Bio Ware

Grown from Mega Corporations
by Kai Ruhl

Senseware Bodyware

Some useful bioware pieces for Joe Runner. I did not spent too much time on them as I are more of a technician than biologist, and the ShadowTech did not sport all too obvious omissions.


Hand Eye
Hand Eye
Type: Sense
Date: Oct 2058

Nature: .4
Price: 20K
Levels: n/a

originally designed for technicans, this is also good gear for runners. a third eye implanted in the hand can give additional information if the head is temporarily unavailable or only the hand can reach a good viewpoint.

the third eye is protected by a powerful reptile lid skin, making it even more protected than the normal eyes (if shut, of course).

no 3D view is given. add +2 TN if trying to aim using the hand eye. leaves no room for a smartgun link.


Reptile Skin
Reptile Skin
Type: Body
Source: Aztech
Date: Oct 2058

Nature: .7
Price: 120K
Levels: n/a

while orthoskin aims at making the skin harder, this piece goes toward making the skin more regenerative. while human skin cells are restricted to a certain number of regenerations, reptiles arent - even complete parts can grow back.

the time needed to heal surface wounds (all wounds received as light or moderate wound) is 1/10 of normal time. more severe damage (serious or above) is not affected by this piece.

compatible with dermal armor, but incompatible with orthoskin or any other bioware skin replacement.