one of this people appeared first. They seem to be Kamikaze fighters. Most of them are found in the asian people, who always seemed to favor this type. Or how would you call someone with a Personnel Acid Bomb ?

Every Eremite Adept is (what says that name ?) an eremite.
Only a person that lived so long alone (it does'nt matter whether there were persons he could live with) can reach that point, where casting spells on others becomes something very useless. But he often is a voyeur, and he uses his astral projection talent to spy after them who are not magic but lucky, which seems strange to him. He is an eremite.

Only few of them are human. Because of his strange character is the number of Eremite Adepts small. Metahumans are better candidates for being lonely and alone, so more of them choose the way to magic. Dancing with magic is better than dancing alone.

The Working
The restriction of only-personnel spells is a psychological thing and not one of his abilities. But an Eremite Adept will never cast spells on others. Why should he ? No one has helped him, so what ? The people he is working with are professionals, they can do without his help. He is not the one to change the way of the world, life and death.

Eremite Adepts tend to dress dark so everyone sees that he thrusts no one and his will to go his way alone further. He will fight alone, he will die alone.

With no scrupel to attack his own body (it is only a tool...) he mostly is cybered past impossibility. The same way looks his body index. Eremite Adepts are very more often than other types burned out adepts.

The Eremite Adept can use all sort of magic. The only restriction is that all spells must be PERSONNEL spells. That includes personnel hellfire, personnel chaotic world, personnel healing, personnel levitation and personnel flame bomb. Remember of that Harakiri types ?

With such loneliness in mind, it is no wonder that he refuses most of the spirits he could conjure (in fact, he cannot). The spirits of wind, however, are similar in mind to him so he can handle them without restriction.

Eremite Initiate
The Eremite Adept is fully capable of centering, masking and quickening. Shielding is only possible for himself.

The Eremite Adept can cast all spells as long they are personnel. He is fully capable of astral perception and projection.
He can only conjure spirits of wind.
He is weird as one can be.
End of File.


The third-class magician
by Kai Ruhl (1995)

Along with so many other forms of magic since the awakening, it seems no wonder that some people live with limited magical abilities, often not knowing about them. Perhaps the aura is not strong enough to be seen when checked out, and certainly not strong enough to use spells or to conjure spirits. But some of these people can use weak forms of magic: look into the astral plane or conjure watchers.

Almost any (meta)human being can be an Almost Adept. However, it seems to be unlikely that someone such as a child of rich parents or someone living in a tribal region remains undetected possessing such abilities.

Again, there is no restriction. Many trolls are, however, Almost Adepts. Suspect is that trolls are often not enough sacred with things like intelligence, charisma, and willpower, which are the most important genetic talents for a magician.

The Know About
There isnt much to know. The abilities are so limited that only very weak forms of magic can be used. This will be mentioned below.

As the person likes.

Depends also on personal thoughts.

None. Absolute none. (NONE !!! I said; I know that kind of players) ;->

Imagine a weak form of magic ? Bingo ! Watchers (Oh no !) are the only ones that can be conjured by an Almost Adept (Imagine a hYpErAcTiVe Almost Adept ! Ohhhhh Shit .....).

Almost Initiate
What ? How do you think should this work ?

The Almost Adept cannot cast spells.
He can perceive astral, but he cannot project himself on the astral plane. The only spirits he can conjure are Watchers (GMs, I beg for compassion !) At creation you need the priority 3. Dont use the more metahumans rules...