MacOS X - Open Source Guide

@for Mac Developers
@author Kai Ruhl
@since 2009-03

My Open Source Software Collection

Having used an iMac since 2005, I have come across some useful open source software; this article is dedicated to it. I am a software engineer with Java and web development ties and extensive Linux experience; this collection is for you if you fulfill a similar profile.

A decent terminal comes in the form of iTerm; it has tabs and code completion. Linux comes in the form of Fink and, if you do not like command line, FinkCommander. This allows you to install ssh, gnupg, mmv and other goodies.

Password keeping can be done with KeePassX. File synchronisation can be done with Unison. (ssh required). OpenVPN is best handled with Tunnelblick. File storage encryption via TrueCrypt (or Veracrypt since 2016). ZIP archives are handled by Zipeg.

For internet use, I recommend Firefox for www (with Vidalia for anonymizing), Thunderbird (including EnigMail for PGP; gnupg required) for mail, Cyberduck for (S)FTP/SCP. For chatting, Skype and Colloquy (IRC) do the job.

Web editing can be done with Seamonkey or Kompozer. For checking pages, I use firebug in Firefox.

The best video viewer is VLC (more codecs than the outdated MPlayer); for channels, I use Miro. Image editing is done using GIMP; for 3D, Blender is good. For music, I still stick to iTunes; composing via MilkyTracker.

For programming, Apple Java and Eclipse are a good start. Also consider installing XCode from your MacOSX install DVD. While you are at it, you should probably install X11 from DVD too. Thoughts are structured in Freemind. As a standard text editor, JEdit is as good as any.

Office work can be done with NeoOffice (based on OpenOffice, and better because of native GUI). PDF reader by Adobe Acrobat.

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